Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Socialist Party Presidential Debate - Dangerous Delusional Idiots

Watching the Socialist Party Presidential Debate was like watching a bunch of Dangerous Delusional Idiots. All the Socialist Candidates advocate more Entitlements, higher taxes and more job killing regulations, even though we have seen the end result of these policies during the Obama Presidency. The Poverty Rate is higher today than it was three decades ago. 50 million Americans are now on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was first elected. The Labor Participation Rate is lower today than it was during the Carter Presidency.  Obamanomics and all his Socialist Schemes have failed miserably to restore economic growth. Our real unemployment rate probably exceeds 20% if all are counted; yet all the Socialists running for President want to double down on these failed policies. 

The Blogger gets crazy whenever anyone speaks of "Free" government services; like Free College Tuition, Free Health Care, Paid Parental Leave at Government Expense. Folks, nothing in life is Free, not even the air that we breath, given all the costly pollution controls. Obama has doubled our National Debt during his Presidency approaching $19 Trillion on the books. We have another $150 Trillion of unfunded local, state and federal liabilities for current Entitlements, public employee pensions and all the other borrowing that has gone on for years. It is though none of these things exist for Socialists. They want to raise taxes on the "rich" to pay for all of their new Schemes, which will kill jobs. Forget about the fact that Social Security and Medicare are headed toward bankruptcy. These Socialists want to add even more "Free" Entitlements.

At this point, the top 1%, who are the job creators in our country, pay about 47%of all income taxes paid. The bottom 60% pay just 2% of income taxes paid and that is because nearly 50% of working Americans pay no income taxes at all. How much more progressive can our income tax system be.  It is primarily the "rich" paying income taxes in the United States not only paying their "fair share", but the only share. But for tax, borrow and spend Socialists, it is never enough because they buy votes from their PEEP's by promising them more "Free" government benefits so that they can all continue feeding at the trough.

What we saw with all the Socialist Candidates running for President are Dangerous Delusional Idiots. In particular, related to foreign policy all Socialists project weakness that is dangerous to our National Security.  Rather than adhere to Ronald Reagan's Peace Through Strength, they believe in Surrender for Peace and we see the end result today with Obama's foreign policy.  All Socialists fail to understand the aggressive tendencies of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, which will lead to miscalculation, current aggression and eventually it will lead to a wider war.

If any of these characters were elected President, particularly if Socialists gain control of one or both Houses of Congress, they will kill jobs, cause a Recession or Depression and push our nation into fiscal collapse and national bankruptcy. We will see Civil Strife on our streets and the potential dissolution of the United States. Don't think it can't happen because it has happened throughout history. The Soviet Union did not collapse because it was militarily weak. The Soviet Union collapsed because of 80 years of Socialism and Communism that destroyed their economy. The United States is headed in the same direction if the American people don't wake up and say ENOUGH.

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