Saturday, March 13, 2021

Fake News CNN's Ratings Have Collapsed

President Donald Trump always predicted that without him Fake News ratings would collapse and it is happening.  CNN, the Communist News Network's ratings are now in the toilet because they can't be trusted to report the news; just 7/24 Socialist Propaganda.  Fox is still number one followed by upstart Newsmax, which is now the only true conservative network on the air. And, MSDNC, ABC, CBS and NBC are also experiencing stinky ratings.  The fact is that all these Fake News stations are just left wing propaganda arms of the National Socialist Party.  Obviously half the country is not interested in what any of their clowns pretending to be reporters and commentators have to say. 

Fake News refuses to acknowledge the obvious election fraud that happened in November, 2020. That is strike one.  They then go easy on Antifa and BLM terrorists that are still attacking people, rioting, looting and burning down our cities right before our eyes.  They support the Cancel Culture that has led to censorship.  We clearly have a crisis at our border as illegal aliens are invading our country that they are not reporting.   And, there is the kid glove treatment of Joe Biden who obviously has dementia.  President Trump constantly answered questions from the Press often on a daily basis; but Biden answers none between his daily naps.

The National Socialists are demanding that the cable companies stop broadcasting Fox, Newsmax and OANN because these stations do not tow their party line.  If the cable companies folded to their demands, the outrage would be so great that they would lose millions of customers so that is not going to happen.  But their demands demonstrate that the Socialists fear truth so much that they would threaten our First Amendment rights.  Of course, that is no surprise.   Fascists throughout history have always censored the truth that did not conform to their ideology.

So the question now is what will Fake News do as their revenues based on ratings will drop like a lead balloon.  They have to fire the clowns on their networks driving the lowest ratings.  That is pretty obvious.  And, they must adopt a fair and balanced approach to reporting the news, as well as, even hire some conservative commentators if they want viewers to come back.  Their shareholder owners should demand action; but since many of them are Socialists too, perhaps that won't happen.  

It will take a Donald Trump to put a group of investors together to buy CNN to clean house.  Everybody knows that CNN"s owner AT & T needs to dump CNN because AT & T is sitting on unstainable debt.  Now with CNN's ratings in the toilet, they will be desperate for a buyer at a bargain basement price, or any price.  Trump, the deal maker may be the only game in town.  And, if Trump does buy CNN, you can expect all the clowns working there to be FIRED.  Imagine the great pleasure Trump would have at saying You Are Fired to the liars at CNN.  I hope he does it publicly because it will be great entertainment.   

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