Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton Talks About Mandatory Gun Confiscation

In violation of our Second Amendment Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, Hillary Clinton is now talking about Mandatory Gun Confiscation.   This should be no surprise, since Socialists throughout history in Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Union, immediately upon taking office, confiscated guns.  The last thing big government, dictatorial Socialists want is an armed citizenry.   Our Founding Fathers anticipated the potential for a dictatorship in the United States, which is exactly why they included the 2nd Amendment in our Bill of Rights.   They knew that one day, we might have to defend ourselves from government. 

This Blogger, who never owned guns in my life, immediately went out and bought some when Pinocchio Obama was elected President.  In a Socialist world where apparently only Black Lives Matter and the Cops are afraid to enforce the law, all the rest of us better own guns to protect ourselves and our families.  More important, since Socialists and their RINO pals are bankrupting our country, which could one day lead to the economic collapse of the United States and civil strife and riots on our streets, the Makers in society better have a means to protect ourselves because when the gravy train ends for those on the dole, their behaviors are likely to turn violent. 

The only problem for Hillary Clinton and her Socialist pals in government is that about 100 million Americans own guns.   We are not Australia.   We will never willingly give up our guns under any circumstances.  And, anyone in government that would vote for mandatory gun confiscation will lose elections.   We are not going to stand by and allow these Socialists to violate our 2nd Amendment rights.  It is not going to happen. 

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