Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Biden Now Telling Illegal Aliens - Don't Come

Biden is now in a panic.  There absolutely is a border crisis as thousands of illegal aliens are invading our country because Biden advertised an Open Border.  Biden is now telling illegal aliens not to come because he will send them back.  It is time for Biden to go back to President Trump's common sense border strategy.  Finish the Wall as soon as possible.  Insist that Mexico stop the caravans and keep illegal aliens in Mexico awaiting any asylum status that they might claim. 

We also MUST deport illegal alien criminals and or never let them into our country in the first place.  Biden has lost control of the border because if his left wing stupidity.  First, Biden must admit that we have a "crisis".  Call out the National Guard to assist the Border Patrol.  An invasion requires an armed response to stop no different than if the Chinese or Russians were invading our country.  It will probably take at least 10,000 troops at the border.  In this case, the enemy is the drug cartels benefiting from human trafficking and drug sales into our country.  They are a foreign enemy and should be seen that way.  And, Biden must tell the Catholic Church, his pals and other NGO's to stop supporting the Caravans.   

Poor Joe Biden is overwhelmed.  This problem will not go away between naps. Biden needs to call Trump for help and just admit that he screwed this up big time.  All Biden has to do is adopt the Trump strategy.  He will catch some hell from the left; but if this continues he is going to get the blame anyway.  It is time for Biden to take action.  If not, we will have a humanitarian crisis at our border of huge scale.  It is only going to get worse as the Caravan season is just starting.  Hopefully, Biden will to do the right thing; but don't count on it.  The guy is not that smart.  

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