Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oregon Campus Murders - Targeting Christians

Evil exists in the United States and around the world.  Whether it is Islamic, or other Terrorists murdering innocent people, or a deranged gunman committing Mass Murder, it is usually the result of insanity, or Christian's believe the hand of the devil himself that pushes people to commit these crimes.  Once again in the United States, this time at a Community College in Oregon, a 26 year old man went to the college, where he was enrolled and murdered 9 people and wounded 9 others using guns that were legally purchased.   When this happens the murderer's profile is usually the same.  It always seems to be a deranged and lonely man, with few relationships, from a dysfunctional family, filled with hatred for society and or in this case for organized religion.   So, in this particular case, this insane man singled out Christians for murder.

Of course, whenever we see one of these horrible incidents happen, Socialist President Obama and his pals in government, robotically always politicize the incident to call for more federal gun control.  Short of getting rid of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which protects our rights to bear arms, there are already sufficient laws on the books related to gun control.  Besides gun crimes are committed by a very small percentage of our population.  The 99% of Americans that own guns are law abiding citizens.    

Can we at least get the facts right about deaths that occur as a result of gun violence.   Most deaths in the United States that happen as a result of gun use involve Suicides, or Domestic Violence, where guns have been legally purchased according to the thousands of gun laws that are already on the books.   The other high proportion of deaths involving guns happen as a result of gang violence, usually related to the drug trade, or in the act of other felonies.  In most cases, the guns used in these crimes are either stolen, or otherwise illegally obtained on the streets.  So more gun laws specific to these deaths would be irrelevant.  Very few deaths, no matter how horrible the incident, actually happen as a result of Mass Killings and when they do, very often guns were legally purchased. 

We don't need more gun laws and especially not federal gun laws, given the IRS targeting of Conservatives and the NSA spying on all Americans in the name of preventing Terrorism.  Big Brother can't be trusted to protect our liberties.   The last thing we need is federal government Gestapos knocking on our doors one day to confiscate guns, which is exactly what Socialists really want to do.  Instead, we need to look at the cause of deaths by gun violence.  Clearly, these Mass Murders, Suicides and to some degree Domestic Violence, usually happens as at the hands of mentally deranged people.  Certainly, people who fit this profile should not have access to guns; but more importantly, we need families and others to identify unstable people to make sure they can't get their hands on guns.  And, as a country, we have to do a better job treating mental illness and substance abuse that is often the cause of dysfunctional families. 

Specific to gun deaths that are the result of crimes, the process of stop and search in our inner cities must be reinstituted.  If this involves racial profiling, too bad.  Ironically, the cities and states that have the most stringent gun laws also have the highest gun related murder rates.  These locations are often run by Socialists that are soft on crime.  It is time to crack down on criminals and inner city gangs if the goal is to prevent gun deaths.  Sorry, but it is what it is.

Legal gun ownership is not the reason we see many of these gun related deaths.  Suicides, Domestic Violence and Mass Murders are symptomatic of societal problems that come from the disintegration of the family and the attack on moral values that has been happening in the United States for about 100 years.  When we took religion out of our schools, we left a void that has been filled by evil.  And, a country that can murder 60 million babies by abortion, since 1973 shows a contempt for human life.  Why should anyone be surprised when we see these Mass Murders.  They reflect the deterioration of our society.  Until we get back to the basics of faith, family and teaching right from wrong, which often involves moral judgements, we will continue to see these horrible incidents.  More gun laws will do absolutely nothing to stop the evil and insanity we see in our country, except limit the rights of law abiding Americans to protect themselves and their families. 

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