Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Socialists Prevent Vote to Ban Funding For Sanctuary Cities

Socialist Senate Minority Leader, Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, prevented a vote in the United States Senate to ban Federal Funding for Sanctuary cities.   The bill also included Kate's Law, named in honor of the woman in San Francisco who was shot dead by an illegal alien felon, who had been deported several times only to return to the United States to commit even more crimes.   Sanctuary Cities refuse to cooperate with the Federal Government to enforce existing immigration laws on the books.  Further, thousands of illegal alien criminals are released every year in the United States in Sanctuary Cities that under Federal Law should be deported.

Is there any common sense left in our country; certainly not among Socialists in government.   Why on earth should we allow illegal alien felons to roam our streets, committing even more crimes, when by law they should be deported.   And, if they come back after deportation, we should put them in jail and throw away the key.   Donald Trump is absolutely right.  A good percentage of Illegal Aliens are committing rape, murder and robberies.  A high percentage of criminals in our prisons are Illegal Aliens.   This data is based on facts not fiction. 

When are Americans going to wake up and stop voting for Socialists and some RINOS that are destroying our country and way of life.   These are the same people that want to confiscate our guns when we need them more than ever to protect ourselves and our families.   These are also the people that want to release drug addicts from our prisons.  Everybody knows that it is very difficult to kick the habit.   If these drug addicts are released, there is a pretty good chance that many of them will commit robberies to get money to buy drugs.  In the course of committing robberies, some number of Americans are likely to be murdered. 

One of the reasons the crime rate has gone down in many areas in the last 20 years is because criminals are in jail unable to commit crimes.   Well dah!   So now in addition to Illegal Aliens Felons on our streets, Socialists and some RINOS want to release other criminals that they believe have been given longer sentences than are "fair".  Tell that to the families of Americans murdered by one of these released Illegal Alien Felons, or other criminals.   If you don't own a gun; buy one to protect your family.    We are experiencing lawlessness like never before in our country and it is bound to get worse before it gets better.     

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