Saturday, October 10, 2015

Federal Employees Earn 78% More Than Private Sector Employees

While Americans working in the Private Sector have seen lower total compensation and benefits during Socialist President Obama's years in office, Federal Government Employees total compensation and benefits have gone up dramatically, at tax payer expense and or by adding to our National Debt.   In fact, the average Federal Government Employee now earns $119,934 in total compensation and benefits while the Average American in the Private Sector is getting $67,746, or a $52,000 difference.  Federal Government employees, feeding at the trough, earn 78% more than us poor saps paying their salaries and benefits.

Of course, the reason is all the Public Employee Unions demanding higher and higher wages and the idiots running our government that agree to their demands because in doing so they are giving themselves the same pay and benefits increases.   Talk about a conflict of interest.   It is very clear that as Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt concluded, Public Employee Unions are not compatible with the public interests.  In fact, Public Employee Unions take dues money paid by their members, that is often a requirement of the job, to support Socialist candidates creating a web of corruption that exists in local, state and federal governments.   One hand washes the other so to speak.   Public Employee Unions should be outlawed, or at least be confined to things like working conditions.

All Compensation and Benefits decisions should be made by independent Civil Service Commissions, appointed by the Executive Branch of Government, with each change in Mayor, Governor or President, with members that have nothing to gain from their decisions.  The very notion that Government Employee Compensation and Benefits are not indexed to the Private Sector, for like work, is ridiculous when we are paying for these salaries and benefits with our tax dollars and or local, state and federal governments are borrowing the money to pay them.  This is another example of Stupid In America that has to change and soon to order to prevent the bankruptcy of our country. 

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