Monday, October 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Federal Gun Control Gestapo

Hillary Clinton has vowed that if elected she would use Executive Orders to control gun sales imposing new Federal Restrictions, beyond the thousands of laws that already exist across our country, governing gun sales.   Forget about the facts that in these Mass Murder cases, the guns were purchased LEGALLY.  And, that most gun deaths in the United States happen by Suicide, or as a result of Domestic Violence again in these cases with guns purchased LEGALLY.  Gang related crimes usually involve illegal stolen, or purchased guns.  Socialists always ignore the facts as they  attempt to impose Big Government Schemes to control all facets of daily life.   

Clinton's pronouncement just proves that Hillary Clinton would be even more dangerous to our freedoms than Pinocchio Obama.  Clearly if Obama thought he could get away with more
Federal gun regulations by Executive Order, he would have done it long ago.   Obama knows very well that anything he attempted to do would be challenged in court, as a violation of our 2nd Amendment Rights, which have been affirmed by the Supreme Court.  Gun Laws are a state matter.  The Federal Government has no role to play in Gun Laws unless a crime has been committed across state lines. 

Look, let's face it.  Socialists want to outlaw gun ownership altogether.  They fear an armed populace that one day might rise up to defend themselves against an oppressive Socialist, or Communist government.   This is precisely the reason our Founding Fathers included the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights.  They had just fought a Revolutionary War against an oppressive King.  Our Founders knew that without guns in private possession, the people of America could not fight for their freedom.   No matter how many times we see Mass Murders by deranged individuals, we cannot allow the Socialists to use these acts of madness as an excuse to limit our 2nd Amendment rights even further.  These Mass Murders are the result of a break down in society and mental illness, not the fact that guns can be legally purchased in accordance with state laws.  We need to deal with the real causes for these Mass Murders, which Socialists will not address. More gun control is absolutely not the answer.     

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