Friday, July 31, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden Running For President?

This Blogger believes that Socialist Vice President Joe Biden will run for President and if so, we will hear an announcement soon.   No doubt, Pinocchio Obama is encouraging Biden to throw his hat in the ring to stop Hillary Clinton from getting the nomination because Obama and the Clinton's hate each other.  Certainly, though Crazy Joe often says goofy things, Biden is as qualified, or more qualified than Hilly to be President.   And, Biden has ties to big unions and the majority of the Socialist Party going back decades.  Biden even attempts to talk Black when he goes into the Black community and talks about Republicans wanting to put "Blacks back in chains", as ridiculous as that sounds. 

This Blogger does not believe that Hillary Clinton is sure thing for the Socialist nomination because of all the Clinton Scandals that continue on a daily basis.  Those that remember the Clinton years and the definiition of "is" don't want to go there again.  There are probably some big money Socialist interests whispering in Joe Biden's ear to jump in.  Biden would have the best chance of taking the nomination away from Hilly.   Of course, there would be the woman thing that Biden would have to deal with; but he could put Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren on the ticket as his VP to get passed dumping Hillary Clinton.   The left wing of the Socialist Party as though there could be anything further left love Warren.

Either way, whether it is Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden, they will be running for Obama's Third Term.   And, since Obama has been one of the worst Presidents in American history and will leave behind a mess for the next President, it will be difficult for any Socialist candidate to run away from Obama's failed record.  This will be especially true for Clinton or Biden, since they were part of the Obama Administration.  In either case, if Clinton or Biden gets the nomination, both would be among the oldest President ever to run, or be elected.  Clearly, either will sing the same old Socialist songs that are leading to the bankruptcy of our country.   

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Republican Congress Needs to Start Acting Like the Third Branch of Government

In drafting the Constitution, the Founders of our nation envisioned three co-equal branches of government.  Over the years, we have ended up with an all powerful President and Supreme Court at the expense of the Congress.  It is time for the Republican Controlled Congress to use the power of the purse to exercise its legitimate authority over the laws of the United States.  Of course, it takes guts to challenge the President and the Courts, something very few Republicans seem to have these days, particularly because their leaders John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House and the Republican Senate Majority Mitch McConnell are useless, ineffective and incompetent.   They both have to go.

The Congress should pass a budget that will balance in ten years, which means many cuts and reform of Entitlements.  It cannot happen any other way.  If common sense results in a government shut down, then so be it.  It is time for Republicans to stand up to Obama and his Socialist Pals in government.   We did not spend billions of dollars electing a Republican Congress to get Socialists Lite that continue to grow government and bankrupt our country.  We elected Republicans to roll back 100 years of Socialist creep that is destroying our nation. 

If Republicans don't act in accordance with the Party Platform in support of limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, a strong national defense. balancing the budget and paying off the National Debt, protecting our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, limiting abortion etc. etc, then who the hell needs them.  The Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs if they don't adhere to and act on Republican Core Principles.  The time has come for Republicans in Congress to stand up and be counted to take back our country.  Just showing up, does not constitute success, or a reason to have them remain in office. 

Time To Go For Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner

Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina, a very courageous man, filed a "motion to vacate the chair" in an attempt to remove Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner from his Speakership.  This is really a deserved vote of NO CONFIDENCE.  Certainly, most Conservatives in the base of the Republican Party support getting rid of Boehner because he has been completely ineffective related to advancing the Core Principles of the Republican Party.   This motion will probably go no where because the RINOS and empty suits in the Republican Party, that always go along to get along, will never vote to remove Boehner.

The reality is that this Blogger will not donate a dime to the Republican Party as long as Boehner and McConnell are in charge of Congress because they have accomplished absolutely nothing important to the Conservative base of the Republican Party.  In fact, since Republicans took control of Congress things are even worse today than before.  We want to see 100 years of Obama Socialism rolled back and instead we got ObamaCare and more money going to a failed agencies like the Veterans Administration and the Department of Education. 

Republicans could have defunded ObamaCare, but they did not have the guts to do it.  Republicans could cut government spending by putting in place a plan to balance the budget over ten years and pay off the National Debt; but again, it would involve a show down with Obama and again Republicans in Congress don't have the guts to do it or anything else important.  If rolling back Obama means a government shut down, so be it.  It would make my day because big government is the problem and not the solution. 

One of the Republican Congressman from Nevada recently wrote me about all the votes he had taken, that were never enacted into law because Republicans will not exercise their Constitutional responsibility using the power of the purse to get things done.  Instead, they let Obama walk all over them as he "transforms" America into a Socialist nation because the reality is that they are really big government Socialists Lite, not much different than their Socialist pals.   
Most Republicans support limited, smaller government, lower taxes, less regulations, a strong national defense, securing our border, balancing the budget to pay off our National Debt, both a Balanced Budget and Term Limits Constitutional Amendments, Energy Independence, saving Social Security and Medicare, reigning in the EPA, IRS, NSA and Obama Justice Department, protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights,  Repeal and Replacement of ObamaCare, Workfare instead of Welfare, School Choice and limits on abortion.   We want both ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood defunded. 

The fact is that the Republican Controlled Congress, managed by Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell has accomplished none of these things.  Both of them and  the RINOS in Congresss, that have been feeding at the trough for years, have to go because they have failed to get the job done.   

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Republicans Calling For Money

Since this Blogger has made sizable donations to Republican Candidates in the past, on almost a daily basis, I hear from representatives for various Republican Candidates asking for money to support their campaigns.  In addition, there are numerous Republican Committees on the hunt, as well, so that they can distribute monies primarily to Establishment Republican campaigns.   Those calls get a quick hang up from me because I don't contribute to any Committee, since I can't control where the money is going. 

Matter of fact, I quit the US Chamber of Commerce because they actually used some of my money to support Establishment Republicans in the primaries.  That, in addition to Chamber support for Crony Capitalism, was the last straw for me related to the US Chamber of Commerce.  I realized that they are inside the Beltway Fat Cats and part of the problem, not part of the solution, related to preventing the bankruptcy of the United States.  I got a call from one of them recently asking me to come back, which means they were asking me for my money again, since it is pay to play with the US Chamber.  I read the guy calling the riot act and hung up on him. 

Back to Republicans.  There are some Conservative Republicans actively fighting for Republican Core Principles that I can support.  Establishment Republicans hate them because everybody knows that Establishment Republicans only talk the talk.  They never walk the talk.  The reality is that the vast majority of Republicans in office are RINOS, not much different than their Socialist colleagues.  They talk a good game about lower taxes, less regulations, protecting our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights, Repeal and Replacement of ObamaCare, a strong national defense, securing our border, limiting abortion and reigning in the EPA, IRS, NRA and Obama Justice Department; but when push comes to shove, they just don't have the guts to actually fight for these bedrock Republican Core Principles.
To them I say pound sand.   The Republican Controlled Congress has accomplished absolutely nothing important to the base of the Republican Party so why on earth should any of us give them money so that they can continue in office just feeding at the trough.  We need Term Limits to get rid of both Socialists and RINOS. 

And of course in Nevada, where I live, my money is going into the Recall Campaign to remove five RINO State Senators from office, not up for reelection in 2016, because they voted for RINO Governor Brian Sandoval's (BS for short) spending increases and Margins Tax, after the same concept was defeated at the polls last November by nearly 80%.  We are also supporting a Referendum in Nevada to repeal Sandoval's job killer Margins Tax.   The people of Nevada, or really the base of the Republican Party elected a Republican controlled State Legislature and all State officers, including the Governor, for the first time in decades and just months later they betrayed us by enacting the largest tax and spending increase in Nevada history.  Clearly, any Republican Presidential Candidate that stands on the same stage as Governor BS will experience the kiss of death because the base of the Republican Party in Nevada can't stand Sandoval, or his RINO pals in the State Legislature.   

Many Republicans calling me for money will get an earful, that's for sure before I hang up on them.   I will never support, or vote for a RINO again, no matter who the Socialist opposition candidate may be because there is no difference between them.   I actually voted American Independent Party last November, for the first time, rather than support known RINOS.  Further, I am not interested in supporting a Republican Empty Suit that has accomplished nothing important to the base of the Republican Party.   That is the reason I will not be vote for Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller, if he runs for reelection, or any other office, or Republican Senate Candidate Joe Heck.  They both voted to raise my taxes in the Fiscal Cliff deal, without getting any reforms in return.  They are dead to me.  The base of the Republican Party is mad as hell and we don't care who knows.  Our checkbooks are closed to RINOS, crooks and liars playing the same old games.   

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dinosaur Estalbishment Senate Republicans Scold Senator Ted Cruz

Dinosaur Establishment RINOS, Senators Orrin Hatch of Utah, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and John Cornyn of Texas scolded Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is running for President for calling Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a LIAR.  The reason for Cruz's pronouncement is that apparently McConnell promised Conservative Republicans that he would wait to bring up a vote on the Export Import Bank.  Instead, McConnell called for a surprise vote and reauthorization was passed by 67 to 26.

The reason Conservatives oppose reauthorization of the Export Import Bank is because it is Crony Capitalism of the worse kind, subsidizing very large American companies with financing for their customers, that would never be available for small or medium size companies from banks.   The logic is that selling these products creates jobs, which in some cases is true; but more and more these manufacturing jobs in particular are overseas not in America. 

In any case, Cruz called McConnell a Liar because that it is what he is.  RINOS attacked Cruz for speaking the truth on the Senate Floor because Senators apparently are never supposed to speak badly about each other even when they are crooks and liars.  Unless of course, we are talking about Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada and other Socialist Senators that regularly attack Republicans in Congress. 

Ted Cruz is an Anti-Establishment fighter, with the guts to speak out, which is why he is hated in Congress.  The Conservative Base of the Republican Party can't stand either RINO Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell, or House Leader Congressman John Boehner.  They are gutless and will never fight for Republican core principles.  McConnell just stopped defunding of evil Planned Parenthood from coming up for a vote.   This Blogger will not give a dime to the Republican Party as long as McConnell and Boehner are in charge of Congress.  Not going to happen. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Obama's Billion Dollar Trip To Kenya

It has been reported that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's recent trip to Kenya cost the American taxpayer about $1 Billion because there were huge security requirements.  Things are so bad in Kenya that Obama could not even visit the village where his family came from, or lives today because of Terrorists threats.   In fact, it is no wonder that Obama's relatives have not been kidnapped, or held hostage given the connection to the President.  They had to come into Nairobi to meet with the President. 

I suspect that we could have flown Obama's relatives and anybody else he wanted to meet with to Washington DC First Class for a whole lot less money than a Billion dollars.  They all could have stayed at the best hotel in Washington and ordered room service for every meal for a whole lot less than a Billion dollars.  Just think how many school rooms could have been built for a Billion dollars and or bridges repaired that the President is always talking about.  I know, I know, a Billion dollars is chump change in Washington DC; but it is not chump change to the rest of us chumps that are paying for it through higher taxes. 

This Blogger is disgusted by this waste of taxpayer money; though I know it is just the tip of a corrupt ice berg.  Until all the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, redundancy and government failures are eliminated and some of the crooks in government go to jail, this Blogger is opposed to any tax increase.  Matter of fact, I want to see spending and tax cuts to starve the beast.   I am sick and tired of paying for all this waste. 

Let's start with defunding Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest provider of abortions, now that we know they are trafficking in baby parts.  That would save more than $500 million a year.  Next, let's get rid of the Department of Education to save Billions more.   The federal Department of Education is completely redundant and unnecessary, since every state has State and County Departments of Education and local School Boards.  How many layer of education bureaucracy do we need to produce the poor student achievement we see in many school districts.   Wouldn't it better if this money actually got to the classroom to pay great teachers more money.  I think so.

$15 Minimum Wage - Backfires

Some cities and states, run by Socialists, have enacted a $15 minimum wage, which has backfired.  In some cases, employees have asked for part time work because if they work full time they can lose their Welfare or Food Stamps.  The same thing has happened with ObamaCare, since working 30 hours or less allows low income employees to get ObamaCare for little or nothing.  They are better off working less to get free medical insurance. 

The fact is that able bodied people on the dole getting Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid are far better off remaining on the dole than taking minimum wage jobs, whether at $10 or $15, so why work.  Since Welfare imposes no particular requirements to remain on the dole and Obamanistas have eliminated any time restrictions, that were enacted when Bill Clinton was President, people can remain on the dole permanently. 

Most important, there are around 50 million Americans on Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid along with 11 million Americans on Disability Benefits, many fraudulently, that comes right out of the Social Security Trust Fund, that don't show up in Unemployment Rates.  If these people were added to those that do show up in Unemployment Rates, those working part time that want full time jobs and those that have just given up looking for work altogether, the real Unemployment rate in the US would be about 25%, instead of the 5.5% that is reported by the federal government.  

Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an hour is a job killer because at some point many of these jobs will be mechanized.  There is absolutely no reason that customers at a fast food restaurant can't place their own orders.  The registers could just be turn around with the order mechanism on the customer side and the cash drawer on the other side of the counter.   This would allow one attendant to man three or 4 registers just to take money or credit cards.  This is already happening at many stores that have no attendants at all because they have put in self check out. 

Raising the Minimum Wage may provide a feel good moment for Socialists; but it will just result in even more people on the dole.  How is that good for the people involved, or for America. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

All Lives Matter

Socialist Presidential Candidate, Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, was booed by Black Activists for saying Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, ALL Lives Matter at a recent speaker forum.   He was especially booed when he said White Lives Matter.   This has become the new slogan for many Blacks as a result of police killing of Blacks during altercations with them.  The fact that more Whites are killed by police each year than Blacks in the process of arrest does not seem to matter to anyone and in particular, it is rarely mentioned by the lame stream left wing media; but it is a fact. 

In any case, All Lives Really Do Matter.   There are about 39 million Blacks in the United States.   There have been about 60 million abortions since the Supreme Court and Roe V Wade made abortion the law of the land in 1973.  Far more babies have been murdered than the entire Black population of the United States.  Further, there are far more murders each year that are the result of Black on Black crime than the number of Blacks killed during the arrest process.  All life is precious including the lives of Blacks murdered during arrest, whether rightfully or wrongfully; but let's not forget about the other murders that are happening in the United States. 

The recent murder of a beautiful young White Woman, while just walking with her Dad in San Francisco by a convicted felon and illegal alien that had been deported five times, was not even acknowledged by President Pinocchio Veto Obama.  Obviously, her life mattered.  The five marines recently murdered by an Islamic Terrorist in Tennesse also had lives that mattered..  Yet, it took Obama five days to order flags flying at half mast and these were members of the American military killed in the line of duty in the United States.  

Believe it or not, Governor Martin O'Malley had to apologize for making the statement that All Lives Matter to remain politically correct within the Socialist Party.  This just shows the sick state of the Socialist Party in America and some activitists in the Black Community. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton Not Honest & Trustworthy

In a new Quinnipac University Poll, Socialist Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was viewed as "not honest and trustworthy" by the voters of the key swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia.  In all three states various Republican candidates would beat her as of today.   This should be no surprise, since the Clinton's, like all Socialists, have never really been honest and trustworthy just pretty good politicians that get their PEEP's to dutifully vote for them by keeping them on the dole, one way or another.  There is no doubt that if Hillary Clinton's is the Socialist nominee for President that she can be beaten.  In addition to this honest and trustworthy issue, Hilly is old news and not particularly likable. 

However, this Blogger doesn't trust many Republicans either because we too have been lied to and betrayed many times by Republicans that are really RINOS.  I need to have a reason to vote for any Republican these days.  As a member of the Conservative base of the Republican Party that actually takes our party platform seriously, since it usually speaks to limited government, less spending, lowering taxes and less regulations. balancing the federal budget, a strong national defense, protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, securing our border and the right to life, I am tired of Republicans that ignore basic Republican Party Core Principles once they are elected to office.  I am also tired of Republicans that have been in office for years and accomplished absolutely nothing important to the base of the Republican Party because they don't have the guts to fight for our core principles. 

One more time, we don't care if it results in a government shut down.  Government is generally the problem and rarely the solution to our problems.  In fact,  government often makes life miserable for the Makers in society, mostly Republican voters, so shut it down to get what we want done.  These new poll numbers, concerning Hillary Clinton, should not bolster Republicans too much because many of us may sit on our hands if we don't see a Republican Party Presidential Candidate we can trust to get the job done.  This Blogger will never, never, vote for a RINO again.  Been there, done that and I am over it.     

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Republican Candidates for the Presidency

The Blogger continues to receive requests for support (money) from all major Republican Candidates for the Presidency.  But this time around, I want to know specifically what the Candidate plans to do if elected to office.  I am not supporting, or voting for anyone who speaks in generalities.  And,  I want to see the candidate sign the no new taxes pledge.   Further, I must see adherence to Conservative Republican Core ideology.  And Yes, this is litmus test. 

I need to see a specific plan to cut personal and corporate income taxes.  I want to know what federal agencies, commissions, departments and programs will be eliminated if elected to balance the budget within 10 years and pay off our National Debt.  I want to see the plan to reign in the various Gestapos, EPA, IRS, NRA and Justice Department.  I want to know how our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights will be protected.  I want to see the plan to secure the border.  I want to know how Social Security and Medicare will be reformed to save those programs.  I want to see the plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  I need to see the plan to defeat radical Islam and stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.  I want to see a plan to limit abortion. 

Billions of dollars were donated to elect a Republican Congress that has achieved absolutely nothing important to the base of the Republican Party.   Further, Republicans in Nevada elected a Republican Controlled State Legislature and all state offices are now in Republican hands for the first time in decades, including RINO Socialist Governor Brian Sandoval (BS for short).  These RINOS betrayed us and enacted the largest spending and tax increase in Nevada history.   Never Again, Never Again!!

This Blogger will never vote for a Republican that raises taxes, plain and simple because of all the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government spending.  And, if an existing Republican in office asks for my support that has achieved absolutely nothing while serving in office,  I would say not interested.  So now as we see 15 or more candidates for the Republican nomination for President.  I need to see clear plans from a candidate in keeping with Conservative Republican Ideology.  I am not voting for a pretty face, or for anyone just because he or she can give a good speech.  I want details, or no support from me.  Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, not going to happen ever again.   

Monday, July 20, 2015

Now Obamanistas Attacking Dishwashers

Dr. Ernest Moniz, the long haired hippy who runs the Obama Department of Energy, along with his his PEEP's at the DOE, are pushing new regulations to cut the number of gallons of water permitted per dishwasher load, as well as, the amount of electricity that a dishwasher uses to actually wash dishes.  The industry is pushing back saying that using just 3.1 gallons of water in the process will not clean dishes.  In fact, this will result in more use of water and electricity because users will either pre wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, or just run the machine twice to actually clean the dishes. 

In addition, making this change will result in higher priced dishwashers as manufacturers try to figure out ways to make a lower water machine actually work effectively.  That just means that fewer people will be able to afford dishwashers when replacements are needed and or this is really just another tax on consumption that hits the poor and middle class worst. 

These federal government brainaics did the same thing with toilets by restricting the number of gallons that can be used in a flush toilet.  The end result there too is that it often takes two flushes with the cheaper low end toilets to do the job.  Where in the US Constitution does it say that the federal government has the right to regulate all aspects of daily life.   These Washington Socialists and bureaucrats want to control everything we do, eat, touch, see and hear.  Further, they are taxing us to death one way or another, killing jobs in the US and lowering the standard of living for average Americans in the process. 

Hopefully, common sense will prevail; but I would not count on it.  This is just one more example of Big Brother making life miserable for the American people.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say ENOUGH.  Socialist Obamanistas stop trying to control our daily life. 

P.S. Dr. Moniz is also one of the characters, along with Secretary of State John Kerry, that negotiated the Iran Nuclear Deal, which will lead to Iran having nuclear weapons.   How smart was that?? 

Donald Trump Needs to Become a Serious Candidate for President

Load mouth showman, Donald Trump needs to recognize that he is running for President of the United States, not another season on The Apprentice.   Certainly, Trump is a smart guy; but he cannot seem to control his mouth.  While there is substance to many of the things Trump is saying, he always seems to go the next step making his remarks incendiary rather than constructive.   Trump has brought attention to the illegal alien issue.  It is absolutely true that there are criminals and drug pushers illegally entering the United States.  It is also true that 25% of the people in American prisons are illegal aliens.  No doubt, some of them have committed murder or rape, or certainly drug crimes. 

It is true that our border is not secure and that the local and federal immigration enforcement has broken down, so much so, that an illegal alien that has been deported five times for various crimes can come back into our country and murder a young woman just going for a walk in San Francisco.  It is also true that this notion of Sanctuary Cities in the United States, where local government has enacted ordinances in violation of federal immigration law, is just plain crazy.  What is not true is that most illegal immigrants are murderers or rapists. Yes, they have entered our country illegally, which is a crime; but they are coming to work in America, not to commit crimes.  If Donald Trump would just stick with the facts, he would be doing our country and himself a huge favor because he has a loud microphone to get out the truth if it be told. 

Trump's latest episode in denying that Senator John McCain, who spent almost six years in a North Vietnamese Prison and was nearly tortured to death is not a war hero because he referred to followers of Trump as "crazies", is ridiculous.   Certainly, in response Trump could and should have criticized Establishment Republican McCain for accomplishing little while serving in Congress for decades and for being a RINO, which is fair game.  Most Republicans would have agreed and applauded; but once again, Trump put both feet in his mouth by going too far.   

Donald Trump has surged in Republican Party polls because the Conservatives base of the Republican Party is absolutely disgusted with Establishment Republicans in Congress (RINOS) and often at the state level that have accomplished nothing important once elected to office.  They just don't have the guts to fight for Republican core principles of limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, balancing the federal budget by eliminating waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government, a strong national defense, securing our border, protecting our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, enacting Balanced Budget and Term Limits Constitutional Amendments, Entitlement Reform and limiting abortions.   We also want to see ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood defunded.  Further, we are waiting for Republicans in Congress to cut spending for Obama's Gestapos, the EPA, the IRA, the NSA and the Justice Department as punishment for their over reach and violation of our rights.   We don't care if these actions result in a government shut down because government is the problem, not the solution. 

Donald Trump could bring voice to all these issues; but not by throwing out one liners that have no substance.  It is time for Trump to get serious if he wants to be President of the United States.  It will not happen any other way.   Otherwise, though Trump could be a Spoiler if he runs as an Independent, the Trump candidacy is just a side show that the media loves on a slow news day. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Republicans In Congress Need To Get Something Done

When the base of the Republican Party elected a Republican controlled Congress, we did so under the assumption that they would actually get something done that is important to us.  The fact is that Republicans in Congress have accomplished absolutely nothing because they don't have the guts to walk their talk.  What these Republicans, some of whom are RINOS, don't seem to understand is that we don't care if their actions result in a government shut down, primarily because very often government makes life miserable for the Makers in society, namely us that voted for them. 

It is time for Republicans to act on the core values of the Republican Party.   We want to see smaller, limited government, tax cuts and fewer regulations that are killing jobs, a Balanced Budget and a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment, protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights, a strong national defense, Securing the Border, Entitlement Reform to save Social Security and Medicare, Workfare not Welfare and limitations on abortion.  We understand that it may be impossible to do all of these things in one year; but to do none of them is unacceptable. 

Let's start with enacting a budget that gets to balance in 10 years.  That means getting rid of things like Funding for Planned Parenthood, Common Core, the Department of Education and other departments, commissions and agencies, many of which are redundant, corrupt and wasteful.  Sell off the Veterans Medical system by privatizing it.   Give Vets a Vetecare Card and let them go where ever they want for medical care.  Cutting taxes is pretty simple.  Just bring down personal and corporate tax rates.  Surely, a Republican Congress can enact protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights.  Next, lets reign in the Gestapo EPA, IRS and Obama Justice Department by cutting their funding as punishment for their actions.  Work or school requirements could be placed on receiving Welfare.   Obviously, ObamaCare can be defunded.  Federal restrictions could be enacted to make abortions safer and rarer.   Partial birth abortion should be outlawed.  We do need to reform Entitlements like Social Security and Medicare; but that will require a bi-partisan effort, more time and some common sense.  Certainly, Republicans can get the ball rolling on a Balance Budget and Term Limits Constitutional Amendments.  Obama may veto many of these initiatives; but if he does, it would be him shutting down the government.  Again, we don't care.   And, just maybe some of these things will actually get done if Republicans stick to their core beliefs.   

Republican Empty Suits, that have accomplished absolutely nothing, are out on the campaign trail asking for support and money.   Why would anyone in the base of the Republican Party vote for any of them when they have done none of the things important to us.  Further, in Nevada where this Blogger lives, we elected Republicans to all state offices and a Republican Legislature for the first time in decades, only to be betrayed by our RINO Socialist Governor Brian Sandoval (BS for short) and his RINO cronies in the Legislature, when they enacted the largest spending and tax increase in Nevada history, in spite of the fact that a Corporate Margins Tax, on the ballot last November, was defeated by nearly 80% of Nevada voters.  As such, we now have to spend our political money on a Referendum to repeal the Governor's Margins Tax and Recall 5 Republican State Senators from office, not up for reelection in 2016, that voted for the Governor's tax increase.    

The fact is that the base of the Republican Party does not trust Republicans in Congress and certainly not in our state because they have either accomplished nothing important to us, or they have often voted with the Socialists to betray us.  This is the reason that loud mouth Donald Trump is getting traction with Republican Voters.   We are mad as hell and we are going to show it at the polls.  This Blogger for one will never, never vote for a RINO again no matter who the Socialist opposition candidate may be.  I would rather love to hate a Socialist in office, than have to love a RINO that accomplishes nothing while in office who votes like a Socialist anyway.  No more Empty Suits please collecting a nice paycheck and fat pension; but doing nothing important to us.  No more politicians for life, feeding at the trough becoming millionaires, while bankrupting our country.  WE THE PEOPLE have had ENOUGH.    

P.S.  This Blogger will not vote for Joe Heck or Dean Heller for Senate in Nevada because they raised my taxes in the Fiscal Cliff deal.  As such, Heck and Heller are dead to me.  I don't forget and I don't forgive RINO politicians that betray us. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Raising Children in America

This year on Father's Day, my younger son, who lives with his family in California, called me in Reno, where my wife and I live to wish me a Happy Father's Day.  In doing so, our son thanked me for being a great provider and role model.  My response was to thank him for acknowledging my job as "role model", which was much more important to me than being able to give our family a comfortable life.   I went on to say that now it was his job to be a "great role model" for his children.  Though my Mom was a great role model, my Father came from a dysfunctional family that made it impossible for him to be a great role model.  Though my Dad was always around throughout my life and his, so in that sense I did grow up in an intact two parent family, my Dad just either didn't understand what it took to be a great Father, or was incapable of giving more than he ever got from his Father.  As such, I always felt my job was to break this chain of dysfunction with our children. 

Socialist Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton claims it take a village to raise a child, when the reality is that without a loving, two parent, intact family, the village would not matter very much.   However, it is not enough to just have two parents taking care of children, if those parents are incapable of being role models.   This is where teaching comes into play.  I can recall saying to our sons over and over again, "what part of NO don't you understand", when they wanted things that were unimportant and or they wanted to do something that could only lead to trouble.   In addition, moral values and the notion of right and wrong had to be taught and learned.  These things are not instinctual. 

Finally, we put our sons in Christian private schools, where they not only learned to read and write; but also the tenets and values of Christianity.  Since we don't support big government, my wife and I have practiced those values and tenets through our charitable work, which our sons have always witnessed first hand.  God knows, we were not always perfect parents; no one is, but even though I traveled 50% of the time while our sons were young, we were always there for them.  In addition, because of all my business travel, we were able to use airline and hotel points all over the United States and the world for free, which meant lots of family memories and quality time on vacations that continue to happen to this day. 

Raising children in America is not easy, since many children today are born out of wedlock into poverty.  Government Programs make all of this worse, not better, as very often government support encourages even more babies born out of wedlock.  The only problem is that government can never be a substitute for an intact two parent, loving family with the Father in the home.  And, it really does not matter if that family is rich or poor as long as the values of right and wrong and morality are taught in the home.  After all, this discussion is not about money at all; but rather the ability to be a "great role model" when kids are growing up. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Islamic Terrorist Attack in Tennessee

Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez, a 24 year old, Kuwaiti-born Islamic Terrorist attacked two US Military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee; one a Recruitment Center and the other a Marine Depot.  In the process, this Islamic Terrorist murdered 4 unarmed Marines and wounded others.   We know now that Abdulazeez traveled to Jordan in 2014 and further went to Yemen where no doubt he was trained and or indoctrinated by ISIS to murder Americans.   It really does not matter if Abdulazeez was a lone wolf, as pronounced by Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, who refuses to use the words Islamic Terrorist, or he was ordered by ISIS directly to commit these murders, the fact is that once again an Islamic Fanatic has murdered Americans.

For a short while apparently, Abdulazeez's father was on a Federal Government Terrorist Watch List only to be taken off for some reason, yet unknown.  In any case, the fact that Abdulazeez traveled to the Middle East should have placed him on a Terrorist Watch List, for sure.  The Federal Government is spending billions of dollars, each year, spying on all Americans rather than targeting those most likely to commit these acts of Terror, which are obviously young Islamic Males and perhaps even Females that should be profiled.  Muslims in America are either with us in this process, or against us.  These Islamic Fanatics live amongst them.  If they can't convince them not to commit these heinous crimes, then they have an obligation, as would be the case for any American who knows of a criminal about to commit murder, to turn them in for further investigation.  I know, I know, this smacks of Big Brother; but we cannot allow these Islamic Terrorist acts to continue on our soil.

Further, it is clear that military installations in the US are now a target for Islamic Terrorists by their own pronouncements.  As such, these Recruitment Centers, often in commercial shopping centers,  must be hardened with bullet proof glass and security entrances that better control who can enter those sites.  In addition, military personnel must be permitted to carry their weapons while on duty in the United States.   We cannot allow military personnel, trained to use weapons, to be sitting ducks when these Islamic Terrorists attack them.   Arming military personnel would save lives and make certain that an Islamic Terrorist is prevented from implementing a massacre.  This is just common sense. 

Finally, the President of the United States, in this case Obama, until he is thankfully out of office must declare the threat that we face from Islamic Fascist Fanatics in no uncertain terms.   We must do more to destroy ISIS in the Middle East to insure that we do not have to deal with them in the United States.  Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook must all shut down these ISIS sites that are used to spread ISIS propaganda and recruit Terrorists all over the world.  Again, it is time for some common sense, which is often lacking in Washington DC.          

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts

In a shocking video filmed last July that just surfaced, Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Research for Planned Parenthood met with two anti abortion activists, for lunch, posing as employees of a Bio Tech company to discuss Planned Parenthood's trafficking in aborted baby parts.  Nucatola is filmed as saying that abortions can be done in a way that does not crush, or damage organs and limbs that are in demand for research.  It is illegal to sell aborted baby parts; but apparently, Planned Parenthood gets around the law by calling the money transfers "donations". 

The lack of regard for innocent human life by Planned Parenthood is well established; but trafficking in baby parts is a new low and should be the last straw.  Planned Parenthood gets more than $500 million a year in tax payer money from the federal government and perhaps even more from state governments.  It is time to cut all tax payer monies going to these baby killers.   Planned Parenthood runs abortion mills for profit.  More than 350,000 abortions are performed each year by Planned Parenthood.   Now we learn that this organization is selling baby parts for medical research.  This is down right disgusting and a crime against humanity.   Planned Parenthood not only makes money by performing abortions; but also be selling the by products from abortions, namely  baby parts.

Republicans control the Congress.  Republicans should not include any funding in the annual federal budget for Planned Parenthood, under any circumstances, even if it means shutting down the government, if Obama vetoes a budget without funding for these baby murderers.  Enough is enough.  More than 50 million babies have been aborted in the United States since Roe V. Wade.   We have to limit this infanticide.   Certainly, there should be no abortions after 20 weeks of gestation, unless the mother's life is really in danger.  And, partial birth abortion should be outlawed altogether.  The United States cannot be both a culture of life and death.  It is time to choose LIFE.     

Obama Persecutes The Little Sisters of the Poor

The Obama Justice Department is persecuting the Roman Catholic Little Sisters of the Poor, that work with dying hospice patients because they refuse to provide Birth and Abortion Morning After Pills as part of their medical insurance plan, as required by ObamaCare, for their employees.  Of course, a basic tenet of the Roman Catholic Church is opposition to both Birth Control and Abortion.   To accommodate the Little Sisters, Obamanistas want them to sign a piece of paper turning over their medical plan to Obama Big Brother, the federal government, that will provide Birth Control and Abortion Pills for their employees.

Obamanistas are threatening the Little Sisters with millions of dollars in fines if they don't comply with ObamaCare.   We were told one of many Big Lies when ObamaCare was enacted by the Socialists in the middle of the night, without one single Republican vote, that religious liberty would be protected and that no one would be forced to violate their religious convictions.   We were also told that ObamaCare would not include Abortion, which has proved to be one of the biggest lies of all.   So now, the Little Sisters of the Poor, that simply want to adhere to their religious beliefs are being persecuted by the Obama Justice Department through a series of court cases, one just lost by the Little Sisters, that will go all the way to the Supreme Court. 

Though the Supreme Court has protected Religious Liberty in the past under certain circumstances, with the Roberts Socialist Court, it is hard to say whether this court will protect Religious Liberty related to the Little Sister's case.  If Religious Liberty and the First Amendment of the US Constitution are not protected, most likely the Little Sisters will either disband and discontinue their mission, or stop providing any medical coverage to their employees, paying the fine instead, to avoid the necessity to provide ObamaCare mandates in their medical insurance plan.  Once again, this is the heavy hand of President Obama that regularly disregards the Constitution and is a threat to our freedoms as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  ISIS cuts off the heads of Christians and death is immediate.   With Obama, it is death by a thousands cuts; but the end result is the same specific to people of the Christian faith.     

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama's Iran Deal - A Day of Infamy

Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry were so anxious to secure a deal with Iran that if the next President of the United States does not strike it down with the same stroke of a pen that Obama will use to sign it, they have insured that Iran will become a nuclear power with missiles capable of hitting the United States and all of our Allies.  Obama will submit this deal to the United Nations for approval, within the next ten days, rather than seeking formal Treaty Approval, in accordance with our Constitution, from the US Senate.   Obama has already said he will Veto any act of Congress that condemns this Agreement.  The only good news in all of this is that since this is not going to be a formal Treaty, ratified by Congresss, but rather just an Obama Executive Order of sorts, the next President can in fact strike it down.  United Nations approval will not trump US Law, or Presidential Action.

This Day of Infamy will go down in the history books, along with the day that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain came back from his negotiations with Adolf Hitler, waving a document that gave Hitler Czechoslovakia, and pronouncing "Peace In Our Time".   This appeasement led to World War II and all the tragedies that followed including the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Jews and others who opposed Hitler.  We have seen this story before and we know the horrible ending, except with nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatics, we could see an ending that is much worse. 

Most important, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately came out and condemned Obama's deal with Iran because it will lead to war not peace.   In removing the Sanctions against Iran, the Islamic fanatics in Teheran will now have billions of dollars to not only build nuclear weapons and delivery systems, over time, but to fund Terrorism, as the biggest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world.   Americans and many others, including Israeli's, will die because of Obama's actions.   In addition, this deal with spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East like the world have never seen because Sunni Arab countries and Israel will never allow Iran to gain hegemony over the region. 

In fact, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordon have already signed deals with Russia to build and man nuclear reactors in their countries, as a first step to building nuclear weapons, which is a real repudiation of both Obama and the United States.  Israel already has nuclear technology, which they will now expand.  Socialist President Obama is naive and incompetent; otherwise we would have to conclude that he is a Traitor, betraying both the United States and our allies.  Either way, this Iran deal is bad for America and bad for the world.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton's "New" Economic Agenda - Same Old Socialist Schemes

Socialist Candidate for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton, is putting forth her "New" Economic Agenda; but unfortunately it is the same old Obama Socialist News that has resulted in a lousy economy.   Of course, she begins with higher taxes on the foreign earnings of US Corporations and Hedge Fund Managers that would make us less competitive around the world and kill jobs.   Hilly wants to continue Renewable Energy Subsidies to bolster Green Energy that is not yet economically sound and cannot power our economy.  Naturally, Hillary Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage, which will lead to retail robots that can make change and kill jobs.   She wants more employees paying dues to Unions that have caused many jobs to be shipped overseas.   Hilly wants expanded Child Care Subsidies, another Entitlement, when we can't even pay for the Entitlements already on the books.   And finally, Hillary Clinton wants more Infrastructure Spending, which would be OK if there were other cuts in the budget to pay for it.

This is the Obama Socialist Game Plan, which has failed miserably to bring back the kind of GDP economic growth that we need at 4% or greater to put people back to work.   Instead of all these Socialist Schemes, we need to cut personal and corporate income taxes and roll back regulations that are killing business to build our economy and create jobs.  We also need to implement an all of the above Energy Plan to make all sources of Energy Cleaner, Safer and CHEAPER, not more expensive, if we are to have a high standard of living in the United States, particularly for the poorest among us.   

Hillary Clinton's "New" Economic Agenda proves that she is running for Pinocchio Obama's Third Term.   Electing Hillary Clinton to the Presidency will just mean more of the same Socialist Economic Schemes that have resulted in the highest poverty rate in three decades, 50 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps, 10 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently and the lowest Labor Participation Rate, since Jimmy Carter was President.  Why would anyone with a sound mind put forth same old, same old, when same old has wrecked our economy.  The answer is pretty simple.  

Socialists prefer people living in poverty because it is how they win elections.  Socialists are all big government, poverty pimps that live off the misery of the poor.   It is sad; but Socialists will do anything to continue feeding at the trough; even if it means keeping people poor and on Welfare.   Hillary Clinton's "New" Economic Agenda will do just that as even more people will be added to the Welfare rolls if Obama's Socialist Schemes continue.    

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Watch Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders Go

Vermont Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Socialist nomination for President of the United States.  Sanders is not likely to get the nomination because the big money interests in the Socialist Party and Crony Capitalists that make billions of dollars off government business support the Clinton's, as the best politicians money can buy.  However,  Sanders pronouncements are driving Hilly so far to the left to retain the support of the base of the Socialist Party that it will be impossible for Hilly to move to the center for the General Election.  What is important in all of this is that Obama has moved the old Bill Clinton Democrat Party so far to the left that it can only be called the Socialist Party of America. 

Bernie Sanders does not even pretend to be a Democrat; though technically he is running for the Democrat nomination.   Sanders is a self proclaimed Socialist that support a 90% tax rate on the Makers in society.  Sanders wants to grow the government even bigger and put even more people on the dole.  None of this should be surprising because Obama is also a Socialist who has dramatically raised taxes and would go even further if he could get Republicans to go along even though higher taxes and more regulations have wrecked our economy and resulted in higher poverty. 

Obama has grown government so that today the federal government consumes 25% of all the goods and services sold in the US, up from the traditional 17 - 20%.  And, Obama has added 20 million Americans on the dole, collecting Welfare and Food stamps, so that today the highest level ever, about 50 million Americans are on the dole.  This does not include the additional 2 million Americans now collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently, so that today there are 10 million Americans on Disability. 

But this is the Democrat Socialist Party today that is represented by Hillary Clinton.  Hilly will be an even bigger tax, borrow and spend President if she gets elected because that is what is expected of Socialist elected representatives in government.  We will be at $20 Trillion in National Debt, on the books by, the time Obama leaves office, plus another $130 Trillion in unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and Federal Public Employee Pensions.   There is another $20 Trillion of Local and State Debt sitting out there as well waiting to explode on the American people.  Yet Socialists like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders call for even more Entitlements and Debt that is bankrupting our country.  Go figure. 

Iran - Time To Walk Away From The Talks

Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama and his Secretary of State Kept Man and Brie Eating John Kerry keep extending the talks with Iran to end their nuclear program.  While this has been going on, it was revealed that Iranian Spies have been in Germany seeking atomic and missile technology.   How stupid can Obama and Kerry be?  Apparently, pretty stupid.  It is bad enough that the deal on the table is actually a path to Iran developing nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, but at the same time that talks have been extended and extended and extended, the Iranians have been actively working to build the bomb and the missiles that would allow them to attack the United States, Europe and Israel.  The Iranians have just used these talks to play out the clock.

It is time for Obama/Kerry to walk away from the talks and slap on even more stringent Sanctions on Iran to destroy their economy.  In addition, Israel and or the US should implement cyber attacks, on a daily basis, to shut down Iran's nuclear program and military capability.   All Iranian bank accounts should be frozen to prevent more money going to Terrorists.  If there is any hope at all at stopping Iran's nuclear program and aggressive tendencies, the only way to make it happen is to make it so painful for Iran that perhaps their fanatically Fascist government will be brought down by the Iranian people. 

It is hard to imagine the Obama/Kerry stupidity in all of this.   Obama wants a deal so badly that he is willing to give away the store.  If the deal on the table is executed by Executive Order, no doubt the next President of the United States will end up striking it down because the Iranians will cheat.  Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is absolutely right.  No deal now is better than a horrible deal.  Sanctions got Iran to the table.  Even more severe Sanctions and the actions described by this Blogger are the only chance, other than military action, which at some point may be necessary, of stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Oppressive Government is a Dream Killer

Like so many other people in the United States, throughout our history, this Blogger has achieved the American Dream.   By getting a great education and through years of hard work, self sacrifice and the ability to deal with delayed gratification, I was able to start with nothing and build a successful business predicated on prudent decisions.   Achieving the American Dream today, however, is much more difficult because of Oppressive Local, State and Federal Governments act as a sledge hammer at every turn slamming anyone who attempts to build a business with high taxes, fees and onerous regulations.  

So before anyone, willing to take risks, can even get started, the big hand of government is there to prevent success.  Instead, Socialists and RINOS in government encourage able bodied people to go on Welfare and or Disability, rather than work hard to support themselves.  Further, instead of telling students to work their way through university, as this Blogger did, Government encourages students to take out government backed student loans, loading them up with Debt after graduation.  This is dumb, dumb, dumb and sends the wrong message right out of the gate. 

Why would anyone work night and day, often 7 days a week to be successful, when government takes as much as 50%, or more, of profits in various taxes and fees, not to mention the cost to comply with government regulations.   In essence, every one in business today has government as his or her, not so silent partner, intruding into all aspects of daily business and personal life.  How is this much different than Communism where government just owns all means of production.  

What we have in the United States is a power elite, separate and apart from the American people, operating within the beltway in Washington DC and in many state Capitols and City Halls feeding at the trough, at the expense of the 50% of hard working Americans that pay most of the taxes in our country.   These Takers, along with the people that often vote for them on the dole, one way or another, are bleeding the Makers in society dry.   Local, State and the Federal Governments are Dream Killers, making it much harder for any American, willing to work hard, to achieve the American Dream.   This is very sad but true. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Living the American Dream

This Blogger turned 65, today July 9th.  I was born in Ohio 65 years ago to parents of Italian decent, just one generation removed from Italian Immigrant Grandparents.   In 1958, my parents moved my brother and I to California in a new 1958 Ford Station Wagon, with everything we owned in the back of that car, including me, laying near one of the back doors.   I came down with measles the night before we left Ohio, so I don't remember too much of the trip because I had high fevers the whole way. 

My parents sold basically everything we owned before we left Ohio so they had $13,000 to their name to start a new life in California.   To put this in perspective, the new car they bought cost $2,700 and the home they bought in 1959, about 1200 square feet, cost $20,000.   Even so, my Dad had to sell the new car we drove to California and my parents never did own another new car until 1980.   My parents both got blue collar jobs and didn't make much money; but they were able to provide a roof over our heads and plenty of great Italian food. 

Most important, they passed on family values and the notion that with hard work anything was possible.   My parents rode the California boom.  The home they bought and paid off for $20,000, eventually turned into $600,000, that not only allowed my Mom to live in Assisted Living for 7 years until she died at 94; but even allowed her to pass on an inheritance to her Grandchildren.

However, while I was growing up, my parents were not in a position to provide much for my brother and I.  As such, I worked my way through university, selling ladies shoes in Beverly Hills.  I earned several degrees and a teaching credential, which allowed me to teach Junior, Senior and Adult Schools in LA inner city for six years.  Before I went there, I had no idea that there were several million Mexicans living in East Los Angeles.  Even though some of my students were gang members that carried knives and guns, it was a great experience that I will never forget.  It showed me that no matter my plight, there were people far worse off. 

By 1979, I decided that I could do more so I sent my resume to Merrill Lynch Relocation Management to embark on my business career.  Three months later, I was hired as the youngest manager they had ever hired  to help found a Group Move and Consulting Services Division.  Through many twists and turns by 1991, I founded my own relocation and mortgage company and the rest is history. 

I have certainly lived the American Dream, which sadly is under attack today.  With a little luck, lots of hard work and God's help, I am rich in possessions and more importantly in family.  I have lived a very interesting life so much so that I decided there is a book in it.   I want to share my life experiences and lessons that I think will benefit others.  Most important, Never Give Up, Never Give In and always practice Focus, Discipline and Passion as the secret to success in Business and in life.  The American Dream is still possible; though big government often stands in the way, but it is not achievable without hard work and self sacrifice.   


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Republican Party Report Card

Once again, this election cycle Republicans are going out and asking for support, translation money, to assist them in getting elected or reelected.  The only problem is that Republicans in Nevada and in Congress have betrayed us over and over again.  In Nevada, we elected a Republican Legislature and all State officers and then our RINO Governor Brian Sandoval pushed through the largest tax increase in Nevada history with the help of his RINO pals in the legislature. In Washington, we elected a Republican Congress that has failed to act on the core principles of the Republican Party.  They have proven to be Socialists Lite, so why on earth would Conservatives, the base of the Republican Party, support them again.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, oh wait a minute, fool me twice and I will never vote for a RINO again no matter who the Socialist opposition candidate may be.  Below is the Republican Party Report Card.  As you can see, the Republican Congress has FAILED on all issues important to the base of the Party.             
      Federal Government – Republican Report Card
Balancing the Budget – Cutting Spending                                           FAIL                    
Limiting Abortion                                                                                     FAIL
Enacting a Balanced Budget Amendment                                           FAIL        
Dealing with Terrorism                                                                           FAIL
Paying Down the National Debt                                                           FAIL                
Properly Funding the Military                                                               FAIL
Enacting a Term Limits Amendment                                                  FAIL                
Saving Social Security & Medicare                                                       FAIL
Cutting Corporate and Personal Income Taxes                                FAIL                
Prosecuting Government Crooks                                                         FAIL
Eliminating Burdensome Regulations on Business                          FAIL                 
Challenging Obama’s Executive Orders                                               FAIL
Creating Economic Growth & Jobs in America                                   FAIL                
Providing Medical Care for Vets                                                           FAIL
Eliminating Waste, Fraud, Abuse and Redundancy                          FAIL                        
Controlling the IRS, NSA, EPA & the Justice Dept                            FAIL
Failure to Eliminate Poverty after Spending Trillions                       FAIL                
Repeal and Replace ObamaCare                                                           FAIL
Securing Our Border                                                                                FAIL                
 Protecting First, Second and Fourth Amendment Rights                                                                                  FAIL                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Comprehensive Immigration Reform                                                   FAIL          
Ending Govt. Collective Bargaining                                                      FAIL
Promoting Energy Independence through all Sources                   FAIL                
Dealing with the Media/Communications                                         FAIL
Eliminating the Dept. of Education/Waste of Money                     FAIL
Enacting School Choice/Improving Public Education                      FAIL  
Establishment Republicans (RINOS) Have Failed Us
Time and Again.  They should be FIRED because they have failed to act on Republican Core Principles. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sanctuary Cities - Dangerous Places To Be - STAY AWAY

There are about 200 cities in the United States, primarily run by Socialists, that are Sanctuary Cities where Illegal Aliens, even those that commit serious crimes, are often not turned over to federal law enforcement for deportation.  We just saw a serial criminal, an Illegal Alien from Mexico, Juan Francisco Lopez - Sanchez, who was deported 5 times for committing serious felonies; but then returned to the United States, released by San Francisco police after being arrested for committing another crime.  

Once freed Sanchez murdered a woman, just walking with her father on a promenade, using a gun in his possession.  The Fed's now claim that they had issued a Detainer to arrest this man given his history, that the city of San Francisco ignored.   First of all, there needs to be a class action lawsuit, filed against all cities where crimes and particularly murders have been committed by Illegal Aliens given Sanctuary.  Ignoring Federal Immigration Laws, such as they are, cannot go on without penalty.  Cities must be forced to pay for this folly.  Further, the Republican controlled Congress should deny federal funds to any Sanctuary City violating Federal Immigration Laws.  Let Obama veto the budget that denies these cities billions of Federal Dollars and or shut the government down specific to this issue.  We are either a nation of laws, or we will have no nation. 

Finally, this Blogger considered a vacation side trip to San Francisco in a few months with my wife.  That trip now will not happen because we are not going to any city on vacation that allows criminals and particularly Illegal Alien serial criminals to go free.   We will not subject ourselves to the possibility of random murder.  Sanctuary Cities are listed on the Internet.  Just Google Sanctuary Cities to see which are listed and STAY AWAY, if you value your life. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

America Is Ruled By A Power Elite

It has occurred to this Blogger, after years as a former American History and Government Teacher and Political Junkie that America really is ruled by a Power Elite, composed of politicians of both political parties, feeding at the trough, big Union Bosses, Crony Capitalists and other big money interests.  This is one big Club that does not include the American people and certainly not average Americans.  There is in fact an unholy alliance between Socialists and RINOS in government.  Socialists want to keep as many people as possible dependent on government as the basis for their power.  RINOS, talk about limited government; but do little to starve the beasts because they too benefit from big government that doles out contracts to Crony Capitalists. 

We do have a semblance of Democracy, as we hold elections every two or four years; but they really don't matter very much because no matter who we elect, we end up with higher taxes, more regulations and bigger corrupt, intrusive government, waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, government failures and more unsustainable Debt.  And, it really does not matter which party is in power.  We always get this same result.

Local, State and Federal Governments currently have about $150 Trillion Dollars of Debt, either on the books, or in unfunded liabilities for various Entitlements and public employee pensions that can never be funded because all the assets and wealth in the United States combined are less than this amount.  The fact is that no one in the Power Elite cares if they bankrupt our country because as long as they get rich, in the short term, that is all that really matters to them.

I really can't blame Crony Capitalists too much for playing this game.  After all, 40% of all goods and services sold in the United States are bought by Local, State and Federal Governments.  It is big business worth about $7 Trillion a year.  Crony Capitalists don't want Term Limits, the only way to stop some of this Corruption because they have too much invested in politicians of both parties, that do their bidding, to see them lose office.  And, the Power Elite certainly does not want a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment because it would prevent the politicians from borrowing more money to win elections to stay in power feeding at the trough.  It would also result in a reduction in government spending that would be very bad for business, which could impact stock options and or bonuses earned by company executives. 

So, we will go through another election cycle with all the hoopla and pretense of Democracy.  It is really about who gets to live in the White House with the big jet and who gets the better offices in Congress; but otherwise, it will be same old, same old rule, by a cabal of Power Elite that has nothing to do with the interests of the American people.   And, sadly this is coming from someone who once taught American History and Government and idealistically thought of our Democracy as the greatest created in world history.  It was so as was intended by our Founding Fathers; but not today because our Corrupt Leaders have betrayed us, out of greed, for their own selfish gain.   I wish it were not true; but it is what it is.

California Debt March - Led By Socialists

Socialists, owned by public employee unions, have controlled all the levers of power in California for years.  As a result, they continue to spend money like drunken sailors, including increased benefits for Illegal Aliens and Compensation and Benefits for Public Employees that are not sustainable.  California Socialists recently enacted a budget of $115.4  Billion, which would have been $2.1 Billion higher if not for Socialist Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown's potential Veto Pen.  While California currently has a $2.3 Trillion economy, which would place it among the world's nations, California, which has among the highest taxes in the country, has an eroding tax base.  In 1950, 10% of California's taxes came from income taxes.  In 2014, that number was 64%.  The wealthiest 1% of Californians paid 50% of the income taxes in California in 2012.  Most Californians pay none. 

Those people continue to vote with their feet because the tax burden imposed on them is very high at 13.3%, which in addition to federal taxes gets them to about 57%.  The so called Rich have options.   While they may choose to maintain second homes in California, they can easily establish legal residency in any number of states that have no state income tax to avoid California's income tax system altogether, which has been happening for year.   And, often when people retire that worked in California, they leave the state to avoid paying state income taxes on their 401K's, which has been adjudicated and is legal.  By being so greedy, California Socialists are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. 

California is riding high right now as High Tech, in particular, and real estate values are doing well, which provides a sizable portion of state tax revenues.  However, California only has about 100 major companies, with 5,000 employees or more, with headquarters in the state, down from about 250, 30 years ago.  And, what few major companies remain in California are just shell companies as most have moved operations out of California to other lower cost states and or overseas to avoid California state income taxes and burdensome job killer regulations.

These trends are not good for California, which now faces about $195 Billion in unfunded liabilities to pay state employee pensions and other Entitlements on the books; yet the Socialists keeping adding more.  The money is just not there to fulfill these promises, even with the highest taxes in the nation.  California bonds are generally rated as "junk" requiring a relatively high interest rate to attract investors.    The day of reckoning for California, like many other cities and states in the same predicament, is coming.   Socialists at the local, state and federal levels continue to lead the Debt March, often with RINO support, until like humpy dumpty, it all comes crashing down.  When it happens and it will happen, the same as in Greece, the Golden State will face financial collapse and civil strife on their streets.  It is inevitable. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

US Local, State & Federal Debt - Our Elected Leaders Have Failed Us

As we watch bankrupt Greece and Puerto Rico in the next few months turn into turmoil on their streets, Americans need to understand that US Local, State and Federal Debt is probably around $150 Trillion with no end in sight.   Most of this amount is unfunded liabilities and or promises in the law, related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and Local, State and Federal Government Pensions.   The money is just not there to honor these promises and there is no way to get it there except by more borrowing, or printing money, which will lead to very high interest rates and inflation. 

Rather than paying down this Debt and or putting money aside to honor the promises already on the books, all levels of government have underfunded pension liability and or they just keep rolling over the Debt with new loans, rather than paying it down.  ObamaCare with expanded Medicaid, added a new Entitlement that just adds to the list of others that are unsustainable and on the way to insolvency.  Further, it not a question of just raising taxes to deal with all this Debt. 

According to US National Debt Clock, all the wealth and assets in the United States combined total around $118 Trillion, much less that the combined Local, State and National Debt waiting to explode on the American people.   So if all wealth in the country were confiscated, not just a percentage, which of course Socialists and Communists in the United States would love to do, there still would not be enough money to cover all this Debt and Entitlement Promises.

Socialists refuse to acknowledge that we even have a problem as they continue to call for new Entitlement Spending and higher taxes that retards economic growth making matters even worse.  Republicans often talk about the problem; but to date little has been done to stop new borrowing and deficit spending that is adding to the Debt.  In fact, more often than not, in spite of supposed Republican core principles, over the years, Republicans have voted for more spending and higher taxes so their hands are not clean either. 

We have to reduce the size of government at all levels by cutting out waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, redundancy and eliminating those programs and agencies of government that have failed the American people.   We absolutely must have Entitlement Reform that deals with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare.  Further, we must get rid of high taxes and job killing regulations that are stifling economic growth to achieve 4% or greater annual GDP Growth as the only real way to get our fiscal house in order.  This Blogger has little faith that any of these things will happen.  As such, I am doing everything I can to protect my business and my family from the fiscal calamity and civil strife on our streets that will otherwise come to our nation. 

It is very sad; but it is what it is.  Our elected leaders, of both political parties, have failed our nation to line their own pockets at the expense of the American people.  What we have is the largest pyramid scheme in world history.   And, while some people may do well in the short term, when the balloon bursts, as it surely will,  many will lose everything down the road.  Watch what is happening in cities like Detroit, Greece and Puerto Rico in the next few months.  That story is coming to a town near you.