Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Gun Control - Here We Go Again

Every time some deranged person commits a mass shooting as occurred two times recently, the National Socialists immediately call for more gun control and even confiscation of guns.  Their calls for gun confiscation have been enhanced by the January 6th attack on the Capitol.  They actually fear armed insurrection because they know that half the country does not support their Socialist Schemes.  The reality is that far more people are killed each year from Black on Black crime usually using illegal guns than occur in mass shootings.  We never hear about any of that from the Socialists, or Fake News because it does not fit their narrative.

Crazy people kill people.  Guns do not kill people.  The fact is that anyone using a car or truck driving through a crowd of people can kill many as has occurred.   Apparently, there is information on the Internet on how to build a bomb using things that can be bought at any hardware store that can be used to kill people as occurred during the Boston Marathon and the Oklahoma City Bombing.  The issue is not gun control; but rather crazy people who are evil.  As a society, we need to identify these people from an early age to get them help.  The signs are usually there from childhood.  Schools need to do a better job identifying children with significant mental issues.  And, often these killers have history with the police.  

And, then there is drug and alcohol addiction that must be addressed.  Many of the people who commit mass shootings often have substance abuse problems.  We do need to get illegal guns off our city streets; but that would involve things like stop and frisk, which is often deemed racist.  

Finally, there are Terrorists in our country on both the extreme left and right that are focused on overthrowing our government in addition to foreign Terrorists.  These people need to be identified and charged with crimes if they commit them to prevent violence.  As a society, we should ask the question, what would cause people in our country to become so radicalized that they are determined to destroy our country.  On the left the issue is income inequality and perceived racism.  On the right, there is perceived limits to our freedoms.  So why not address these issues to prevent people from becoming radicalized. 

There are thousands of gun laws on the books that are not enforced now.  How about we enforce the laws on the books before adding new ones.  Most important, gun ownership is protected by our Second Amendment rights.  The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they adding Gun Rights to the Bill of Rights.  They feared a tyrannical government.  Remember, they had just fought a Revolution to get rid of a dictator.  They knew that an armed citizenry was the best way to provide for self protection and protection from government tyranny.  

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