Thursday, March 18, 2021

Immigration Reform Is Dead On Arrival In The Senate

While the House passes Immigration Bills on a party line vote,  unless the National Socialists intend to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate, there is virtually no chance that any Immigration Reform will make it though the Senate because we have a crisis on the border.  There is no way that Republicans will vote for give citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens already in our country unless and until the border is secured. 

They learned this lesson the hard way when President Reagan agreed to amnesty for 3 million illegal aliens and we were supposed to get a secure border in exchange, which just never happened.  Snookered once, Republicans can never do it again.  And, there may even be some moderate Socialists that would see exposure for themselves if they vote to provide citizenship to illegal aliens as long as an invasion is occurring.  

We already spend $250 Billion tax payer dollars a year supporting existing illegal aliens in our country.  We can't open our border to even more illegal aliens promising them entitlements when both Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency.  Our National Debt will soon be at $30 Trillion with no end in sight. This just can't continue. 

So the National Socialists can forget about Immigration Reform unless and until the border is secured.  That means finishing the wall and working with Mexico to stop the flow.  Seems like Biden needs to go back to Trump's strategy because it was working.  

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