Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Terrorist Attacks In Israel - What Would We Do

In recent weeks, we have seen young Muslim Arabs, living in Israel, attack Israeli citizens with knives, guns and cars, in many cases fatally.   Presumably, this is happening because of some rumor that the Israeli government is planning on opening the Temple Mount to Jews to allow prayers there.  At the moment, Jews or anyone may visit the Temple Mount; but they are not allowed to pray there because of Muslim control of the area.  This is the spot where the First and Second Jewish Temples were built; one by Solomon and one built by Herod the Great, both of which stood for centuries.  Today on that spot stands the Dome of the Rock, built by Muslims about 13 hundred years ago.  The Dome of the Rock covers the rock that Abraham, revered by Muslims, Jews and Christians is said to have taken his son to be sacrificed to God as a sign of faith.  God spared Abraham's son Isaac.  In addition, the prophet Mohammad is said to have risen to heaven on this spot, only to return to found the Islamic faith.  As such, this rock is often referred to as the Foundation Stone for all three faiths.

In any case, there are no such plans to change the status of the Temple Mount.  Though frankly, it would be great if Jews were allowed to build a Third Temple there right next to the Dome of the Rock as a symbol of peace between Muslims and Jews; but that is not likely to happen any time soon.   So now, the Israeli government is coping with Terrorist attacking the Jews.   What would we do in the United States if there were people on our streets attacking our citizens.  Wait a minute, very often there are people on our streets attacking our citizens.   When we see it happen, if they don't surrender peacefully, the police shoot them dead as should be the case. 

Socialist President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are calling Israeli actions to protect their citizens the equivalent of Terrorism.   Clearly, both Obama and Kerry just don't get it.  Israeli citizens are being attacked by Islamic Radical Terrorists on their city streets.  The Israeli government has not only the right to defend their citizens; but the obligation.  It is time for Obama and Kerry to knock it off and stand with our ally, Israel.  And, it is also time for Obama and Kerry to say the words Islamic Radical Terrorists to properly describe the threat we all face.   All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 until these two characters are gone from the American government.  Until then, citizens of Israel, know that the American people stand with you even if our President and Secretary of State are your enemies.   

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