Sunday, March 21, 2021

Border Is Open - Come On In

Our Border is now completely Open.  The Border Patrol is not even bothering to interview those seeking asylum to set up court dates.  They are just taking adults to a bus station and dropping them off.  They are telling them, never to be seen again, unless they commit an additional crimes to go to immigration attorneys, or agencies for help to seek asylum through the system.  Of course that will never happen.  

Biden has authorized millions of dollars for agencies to pay for hotel rooms for these people.  The money is going to Non Governmental Organizations like the Catholic Church and others to place these illegal aliens in hotel rooms.  The border is completely out of control.  And in the ultimate chutzpa, Biden Administration clowns are blaming President Trump for the mess that Biden has created by opening his big, demented mouth inviting the Caravans to start back up.  Keep in mind, these people are not just coming in with Covid, tuberculosis is rampant in Latin America.  Who knows what diseases are coming in with them. 

It is time for border Governors in Texas and Arizona to take action.  Republican Governors Abbott and Ducey need to send in the guard to stop the invasion.  Those state legislatures are also voting the money to continue building the Wall.  Don't expect anything for the Socialist Governors, California's Gruesome Newsom or New Mexico's Grisham to do anything.  They are complicit in the crime we see happening at our border.  

And, yet Biden and his people refuse to call what is happening at the border a "crisis" even though thousands of illegal aliens from countries around the world, drugs and criminals are entering our country including unaccompanied minors that must be housed in "cages".  Biden will not allow the media access to these holding facilities because in many cases they are horrible.  Fake News is missing in action.  Imagine if Trump were still President.  They would be going crazy.  The American people need to stand up and say Enough.  Call your Congressman or woman and Senators and raise holy hell.  They need to feel the heat.   

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