Thursday, October 22, 2015

Benghazi - Just Another Government Failure and Cover Up

As we watched Socialist Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton testify before Congress concerning her role as Secretary of State when Chris Stevens, our Ambassador to Libya and three others were murdered by Terrorists, it is obvious that this was just one more government failure and attempted cover up.   So what's new.  Ambassador Stevens continued to request additional security 600 times before his murder because of the dangerous situation in Libya.  Those requests fell on deaf ears at the State Department under Clinton's management.   These tragic murders could have been prevented if Secretary Clinton had done her job; but Hillarita was too busy jetting around the world to promote the family business, the Clinton Foundation, smoozing with foreign governments that were donating millions of dollars to make the Clinton's rich.  It is what it is. 

The fact is that the Obama/Clinton State Department failed to provide our Ambassador and his staff in Libya with the protection they needed.   And then, when the Al Queda affiliated Terrorists attacked the Consulate in Benghazi, Obamanistas, including Clinton and the President himself continued to tell the LIE that this was a spontaneous demonstration that occurred because of a video on the Internet that disparaged Mohammad.  What is worse, as the attack was happening, Hillary Clinton and the President were missing in action.  Rather than being in the Situation Room, which is where members of an Administration usually meet when a crisis is in progress, Obama was flying to Las Vegas for a fund raiser the next day. 

The Video Story was always a bunch of baloney and all Obamanistas knew it; but they went public with this LIE because this occurred on September 11, 2012 just a few months before the election.  Remember, Obama was running for reelection on the slogan, Osama Bin Laden is Dead and GM is alive.  The last thing Obamanistas wanted to admit was that we suffered an Al Queda Terrorist attack on their watch, just a few months before the election.  The facts just did not fit their reelection narrative. 

So, Hillarita and all Obamanistas LIED for several weeks after the attack, even though they knew literally while it was happening that it was an Al Queda Terrorist Attack.  But, why would this surprise anyone.  Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.    This includes Hillary destroying thousands of E-Mail's, stored illegally on her personal server, that might have negatively impacted her Presidential Campaign.   The American People, that are old enough to remember, know the Clinton's very well.  Remember Bubba Clinton, who under oath said it depends on the definition of the word "is" as he was committing perjury during one of his Sex Scandal Hearings before a judge.  It cost him his law license and almost got him impeached.   No one should be surprised that Hillary Clinton is a LIAR.   This is business as usual for the Clinton's. 

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