Monday, March 29, 2021

You Are A Racist

If you support any of the following, You are a Racist:

Voter Integrity and laws to prevent fraud; the traditional family and marriage; belief in God; the sanctity of life; teaching all facets of American history as they actually occurred; the Electoral College; the filibuster in the Senate to give all American a voice in our laws; a balanced federal budget; term limits related to local, state and federal offices; a strong military; education not indoctrination in our schools and colleges; teaching children about Western Civilization.

If you oppose any of the following, You are a Racist:

Socialism; Communism; Fake News; blaming China for the Covid virus; desecrating our flag; Antifa and BLM Riots, looting and burning down our cities; government unions; open borders; the illegal alien invasion of our country; more restrictive gun laws; Reparations; Censorship; the Cancel Culture; the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory. 

Clearly, if you are White and particularly a White man or boy, you are a Racist.  Basically, half the people in our country are Racists according to the National Socialists, Fake News, Major Corporations, Big Tech and the Deep State bureaucracy.  There are about 175 million Racists in our country who must be cancelled and or silenced.  I suspect you might be one of them no matter what color, race or religion you are.  So face up to it.  If you hold the beliefs and positions listed above, You are a Racist and there is nothing you can do about it unless you accept National Socialist Fascist ideology and confess your sins in the pubic square for all to see your guilt.  


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