Monday, March 8, 2021

National MAGA Day - June 14th - President Trump's Birthday

Nearly 75 million people voted for President Trump, the most of any sitting President in American history.  In fact, Trump increased his vote from 2016 by eleven million votes by putting together an incredible coalition of voters of all colors and sexual orientations, hard working people, small business owners, who were pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith, pro-flag, pro-law and order, pro-military, pro-Energy Independence, pro-fair trade deals, pro-Bill of Rights and most of all pro-country.  In addition to voting for Trump, what people really voted for was his Make America Great Again - America First Movement.  Trump's election was a repudiation of the Deep State Establishment that has made a mess of our country and the world.  

We were endorsing the policies of President Trump that achieved the greatest economy and job growth in American history.  Trump did this by cutting taxes and getting rid of burdensome regulations that were killing jobs.  In addition, in relation to foreign policy, the Abraham Accords that brought Israel and Sunni Arab countries to the peace table was an incredible accomplishment.  In the process, Iran the biggest state sponsor of terrorism was further isolated in the region.  Trump demanded that our allies pay their fair share for their national defense for the first time in the history of NATO. 

Trump put an end to NAFTA, which killed jobs in the US to forge a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada to protect American jobs.  And finally, President Trump was the first President to confront China demanding fair trade and an end to their intellectual theft.  Unfair trade practices tolerated by both Socialist and Republican Presidents resulted in 70,000 factories closed in the US and 5 million jobs shipped overseas, or to Mexico thanks to the largest global companies in the US seeking higher profits, lower taxes and regulations by moving jobs out of the US. 

When the history books are written, hopefully with some objectivity 50 years from now, President Trump will go down as one of the most successful, greatest Presidents in American history.  The National Socialist, Fake News, RINO and Deep State persecution of Trump will be seen for what it was, a political attack by Swamp Lizards, with Trump Derangement Syndrome that hated the fact that Trump could not be bought and that he was draining the swamp.  Those feeding at the trough for decades were threatened both by Trump voters and Trump himself because he was attempting to stop the corruption that is rampant in Washington DC.  

So now we need to celebrate President Trump's accomplishments every year by implementing a National MAGA Day on June 14th, Trump's birthday both in Washington DC and around the country.  Of course, this will terrify the National Socialists who no doubt will call out the National Guard as thousands descend on Washington DC and perhaps other cities in the US.  That's fine.  The Guard can celebrate with us.  Most important, this will be an opportunity for presumably Republican candidates for office that support Trump's MAGA - America First Movement to be speakers at this love fest.  It could become a right of passage for candidates who recognize that the Republican Party is no longer the country club Establishment Party; but rather the party of hard working people demanding our freedoms.    

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