Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Covid Passport - Big Tech Is Salivating

It has been reported that Big Tech companies IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce are all bidding on government business to create the Covid Passport that we would all have on our I Phones to prove that we have been vaccinated.  First, the Covid Vaccine should not be mandatory so that is a violation of our rights that is unacceptable. But beyond that presumably we would be required to flash our phone over some type of monitor to enter a store, church, school,  airport, hotel etc. etc.  Naturally, which ever company wins the bid will be paid billions of dollars one way or another either from us directly, or by the government, which is us.  It is important to remember that IBM Germany actually cooperated with the NAZI's in collecting data on German citizens identifying Jews in their national census who eventually were murdered in the Holocaust.  Sound familiar.  

For once, Republicans and the American Civil Liberties Union are on the same page.  Both are completely opposed to this Gestapo big government over reach.  By the way, China already does this sort of thing to track all of their citizens and what they are doing.  Those that do not do as the Communists want face major penalties and even prison.  The National Socialists are attempting to use the Covid "Crisis" to turn our country into a Fascist nation controlled by them and the Deep State. 

This latest attempt to control all aspects of daily life as happens in Communist China along with the Cancel Culture and the Censorship that is happening is the most dangerous threat to our freedoms in American history.  As President Ronald Reagan used to say, "we are just one generation away from losing our freedoms".  We must stop these Fascists from turning our country into NAZI Germany as occurred in 1933 when Hitler took over.   We know the end of that story as 60 million people were killed in World War II.  

We need to make June 14, President Trump's birthday, our National MAGA America First Day to march on Washington DC and in other cities.  It will scare the hell out out of the National Socialists and the Deep State because they now fear insurrection.  But we must make our voices heard locally where we live and in DC.  We cannot let them take our freedoms from us.  We must rise up peacefully to say Hell No! 


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Socialist Cities & States Eliminating Qualified Immunity For Cops

Government officials have qualified immunity to protect them from lawsuits for their stupid actions, however, various Socialist Cities, including New York City and States are now considering the elimination of qualified immunity for Cops.  This would mean that any interaction a cop has with a criminal, or anybody else could expose that Cop to a lawsuit in essence for perceived, or real malpractice.  The average Cop in the United States earns $70,000.  So why would anyone want to be a Cop knowing that these lawsuits could cause bankruptcy.  

This is insane.  It is one thing to sue the city, which happens all the time when we see multi million dollar settlements when Cops do something wrong; but the notion that the Cop personally could be the subject of perhaps hundreds of frivolous lawsuits a year creates an impossible job liability.  If these laws are enacted cities or states that do so, they will find themselves with no Cops.  And, or Cops or their unions will have to buy malpractice insurance at some outrageous policy cost, which is just not feasible.  

Instead, those that choose to continue a career in law enforcement will move on to other cities and states that still provide them immunity.   So cities and states that eliminate immunity for Cops will find themselves with very high crime.  People who live in these cities will have to hire private security to protect themselves and or start to carry guns for self protection because there will be no Cops on the beat.  Calling 911 will result in a recording that says sorry, there is no one we can send out to help you.  This is crazy.  

Monday, March 29, 2021

You Are A Racist

If you support any of the following, You are a Racist:

Voter Integrity and laws to prevent fraud; the traditional family and marriage; belief in God; the sanctity of life; teaching all facets of American history as they actually occurred; the Electoral College; the filibuster in the Senate to give all American a voice in our laws; a balanced federal budget; term limits related to local, state and federal offices; a strong military; education not indoctrination in our schools and colleges; teaching children about Western Civilization.

If you oppose any of the following, You are a Racist:

Socialism; Communism; Fake News; blaming China for the Covid virus; desecrating our flag; Antifa and BLM Riots, looting and burning down our cities; government unions; open borders; the illegal alien invasion of our country; more restrictive gun laws; Reparations; Censorship; the Cancel Culture; the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory. 

Clearly, if you are White and particularly a White man or boy, you are a Racist.  Basically, half the people in our country are Racists according to the National Socialists, Fake News, Major Corporations, Big Tech and the Deep State bureaucracy.  There are about 175 million Racists in our country who must be cancelled and or silenced.  I suspect you might be one of them no matter what color, race or religion you are.  So face up to it.  If you hold the beliefs and positions listed above, You are a Racist and there is nothing you can do about it unless you accept National Socialist Fascist ideology and confess your sins in the pubic square for all to see your guilt.  


Who Was Jim Crow

Any time anyone disagrees with the National Socialists and Fake News on any topic, they are immediately called Racist and no doubt there is a reference to Jim Crow laws in the South that denied Blacks their rights.  We have all heard references to Jim Crow for years; but most people including me a former American Government and History teacher had no idea who Jim Crow was in our history.  

Finally, I Googled Jim Crow.  Turns out that Jim Crow was a fictitious Black character made famous by a White song and dance man who portrayed Jim Crow in Black face during minstrel shows that were very popular for years after the Civil War.  In doing so, he portrayed all the stereo types about Blacks that they were lazy, stupid, shiftless etc.  Somehow, now sure why the name Jim Crow became associated with the Black Codes enacted by Democrats in Southern states to deny Blacks their Civil Rights including the right to vote. 

Now that we know the origins of Jim Crow, it still hard to see the connection to the Black Codes; but in any case,  those laws were evil pure and simple.  It took the voting rights act of 1965 supported by Republicans to finally end most of those laws along with other Civil Rights legislation to give Blacks the rights denied to them by Democrats for 100 years after slavery.  

The issue now is calling everyone a Racist that does not support Socialist schemes like ending the filibuster in the Senate, the Bill working its way through Congress that would lead to regular voter fraud, opposing open borders, opposing Censorship, opposing Cancel Culture, opposing Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, higher taxes and just about every other Socialist Scheme that would destroy our country.   Half the country is opposed to all these things.  Half the country are not Racists.  It is also important to note that Klan members who murdered Blacks were all Democrats.  

Saturday, March 27, 2021

World War II - Who Really Won - Germany & China

60 million people died in World War II including 20 million Russians and 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.  It has been 76 years since the end of World War II; but as we look back on history, the question is who really won the war.  The Allies led by the United States defeated Fascism in Germany, Italy and Japan and clearly emerged from the war as the only global super power.  The American people then spent trillions of dollar in treasure and blood to rebuild the rest of the world.  We did get a return on that investment for about three decades, which created the middle class in the United States; but after then because of many stupid politicians of both parties, we surrendered our dominance as a result of various America Last Policies.  

So where are we now. Germany basically controls Western Europe by dominating the European Union.  Other countries in Europe represent Germany's biggest export markets.  What Hitler could not get through war and conquest, the bankers got through controlling the money supply in Europe.   What irony.  Russia that wasted 67 years on Communism and a failed economic system is basically a poor smaller country with nuclear weapons, which is the only reason they matter.  Britain and France lost their empires long ago and though they have decent small economies, they each would not even compare to the economy of California.  Europe is basically Socialist as the people traded their freedoms for economic security and cradle to grave government care.  Japan and South Korea, both protected by the United States have reasonably large, but in Japan's case a declining economy.  

That leaves the United States and China.  The United States is now $30 Trillion in debt with no end in sight with many social problems.  The National Socialists are attempting to turn the United States into a Socialist country not a lot different than NAZI Germany complete with censorship and the Cancel Culture intent on rewriting history in accordance with their left wing ideology.  Much of the Press is now Socialist Fake News that spews Socialist propaganda 7/24.  Our country is being invaded by illegal aliens.  We can't trust our elections because of voter fraud.  Our democracy that so many died to preserve is dying. 

While the United States appears to be in decline, China completely devastated after World War II is on the rise.  We have let the Communist Chinese steal our industries and our jobs.  They are now the banker to the world including the United States that must borrow trillions of dollars to pay our bills.  Yes, we have a great military, but so did the Soviet Union when it collapsed.  So we must conclude that Germany and China actually won World War II at our expense.  What other conclusion can there be.    

Friday, March 26, 2021

China - Forget About Climate Change

The National Socialists claim that Climate Change is an "existential threat" to our way of life.  Really? With Biden in office, China is eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner.  China is not only an incredible economic threat; but a growing military threat to our way of life.  It is only our current nuclear superiority for the time being that prevents them from taking over Taiwan.  They know that we can't defend Taiwan with conventional forces, since theirs in Asia are stronger; but they also know that we could and would use nuclear weapons if needed to defend our interests.  We would have no other choice rather than just surrender. 

When the day comes that their nuclear capabilities are similar to ours,  they will move on Taiwan.  They continue to build up their conventional forces for that day in the South China Sea.  When Nixon went to China, the hope was that with trade normalization China would become more like a Western democracy.  Instead, China has used unfair trade practices, stealing intellectual property and currency manipulation to become a very rich country.  Remember, it is China lending the United States trillions of dollars to cover our National Debt not the other way around.  

And, when the day comes that we can't repay China and we default on our debt, don't be surprised if they don't ask for Alaska in return.  You can bet China would have no problem drilling for oil and natural gas all over Alaska, including in what we have designated as national parks and wildlife reserves.  

China is a Communist Country intent on world domination.  We have been played by them over and over again.  I don't blame China for being smart.  I blamed Western and Asian politicians of all political parties for being stupid.  We let China steal our factories and our jobs.  President Trump was the first President to stand up to China.  Biden is ill equipped to take on China because of his family pay to play scheme.  China owns Biden.  All they have do to destroy Biden is come clean on their dealings worth millions of dollars to his family.  So Biden will pretend to deal with China; but nothing meaningful will happen.  In the mean time, kiss more American jobs goodbye as China gets stronger by the day.   

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Biden's First Press Conference

Biden's long awaited first press conference was no surprise.  All Biden needed to do was get through it, which he actually did pretty well with notes prepared for him, though there was lots of lies and BS.  And at times, Biden's dementia was obvious.   An adoring Fake New Press provided some decent questions; but many of the hard questions were avoided to protect Biden from any really tough issues.  The press did not ask one question about the Biden crime family.  Biden said North Korea was his biggest foreign policy challenge.  Really.  One would think that China, Russia or Iran would be higher on the list.  

Not sure that Biden understands the crisis on the border we face as illegal aliens continue their invasion of our country, which he caused.  And, now Mexico will not let them back into Mexico, the deal they struck with Trump.  And, why should they when Biden has basically opened our border.  Biden announced that he has assigned Kamela Harris to deal with the border crisis.  Really.  So, will Harris will be going to Mexico soon when their President Obrador has blamed Biden for the crisis.  Don't think Harris speaks Spanish; but no a problem because Obrador speaks English. 

Biden spoke of his $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan that passed without one single Republican vote with great pride.  This bill was a Socialist pork fest so no wonder it makes him and them happy.  Biden says he wants to be a Uniter to work with Republicans; but that can't happen with all the Socialist Schemes they keep pushing.   Biden has the support of half the country.  The other half of the country, those of us that voted for Trump oppose all of his initiatives.  We are don't support big government Socialism, an open border, more gun control, abortion right up until birth and even after.  So, expecting Republicans to support any of this is DOA.  

Racism and Religious Bigotry

The haters in our country practice racism against Whites and devout people of faith mostly Christians and Catholics.   Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois and dopy Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, one of the dumbest in the Senate of many have stated that they will only vote for either minority or LGBTQ candidates to staff Biden's Administration.  Since there are several hundred still open, this is a big deal.  So, no Whites and probably no devout Christians need apply.  Can you even imagine if any Senator had said they will only vote for Whites and that no minorities need apply.

Folks, we are in very dangerous times.  The prejudice we see against Whites (presumably some of whom were Republican voters) is outrageous.  But what about Whites who are National Socialists like many that sit in Congress.  I suppose they should resign so minorities or LGBTQ people can be appointed to their positions.  And, everybody knows that the Socialists literally hate devout Christians and Catholics that support traditional marriage and the right to life.   The Socialists believe these positions are hate speech that must be silenced.  

The PC, 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory crowd are tearing the fabric of our nation apart.  This cannot have a good ending.  They are serving to radicalize half the country as they push through HR 1 to legitimize voter fraud to create the Big Steal with every election.  If we don't have election integrity, our democracy is over.  If that happens, all bets are off. 

The National Socialists want to confiscate our guns because they fear insurrection.  The riot at the Capitol on January 6 scared the hell out of them.  They know that half the country that voted for Trump does not support their radical Socialist Schemes.  Neither does half the country accept Biden as President.  They practice racism and religious bigotry like nothing we have seen since Nazi Germany.  What we are seeing is Fascism in the United States and we know how that story ended.  

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Gun Control - Here We Go Again

Every time some deranged person commits a mass shooting as occurred two times recently, the National Socialists immediately call for more gun control and even confiscation of guns.  Their calls for gun confiscation have been enhanced by the January 6th attack on the Capitol.  They actually fear armed insurrection because they know that half the country does not support their Socialist Schemes.  The reality is that far more people are killed each year from Black on Black crime usually using illegal guns than occur in mass shootings.  We never hear about any of that from the Socialists, or Fake News because it does not fit their narrative.

Crazy people kill people.  Guns do not kill people.  The fact is that anyone using a car or truck driving through a crowd of people can kill many as has occurred.   Apparently, there is information on the Internet on how to build a bomb using things that can be bought at any hardware store that can be used to kill people as occurred during the Boston Marathon and the Oklahoma City Bombing.  The issue is not gun control; but rather crazy people who are evil.  As a society, we need to identify these people from an early age to get them help.  The signs are usually there from childhood.  Schools need to do a better job identifying children with significant mental issues.  And, often these killers have history with the police.  

And, then there is drug and alcohol addiction that must be addressed.  Many of the people who commit mass shootings often have substance abuse problems.  We do need to get illegal guns off our city streets; but that would involve things like stop and frisk, which is often deemed racist.  

Finally, there are Terrorists in our country on both the extreme left and right that are focused on overthrowing our government in addition to foreign Terrorists.  These people need to be identified and charged with crimes if they commit them to prevent violence.  As a society, we should ask the question, what would cause people in our country to become so radicalized that they are determined to destroy our country.  On the left the issue is income inequality and perceived racism.  On the right, there is perceived limits to our freedoms.  So why not address these issues to prevent people from becoming radicalized. 

There are thousands of gun laws on the books that are not enforced now.  How about we enforce the laws on the books before adding new ones.  Most important, gun ownership is protected by our Second Amendment rights.  The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they adding Gun Rights to the Bill of Rights.  They feared a tyrannical government.  Remember, they had just fought a Revolution to get rid of a dictator.  They knew that an armed citizenry was the best way to provide for self protection and protection from government tyranny.  

Monday, March 22, 2021

Public Schools Opening In California - April 1

The teacher unions in California have agreed to go back to work on April 1, 2021 to finally open public schools for business as usual.  They got billions of dollars from the Biden Administration as a bribe and of course, there is Governor Gruesome Newsom's Recall Election that will come up some time this year.  There is no way the Socialists in California could keep the schools closed and have any hope of Newsom surviving the recall vote. 

The fact that the CDC came out and said a few months ago that schools could be open because kids are not transmitters of the virus whether staff is vaccinated or not also made it hard for the Socialists to argue the "science" as they have been doing for more than a year.  Think of the misery that characters like Dr. Fauci and others have caused our country particularly related to schools being closed for a year when none of it was necessary. 

But what is happening in California is political reality.  There is a very good chance that Newsom will not survive the Recall vote.  If the schools did not open up, parents would be so angry that they would have voted to throw Newsom out of office.  Even so, Newsome still may not survive.  So many businesses have been destroyed in California and you can bet that those business owners and their families and employees will vote to get rid of Newsom.  Just maybe justice will be done soon.  

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Border Is Open - Come On In

Our Border is now completely Open.  The Border Patrol is not even bothering to interview those seeking asylum to set up court dates.  They are just taking adults to a bus station and dropping them off.  They are telling them, never to be seen again, unless they commit an additional crimes to go to immigration attorneys, or agencies for help to seek asylum through the system.  Of course that will never happen.  

Biden has authorized millions of dollars for agencies to pay for hotel rooms for these people.  The money is going to Non Governmental Organizations like the Catholic Church and others to place these illegal aliens in hotel rooms.  The border is completely out of control.  And in the ultimate chutzpa, Biden Administration clowns are blaming President Trump for the mess that Biden has created by opening his big, demented mouth inviting the Caravans to start back up.  Keep in mind, these people are not just coming in with Covid, tuberculosis is rampant in Latin America.  Who knows what diseases are coming in with them. 

It is time for border Governors in Texas and Arizona to take action.  Republican Governors Abbott and Ducey need to send in the guard to stop the invasion.  Those state legislatures are also voting the money to continue building the Wall.  Don't expect anything for the Socialist Governors, California's Gruesome Newsom or New Mexico's Grisham to do anything.  They are complicit in the crime we see happening at our border.  

And, yet Biden and his people refuse to call what is happening at the border a "crisis" even though thousands of illegal aliens from countries around the world, drugs and criminals are entering our country including unaccompanied minors that must be housed in "cages".  Biden will not allow the media access to these holding facilities because in many cases they are horrible.  Fake News is missing in action.  Imagine if Trump were still President.  They would be going crazy.  The American people need to stand up and say Enough.  Call your Congressman or woman and Senators and raise holy hell.  They need to feel the heat.   

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Security For The Capitol Building

Members of Congress led by Fancy Nancy Pelosi are discussing spending $2 Billion on security for the Capitol Building.  The riot at the Capitol on January 6 scared the crap out of all of them.  The National Socialists especially fear that enactment of their Socialist Schemes could cause an uprising.  Certainly, 75 million Trump voters many of whom do not recognize Biden as President do not support turning America into a Socialist or Communist country.  Certainly, there could be massive protests in Washington DC as occurred when the Tea Party held protests against Obama's Socialist policies.  There is actually a lot more now to be mad about given the Cancel Culture, censorship and all the other crap the National Socialists are attempting to impose on America.  They make Obama look moderate and by comparison to today, he would be considered moderate.  

But, here is the deal as Biden likes to say.  Fancy Nancy wants to build a big wall around the Capitol Building, like the one she has around her mansion in San Francisco; but see throughThe fence may end up looking a lot like the Wall President Trump was building at our border.  So National Socialists want a Wall to protect themselves which I support; but they don't want a Wall at our border to protect the American people from the invasion of illegal aliens, drugs and criminals coming into our country.  Imagine that.  

Walls do help with security.  In fact, the Supreme Court probably should have a similar Wall that will be built at the Capitol. Sadly, we live in a time when both the extreme left and the extreme right are not happy with the workings of our country.  There are groups likely to use violence to express themselves.  BLM and Antifa are Terrorist groups that should be so designated.  They have spent the last year committing crimes, rioting, looting and burning down our cities in the name of Civil Rights with very few consequences.  As Lincoln said, "anarchy leads to more anarchy" and we see the adage in action.  If there are White Supremist groups plotting violence, they too should be prosecuted.  But we need equal justice under the law, not selective justice.  

Friday, March 19, 2021

Biden Foreign Policy - A Disaster Already

In just two months in office, Joe Biden has made a mess of American foreign policy.  Relations with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Mexico, Israel, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Saudi Arabia have deteriorated greatly since President Trump left office.  First, Biden opens his big mouth and says dumb things and second all the countries of the world see Biden as weak and senile.  Our adversaries do not fear Biden and our friends don't trust his leadership, or the lack thereof. 

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have basically told Biden to go to hell in so many words.  Talks with them have completely broken down.  Israel, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Central American countries have no faith in Biden's leadership.  It is amazing that so much damage can be done is so short a period of time

President Nixon used to say the world needs to believe that the President of the United States is just crazy enough to push the nuclear button for it never to be required.  What the world today sees is a weak President with dementia who can't even find the nuclear button.  It is actually very scary because it may cause one of our enemies to miscalculate and do something stupid like China attacking Taiwan, or Russia attacking all of Ukraine to take it back.

Biden's position on Iran will force Israel and Sunni Arab countries to attack Iran and soon to take out their nuclear capabilities.  Israel can never allow Iran to get nuclear weapons with the missiles to deliver them.  This could turn into a nuclear confrontation because Israel that has nuclear weapons would use them to take out hardened sites in Iran.  Then, all hell will break loose in the Middle East.  Israel will prevail; but it will be bloody. 

Foreign policy is not bean bags.  It is serious life or death stuff.  Joe Biden is in way over his head.  It is impossible to manage foreign policy between naps.   We could be in for some very rough times ahead and more wars.  Where are you President Trump?  

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Immigration Reform Is Dead On Arrival In The Senate

While the House passes Immigration Bills on a party line vote,  unless the National Socialists intend to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate, there is virtually no chance that any Immigration Reform will make it though the Senate because we have a crisis on the border.  There is no way that Republicans will vote for give citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens already in our country unless and until the border is secured. 

They learned this lesson the hard way when President Reagan agreed to amnesty for 3 million illegal aliens and we were supposed to get a secure border in exchange, which just never happened.  Snookered once, Republicans can never do it again.  And, there may even be some moderate Socialists that would see exposure for themselves if they vote to provide citizenship to illegal aliens as long as an invasion is occurring.  

We already spend $250 Billion tax payer dollars a year supporting existing illegal aliens in our country.  We can't open our border to even more illegal aliens promising them entitlements when both Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency.  Our National Debt will soon be at $30 Trillion with no end in sight. This just can't continue. 

So the National Socialists can forget about Immigration Reform unless and until the border is secured.  That means finishing the wall and working with Mexico to stop the flow.  Seems like Biden needs to go back to Trump's strategy because it was working.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Red States Suing Biden Over Keystone Pipeline Executive Order

21 Red State Attorney Generals are suing Biden over his Executive Order halting the permit already approved to build the Keystone Pipeline.  No doubt, there will be many lawsuits by these same Red States to stop Biden's stupid, job killing Executive Orders.  In this particular case related to Biden's war on carbon energy, we already see thousands of jobs lost and the price of gas going through the roof.  Certainly, by the end of 2021, we will see gas at $5 a gallon, which will impact the cost of everything since the cost of energy is baked into everything we do, eat, buy etc.  

The $1,400 Biden just gave some Americans in his $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Bill in nothing.  Raising the cost of energy amounts to a hidden tax on all Americans as it will raise our cost of living and lower our standard of living.  Higher energy prices hurts the poor and middle class most because if they have to spend more for energy, they have less deposable income to spend on food, housing, clothing etc.  

Biden proves everyday that he is a Socialist Fascist who just doesn't care who he hurts pursuing all his Socialist Schemes.  This is about government control over all aspects of daily life.  Clearly, Biden is a clear and present danger to our nation who must be stopped.  

Thankfully, Republican Attorney Generals will use the courts in their attempt to stop Biden from destroying our country.  Fortunately, there are now many Trump judges on the courts and though we learned from the election fraud cases that there are no guarantees, these Republican AG's will win some and they will lose some.  But, at least they can slow Biden down in their attempt to stop his job killing Executive Orders.  

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Biden Now Telling Illegal Aliens - Don't Come

Biden is now in a panic.  There absolutely is a border crisis as thousands of illegal aliens are invading our country because Biden advertised an Open Border.  Biden is now telling illegal aliens not to come because he will send them back.  It is time for Biden to go back to President Trump's common sense border strategy.  Finish the Wall as soon as possible.  Insist that Mexico stop the caravans and keep illegal aliens in Mexico awaiting any asylum status that they might claim. 

We also MUST deport illegal alien criminals and or never let them into our country in the first place.  Biden has lost control of the border because if his left wing stupidity.  First, Biden must admit that we have a "crisis".  Call out the National Guard to assist the Border Patrol.  An invasion requires an armed response to stop no different than if the Chinese or Russians were invading our country.  It will probably take at least 10,000 troops at the border.  In this case, the enemy is the drug cartels benefiting from human trafficking and drug sales into our country.  They are a foreign enemy and should be seen that way.  And, Biden must tell the Catholic Church, his pals and other NGO's to stop supporting the Caravans.   

Poor Joe Biden is overwhelmed.  This problem will not go away between naps. Biden needs to call Trump for help and just admit that he screwed this up big time.  All Biden has to do is adopt the Trump strategy.  He will catch some hell from the left; but if this continues he is going to get the blame anyway.  It is time for Biden to take action.  If not, we will have a humanitarian crisis at our border of huge scale.  It is only going to get worse as the Caravan season is just starting.  Hopefully, Biden will to do the right thing; but don't count on it.  The guy is not that smart.  

Monday, March 15, 2021

Biden's Border Crisis - Worse Each Day

Biden and team refuse to call the invasion by illegal aliens at our border a "crisis".  Probably good thing for tax payers because then they would ask for a trillion dollars to fly illegal aliens into our country from Central America and put them up at the Ritz so they would not have to endure the long walk and sleeping on the ground.  But, the reality is what is happening at our border really is a Biden created crisis.  We have thousands of illegal alien unaccompanied minors, as well as, adults, criminals and drugs coming across our border.  So many that Biden has called in FEMA that normally deals with natural disaster emergencies to help manage these people.  The fact is that they are coming in so fast, there is no place to put them.  

So when is Biden going down to the border to see the mess he has created by announcing an open border.  This is just the beginning of the invasion.  There will be a million or more people headed North across our border in Caravans during the spring and early summer before it gets too hot.  Biden has opened the flood gates violating his oath of office.  Imagine if the Chinese or Russians were invading our country.  It would cause a nuclear war.  But in this case, we have illegal aliens invading our country and Biden is taking them with open arms in violation of his oath of office.    

Biden took an oath to preserve and protect our country.  Obviously, while he naps everyday he is failing to prevent this invasion.  If anything, Biden caused it by his stupid policies.  Republicans should demand the impeachment of Joe Biden for failing in his duties.  This would be a real charge not like the Bogus BS that National Socialists played on President Trump during two impeachment trials.  Joe Biden, the job killer, is causing real damage to our country.  It has to end.  

Biden's Coming Tax Increases - Job Killers

Biden is going to propose a $4 Trillion Infrastructure SwindleUs Plan as his next legislative initiative no doubt full of Green New Deal pork, pork, pork.  To help pay for it, for the first time since 1993, he will also propose substantial increases in corporate, personal, estate and capital gains taxes.  Of course, the National Socialist Fascists in Congress will attempt to get this deal passed by hook, or mostly crook.   These tax increases along with all the regulations Biden is issuing by Executive Order will have a likely result.  We will either see a recession and or probable stagflation.  That is, we will have high inflation, which is likely coming anyway, with little or no growth. 

In fact, companies will be motivated to ship more jobs overseas that have lower tax rates and less regulations.  Well dah!  And, investors will find way to avoid higher taxes.  Well dah!  Families will find ways to avoid higher estate taxes.  Well triple dah!   Every time taxes go up, it leads to slow, or no growth.  There are many examples of this occurring in world history.  

The National Socialists don't care if they kill jobs because it creates another "crisis" to get more people on the dole one way or another.  The more people on the dole, the more votes for them to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Energy prices are already going us because of Biden's actions.  We will soon see gas at $5 a gallon all over the country, which will raise the cost of everything.  But not to worry, the Socialists will enact energy subsidies as occurs in some European countries to give the poor and middle class money to pay for the higher energy prices that the Socialists caused by destroying our carbon energy industry.  It is so easy to see these trains coming because they are all by a grand design to turn the United States into a Socialist Fascist country.  It is already happening.  

Americans better wake up to see these trains coming because we will soon be run over by them.  The National Socialists will raise taxes as part of their grand scheme.  And, we will all be worse off because of it.    

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Fake News CNN's Ratings Have Collapsed

President Donald Trump always predicted that without him Fake News ratings would collapse and it is happening.  CNN, the Communist News Network's ratings are now in the toilet because they can't be trusted to report the news; just 7/24 Socialist Propaganda.  Fox is still number one followed by upstart Newsmax, which is now the only true conservative network on the air. And, MSDNC, ABC, CBS and NBC are also experiencing stinky ratings.  The fact is that all these Fake News stations are just left wing propaganda arms of the National Socialist Party.  Obviously half the country is not interested in what any of their clowns pretending to be reporters and commentators have to say. 

Fake News refuses to acknowledge the obvious election fraud that happened in November, 2020. That is strike one.  They then go easy on Antifa and BLM terrorists that are still attacking people, rioting, looting and burning down our cities right before our eyes.  They support the Cancel Culture that has led to censorship.  We clearly have a crisis at our border as illegal aliens are invading our country that they are not reporting.   And, there is the kid glove treatment of Joe Biden who obviously has dementia.  President Trump constantly answered questions from the Press often on a daily basis; but Biden answers none between his daily naps.

The National Socialists are demanding that the cable companies stop broadcasting Fox, Newsmax and OANN because these stations do not tow their party line.  If the cable companies folded to their demands, the outrage would be so great that they would lose millions of customers so that is not going to happen.  But their demands demonstrate that the Socialists fear truth so much that they would threaten our First Amendment rights.  Of course, that is no surprise.   Fascists throughout history have always censored the truth that did not conform to their ideology.

So the question now is what will Fake News do as their revenues based on ratings will drop like a lead balloon.  They have to fire the clowns on their networks driving the lowest ratings.  That is pretty obvious.  And, they must adopt a fair and balanced approach to reporting the news, as well as, even hire some conservative commentators if they want viewers to come back.  Their shareholder owners should demand action; but since many of them are Socialists too, perhaps that won't happen.  

It will take a Donald Trump to put a group of investors together to buy CNN to clean house.  Everybody knows that CNN"s owner AT & T needs to dump CNN because AT & T is sitting on unstainable debt.  Now with CNN's ratings in the toilet, they will be desperate for a buyer at a bargain basement price, or any price.  Trump, the deal maker may be the only game in town.  And, if Trump does buy CNN, you can expect all the clowns working there to be FIRED.  Imagine the great pleasure Trump would have at saying You Are Fired to the liars at CNN.  I hope he does it publicly because it will be great entertainment.   

Friday, March 12, 2021

National Socialist Infrastructure Package - Another SwindleUs Plan

Speaker of the House Fancy Nancy Pelosi has announced that the next SwindleUs Plan the National Socialists are planning will be for infrastructure.  Normally, this would include roads, bridges, airports etc; but don't count on common sense.  After the $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan they just passed without one single Republican vote to deal with the Covid "Crisis" of which only 9% actually had anything to do with Covid, they have tasted Pork.  And, once these National Socialists gobble down pork, they can't stop because they really are PIGS. 

So, we will see money for new schools and or school renovations, money for city buildings, union halls, money for Planned Parenthood for health care abortion mills and then there will be all the Green New Deal monies, which could include solar farms, wind turbines,  power stations all over the country, electric trains, insulation for homes.  The list goes on and on.  We can expect to see another $2 - $3 Trillion for "infrastructure". 

And, then Biden and his National Socialist pals will demand tax increases to pay for all of this.  So expect all sorts of carbon taxes that will raise the cost of everything.  But they won't stop there.  They will insist on higher income taxes, higher capital gains taxes and anything else they can think of.  Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren is calling for a wealth tax that is impossible to administer; but that won't stop them.

All of this will kill jobs and hurt the very people they claim to represent the poor and the middle class.  It does not matter.  The National Socialist don't care who they hurt.  They want more people on the government dole as a way to buy votes.  So their goal is to make more people poor in need of government subsidies of all kinds.  This will be the SwindleUs Plan of all SwindleUs Plans.  Republicans must do all they can to stop it; but if just a few turn coats vote with them, the Socialist will cram it through.  With a $28 Trillion National Debt, our country is headed for bankruptcy.  Social Security and Medicare are moving closer to insolvency as each day passes.   We are in for some very hard times ahead.  


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Biden - A Covid Broken Record

Biden gave his first national speech since taking office and he spent all of 24 minutes talking about the Covid "Crisis".  Frankly, it was old news.  We know the vaccines are now available as a result of Project Warp Speed.  Thank You President Trump.  We know that millions of people are getting the vaccine.  Thank You President Trump.  We know that the National Socialists passed a $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan and that only 9% of the money is going to anything having to do with Covid.  All the rest of the money is for Socialist Schemes primarily to benefit blue states and all their pals feeding at the trough

What Biden did not do was tell the teachers to get the hell back to work to open schools because he is owned by the teacher unions. There was no mention of the real crisis at the border as we face an invasion of illegal aliens.  No mention of preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  No mention of dealing with China that is stealing our technology and again taking millions of jobs from our country.  Biden got through the speech ok; but he said nothing much that mattered.  

Biden is attempting to milk the Covid "Crisis" as long as he can to prevent any focus on the other real problems we face.  Vice President Harris is doing calls with foreign leader to cover for Biden.  Maybe that is good thing because eventually she will take over and she has no foreign policy experience.   Getting to know foreign leaders may make it easier when the day comes soon that Biden will leave office one way or another.  This Blogger predicts Biden will be gone within 12 months; natural death, the 25th Amendment, or forced to resign for family corruption.  

Poor Joe,   Biden is in way over his head with obvious dementia.  He is puppet being manipulated by the National Socialists and the Deep State.  China owns Joe Biden as a result of family Pay to Play Schemes.  The Chinese were thrilled when Biden was sort of elected.  They hated Trump who was the first President to take on China.  Nothing meaningful has been done since and nothing will be done related to China as long as Biden Harris are in office.  

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

National Socialist Pass Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Bill

The National Socialists have passed Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Bill without one single Republican vote.  Only 9% of this money is actually going for any type of Covid relief.  The rest is going for all sorts of Socialists Schemes with billions going to Blue States many of which are still closed for business.    This is classic pork barrel spending motivated by a "crisis" that they created with all the government shut down's.  And most of it really was not needed because the economy is headed toward complete recovery as more states open up for business.  

In fact, unemployment today at about 6.2% continues to fall.  It is estimated that by year end unemployment will be at about 4.5%, which is really a full employment economy.  Small businesses could use more help to reopen, or continue their businesses until things get back to "normal" but otherwise everything else is just a big boondoggle.   This bill is a Socialist dream come true.

Schools that the CDC now says can open even without staff being vaccinated are still closed by teacher union demands even though school districts have already received billions of dollars from the last Covid Relief Bills.  They are getting billions more without any pre-conditions.  Many of the states getting billions of dollars from this SwindleUs Plan actually are running a budget surplus including California that has collected $19 billion in taxes more than expected probably because the Trump stock market has done so well. 

Our National Debt is now at around $28 Trillion.   The National Socialists now want to a $2 - 3 Trillion Infrastructure Bill that no doubt will also be packed with Green New Deal Pork.   It is estimated that by 2050, the National Debt will double; though the United States will be bankrupt long before then.  Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency in the next 10 years.  The interest on the debt will skyrocket when interest rates go up.  Currently the interest on the Debt at ery low rates takes up 9 - 10% of the annual federal budget; about $450 Billion a year.  This will triple in years to come making it impossible to fund Entitlements.  We are headed toward a national disaster far worse than any real natural disasters we have ever experienced.  Buy your guns now because when society collapses, you will need self protection.  

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Legal Immigration Is Good For America

When my Italian grandparents came to America legally in the early 1900's like so many other immigrants, they had no education, a few dollars in their pockets and very little except what was in the suitcases when they arrived.  In those days, there was no welfare system, so it was work or starve.  The United States had become a world power with growing industrialization and a need for cheap labor to man factories all over the country; but particularly in the Mid West.  One of my grandfathers worked in a steel mill until he was forced to retire at 65.  The other grandfather worked whatever jobs he could get, but eventually sold fruit door to door, which led to a grocery store.  

The economy we face in America today is entirely different.  While there is still some factory work, it has been minimized with the jobs that have gone overseas and robotics.  Most of the manual labor we need is farm work to pick fruit and vegetables.  Yes, we have people working in restaurants, digging ditches, doing yard work etc; but other jobs involve more skilled labor.  We can implement a guest worker program to deal with these tasks.  

What we don't need are illegal aliens coming to America with little or no marketable job skills that will end up on the dole.  As it is now, it is estimated that they illegal aliens in our country now cost American tax payers $250 billion a year.  So that cheap labor is not so cheap after all.  It is true that perhaps two or three generations later with education, their children could contribute to our country; but in the mean time, these people would be a burden on the American tax payer when we have a $28 Trillion growing National Debt and both Social Security and Medicare are headed towards insolvency.  We just can't be the welfare system for the world. 

What we do need are legal immigrants coming from all over the world with marketable jobs skills no matter their race or religion.  In particular, we need all the doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, plumbers, nurses, electricians, carpenters etc. that we can get.   In other words, we need people to replace Baby Boomers that did these jobs that are retiring at a rate of 10,000 a day for the next 15 to 20 years. 

Clearly, we need a common sense immigration policy that deals with illegal aliens already in our country and uses a merit based system related to legal immigration.  And, we must end Chain Migration, which allows anyone entering our country to bring all their relatives over.  This is not about race or religion and anybody who says so is a liar.   Legal immigration should admit anyone giving them a Green Card and a path to citizenship who can contribute to the greatness of our country.  We need to stop with the politics of immigration reform and get the job done.  

Monday, March 8, 2021

Big Pharma Making Billions on Covid Vaccine

Big Pharma was given billions of dollars by the Trump Administration to develop Covid Vaccines under Project Warp Speed in record time.  They virtually had no risk to make this vaccine happen.  And, then the federal government prepaid billions of dollars to Big Pharma for the vaccines that are being made available free of charge.  My doctor told me that he is being paid $20 by the medical insurance providers to actually get the shot into someone's arm.   So very little money is actually going to the provider.  

It it any wonder that Big Pharma was totally opposed to the malaria pill cocktail, which includes a two week supply of the malaria pills, a 5 day supply of ZPack antibiotics, which with my medical insurance coverage cost $14 in total.  These pills are taken along with Zinc, Vitamin D and Baby Aspirin, which I already take at the first sign of Covid.  This treatment has been used all over the world successfully long before the American Medical Association endorsed it about a month after the election.  Go figure.  

Big Pharma's stocks are doing very well and and why not.   They were paid billions of dollars to develop the Covid vaccine by the federal government.  And, now rather than selling the vaccine almost like a generic drug really cheap, since they had no cost of development, they are selling it for top dollar, which is allowing them to make billions of dollars in profit.  

What is wrong with this picture.  The American tax payer paid to develop the Covid vaccine.  And now, the American tax payer is paying top dollar to actually buy it since the federal government is footing the bill to make the vaccine "free" to all.  This is one deal that Trump could have done better.  Since We The People paid to develop the vaccine, it should automatically have been deemed a generic drug.  It should cost the government no more than $10 instead of the $30 - $40 Big Pharma is being paid.  This is another classic case where the American tax payer is getting screwed by Big Business.   This should not be happening.  

National MAGA Day - June 14th - President Trump's Birthday

Nearly 75 million people voted for President Trump, the most of any sitting President in American history.  In fact, Trump increased his vote from 2016 by eleven million votes by putting together an incredible coalition of voters of all colors and sexual orientations, hard working people, small business owners, who were pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith, pro-flag, pro-law and order, pro-military, pro-Energy Independence, pro-fair trade deals, pro-Bill of Rights and most of all pro-country.  In addition to voting for Trump, what people really voted for was his Make America Great Again - America First Movement.  Trump's election was a repudiation of the Deep State Establishment that has made a mess of our country and the world.  

We were endorsing the policies of President Trump that achieved the greatest economy and job growth in American history.  Trump did this by cutting taxes and getting rid of burdensome regulations that were killing jobs.  In addition, in relation to foreign policy, the Abraham Accords that brought Israel and Sunni Arab countries to the peace table was an incredible accomplishment.  In the process, Iran the biggest state sponsor of terrorism was further isolated in the region.  Trump demanded that our allies pay their fair share for their national defense for the first time in the history of NATO. 

Trump put an end to NAFTA, which killed jobs in the US to forge a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada to protect American jobs.  And finally, President Trump was the first President to confront China demanding fair trade and an end to their intellectual theft.  Unfair trade practices tolerated by both Socialist and Republican Presidents resulted in 70,000 factories closed in the US and 5 million jobs shipped overseas, or to Mexico thanks to the largest global companies in the US seeking higher profits, lower taxes and regulations by moving jobs out of the US. 

When the history books are written, hopefully with some objectivity 50 years from now, President Trump will go down as one of the most successful, greatest Presidents in American history.  The National Socialist, Fake News, RINO and Deep State persecution of Trump will be seen for what it was, a political attack by Swamp Lizards, with Trump Derangement Syndrome that hated the fact that Trump could not be bought and that he was draining the swamp.  Those feeding at the trough for decades were threatened both by Trump voters and Trump himself because he was attempting to stop the corruption that is rampant in Washington DC.  

So now we need to celebrate President Trump's accomplishments every year by implementing a National MAGA Day on June 14th, Trump's birthday both in Washington DC and around the country.  Of course, this will terrify the National Socialists who no doubt will call out the National Guard as thousands descend on Washington DC and perhaps other cities in the US.  That's fine.  The Guard can celebrate with us.  Most important, this will be an opportunity for presumably Republican candidates for office that support Trump's MAGA - America First Movement to be speakers at this love fest.  It could become a right of passage for candidates who recognize that the Republican Party is no longer the country club Establishment Party; but rather the party of hard working people demanding our freedoms.    

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Title IX Protections for Women

In 1972, Title IX was added to Civil Rights protections specifically to prohibit discrimination based on sex.  While there are many applications of this law, it was aimed at protecting women's right.  In particular, to that date all the monies in high school and college education were going into sports focused on men with little or nothing being spent on women's sports.  This meant that women could not gain scholarships through excelling in sports.  That all changed with the passage of Title IX.

Since then, all high schools and colleges receiving federal monies offer opportunities for women to participate and compete in numerous sports.   It was all going along very well until some biological men decided that they were really women and demanded to compete in women's sports rather than participating in men's sports. These so call transgender men/women are often bigger and stronger than the women they are competing against denying women the chance to win their competitions.  This has an enormous impact on women's abilities to earn scholarships.   Now we are talking money.  

No doubt, this one is going to the Supreme Court.  No one is saying that transgender men cannot compete in sports; but since they are biological men no matter what is in their heads concerning their sexuality, they should have to compete in men's sports.  This may come down to X and Y chromosomes.  Women have spent decades fighting for equal rights.  Now we have the PC Cancel Culture Fascists insisting that transgender men should be able to compete in women's sports, use women's locker rooms etc.  This is crazy.  Where is the left wing National Organization for Women and other women's groups.  Hopefully, the courts will right this wrong.  But don't count on it.  It would appear that women could lose this battle unless women rise up to protect their rights.  

Friday, March 5, 2021

Cancel Culture Fascists Now Banning Books

And so now the book banning has begun.  Conservative authors can no longer get their books published.  Amazon has started to cease selling books it deems as objectionable.  Dr. Seuss that has been around for decades is now offensive according to the Fascist PC Police.  We are moving toward book burning as occurred in Nazi Germany after Hitler took office.  Any book written by a Jew was burned and or other books that did not portray Germany in accordance with their NAZI ideology were burned.  Any version of history the Nazi's did not approve was cancelled.  We have seen this story before.  

We are entering some very dangerous times as our democracy is threatened like never before.  The radical National Socialist Fascists with help from Fake News, the Deep State and big global companies are attempting to destroy our First Amendment rights related to freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly.  Big Tech in particular is censoring political thought in ways never seen before.  Thankfully,  Parler and Rumble are there to fill the void; but we all know that Google, Apple and Amazon have tried to destroy and silence them.  

While all of this is going on, the National Socialists are attempting to pass election laws in Congress to maximize voter fraud.  They have learned how to win elections by fraud and so now they want to abolish states rights to control elections, which is in our Constitution and impose what occurred in the few swing states that cost Trump the election; millions of unsolicited mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, no ID or signature requirements, illegal aliens, non residents and the dead voting.  

All of this combined with the Cancel Culture will result in the end of our democracy.  These things will no doubt serve to radicalize many Americans, which could lead to more violence.  We can't let that happen.  Republicans must fight to stop the Cancel Culture if our democracy is going to survive.  The good news is that some Red States are fighting back against Big Tech censorship.  But a lot more needs to be done.  Parents must go to their local public school board meetings to demand education not Socialist indoctrination.  Stockholders must attend company meetings when possible to demand that companies stop funding radical organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  We have to win elections in 2022 and 2024.  If we don't fight back our country is lost.  


Thursday, March 4, 2021

National Socialists Radical Agenda

The National Socialists are moving forward with their radical agenda even though they really do not have a mandate to do so.  Let's not forget that half the country voted for Trump and probably more if there had been election integrity.  The Republicans picked up 15 seats in the House, retained control of 50 seats in the Senate and gained two state legislatures and a Governorship.  Other than losing the Presidency by voter fraud, 2020 was a pretty good election year for Republicans.

Nevertheless, Biden and the National Socialists are pushing through incredible pork barrel spending to reward their Blue State buddies,  opening up the border causing an illegal alien invasion, spending more money on tax payer funded abortion,  destroying the carbon energy industry raising all energy prices, moving to limit our gun rights and in general moving to an America Last policy that will result in millions of jobs being shipped to China and other countries.  

And, what is worse they are attempting to nationalize the voter fraud we saw in some key states, which cost Trump the Presidency.  The National Socialists have learned how to steal elections so now they want to make it illegal for states to maintain control of their elections as required by the Constitution.  And sadly, there is a pretty good chance that SCOTUS will go along because they fear court packing.  Conservatives on the Supreme Court have proven themselves gutless to protect election integrity and the Constitution.  

We are in for some really tough times that could lead to more violence as the National Socialists continue to push for censorship and the Cancel Culture that will not work in Fly Over Country.  Their actions will radicalize more people, which is not good.  There should be legal protests to demand that National Socialists cease and desist.  And of course, in 2022 and 2024, we must take back the Congress and the Presidency to stop all the lunacy we see happening.  

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Red States Reopening for Business

Even though Biden and his National Socialist pals would like to pro-long the Covid "crisis" forever to justify their $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan full of pork for their blue state buddies, Red States led by Texas, Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota, Alabama and others are opening up for business.  That means the mask mandates and limits on occupancy at businesses, churches, temples etc are going away.  Schools will now open up again for in person education.  Government has already destroyed thousands of businesses and jobs.  Kids and their parents have suffered for a year with schools closed.  It is time for it to end.  

And, Red States are following the science.  Several million people a month are being vaccinated.  The CDC said a year too late that schools can open whether staff are vaccinated or not because kids are not carriers.  People are still free to wear masks, socially distance and wash their hands; but there is no reason to destroy our economy and keep borrowing trillions of dollars to fund these SwindleUs Plans when just opening up for business will get people back to work and school.  

And, here are the facts.  Of the people that get Covid many have no symptoms, mild symptoms or flu like symptoms.  Only about 2% end up in hospitals and about half of them that are typically over 70 with various ailments tragically end up dying.  This can all be avoided by simply taking malaria pills along with ZPack anti-biotics, Vitamin D, Zinc and Baby Aspirin at the first sign of Covid.  This Blogger has been taking Vitamin D, Zinc and Baby Aspirin all along; been exposed to Covid and not had any problems.  Sadly, this all became politicized when Trump was President because he suggested the solution.   Finally, right after the election, the American Medical Association announced that this malaria pill cocktail that has been used all over the world was just fine to treat Covid.  Surprise, Surprise.  So we keep the pills with us at all times even though we have now been vaccinated.  

Red States have it right. It is time to get back to work and school.  The National Socialists are just playing this "crisis" for everything they can steal to continue feeding at the trough.  This is now about funding all their Socialist Scheme wish list and nothing more.  


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Sexual Harassment - A Legal Definition Is Badly Needed

Far be it for this Blogger to defend New York Socialist Governor Andrew Cuomo because he is sleazy; but now three woman and probably more will soon appear have accused him of Sexual Harassment because of things he said to them that may have been in appropriate.  First, I have seen how this works a few times in business and it creates an impossible "he said" "she said" discussion.  The ME TOO crowd claims that the woman must always be believed; requiring no due process.  We need a clear legal definition of sexual harassment by the courts that should involve overt touching and groping.  Verbal interaction is just not enough to warrant legal action because there is no way to know the circumstances.  

This Blogger once complemented one of my female management employees on the business suit she was wearing as we were walking into a sales meeting.  I said to her, "that is a beautiful suit you are wearing, is it a St. John Knit".  I knew of such things because my wife of 48 years used to buy and wear them.  They are quite expensive; but I did not comment on the cost, how it fit or anything else related to the complement.  There was no sexual intent of any kind.  It would have been no different had I complemented one of my male employees on a suit he was wearing.  This particular employee brought my comment up with our HR Director not suggesting anything sexual, but rather that I implied, how could she afford a St. John Knit.  Of course, nothing ever came of it because it was ridiculous; but it is conceivable that another female employee might have attempted to turn this incident into something legally actionable.  

In another case, one of our Senior Vice Presidents was accused of sexual harassment by a woman he was terminating for cause for the actions of one of his male employees.  In absolutely no way did this Senior Vice President implement sexual harassment; but this one ended up in a frivolous lawsuit and insurance settlement to get rid of the case.  That is often how the game is played. 

We have reached a point where it is impossible to even complement someone for fear that it might be misconstrued into something else.  Cuomo might have in fact committed sexual harassment and or maybe he was just being a big jerk.  It is ok for a woman to just tell a man to knock if off.   And or go to HR to report the incident so it is documented.  In one of the incidents in the Cuomo case, the woman did just that and ended up being promoted.   In another incident, groping was charged so that may be a legitimate case.  

All this blogger is saying is that sexual harassment should involve more physical interaction to be legally actionable.  Otherwise, we are creating a work place where everybody is walking on eggs requiring men in particular to always look down and make no eye contact, which could be deemed as suggestive.   As usual, in our country, everything is pushed to excess.   Sexual Harassment, which can be real is one of those cases.  

Monday, March 1, 2021

National Socialists Enacting HR 1 - The Big Steal Election Law

National Socialists in Congress are well aware that they were able to use voter fraud in some key states in the name of the Covid "emergency" to steal the election from Donald Trump.  Now, they want to use those same crooked methods all over the country by enacting HR 1, which should be called the Big Steal Election Law.   Rather than allowing states to run their own elections as required by the Constitution, they want to prohibit states from requiring Voter ID and matching signatures,  They want to make mail out ballot's without a voter's request mandatory.  And, of course, they want to codify ballot harvesting allowing their Peep's to gather up ballots and vote them.  Under this law, states are prohibited from cleaning up their voter roles so ballots will be sent out to the dead along with people that have moved out of state.  And, illegal aliens will be voting.  

Under this law elections will not begin and end on election day.  The Socialists want weeks to send in ballots before an election to unmanned collection boxes and then 10 days after election day to count the votes.  This would give them the time they need to dig up the ballots they need to win the election once they see how many votes they are short as occurred in 2020.  The dead along with illegal aliens voted in 2020 in various states.  These procedures will insure that many of those mailed out ballots will be cast fraudulently as occurred in 2020.  This law also provides for public financing of elections.  So taxpayers will be forced to pay for their campaigns to stay in office forever. 

Republicans in the Senate must use the filibuster to stop HR 1 once it lands there.  If this law is allowed to pass, it will be the end of our democracy and eventually our country.  If we don't have election integrity, it will lead to violence and the dissolution of the United States.  Red states will secede because their residents will demand it.  HR I will insure that Republicans will never win an election again.  Of course, that is exactly the National Socialists' objective.  They want to turn the whole country into California, a one party state and Socialist Fascist dictatorship.   We can't let that happen.