Monday, March 29, 2021

Who Was Jim Crow

Any time anyone disagrees with the National Socialists and Fake News on any topic, they are immediately called Racist and no doubt there is a reference to Jim Crow laws in the South that denied Blacks their rights.  We have all heard references to Jim Crow for years; but most people including me a former American Government and History teacher had no idea who Jim Crow was in our history.  

Finally, I Googled Jim Crow.  Turns out that Jim Crow was a fictitious Black character made famous by a White song and dance man who portrayed Jim Crow in Black face during minstrel shows that were very popular for years after the Civil War.  In doing so, he portrayed all the stereo types about Blacks that they were lazy, stupid, shiftless etc.  Somehow, now sure why the name Jim Crow became associated with the Black Codes enacted by Democrats in Southern states to deny Blacks their Civil Rights including the right to vote. 

Now that we know the origins of Jim Crow, it still hard to see the connection to the Black Codes; but in any case,  those laws were evil pure and simple.  It took the voting rights act of 1965 supported by Republicans to finally end most of those laws along with other Civil Rights legislation to give Blacks the rights denied to them by Democrats for 100 years after slavery.  

The issue now is calling everyone a Racist that does not support Socialist schemes like ending the filibuster in the Senate, the Bill working its way through Congress that would lead to regular voter fraud, opposing open borders, opposing Censorship, opposing Cancel Culture, opposing Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, higher taxes and just about every other Socialist Scheme that would destroy our country.   Half the country is opposed to all these things.  Half the country are not Racists.  It is also important to note that Klan members who murdered Blacks were all Democrats.  

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