Friday, July 3, 2015

Celebrating July 4th - Independence Day In America

Every year, Americans often celebrate July 4th with friends and family in backyard barbeque's, or at the beach, park, or a lake, or even on vacation.  Some even use the time off to shop, shop, shop as many stores runs sales.  Very often, what is lost in the translation is the importance of July 4th, America's Independence Day, to world history.   When our Founders signed their names on the Declaration of Independence, they were signing their death warrants.  If the American Revolution had not succeeded, they all would have been tried for treason and been executed. 

Fortunately, the American Revolution did succeed and our national experiment in freedom began that so far has lasted 239 years. Our country was founded on the premise of limited government and that government that governs least and closest to the people, governs best.  After the Constitution was formulated in 1787, the Bill of Rights was added to preserve and protect individual liberty.  Our Founders got it very right.  The only thing they failed to do was to add Term Limits for all federal elected officials and a Balanced Budget Amendment to prevent the deficit spending that has caused our $18 Trillion National Debt. 

As a result, what we have today is a federal government beast that intrudes into all aspect of life.   The tyrany our Founders fought to end is all around us now as Big Intrusive Government and Big Brother is upon us.   We have a Congress, Judiciary and Executive Branch of Government that simply ignores the will of the people.   They are all owned lock, stock and barrel by big money interest groups, of one sort or another, that forms a Club, so that what looks like Democracy is a sham. 

Failure to add these two articles in the Constitution is the reason we have  waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government that will eventually bankrupt our nation.   A power elite in Washington DC, far removed from the people, in power to benefit themselves, feeding at the trough, instead of citizen politicians, exercising common sense, has led to big government failures and our National Debt.  It is what it is.   We have lost our way.  Both political parties have made a mess of our nation because greed is the basis for their success, not the interests of the American people.  It is very sad. 

Further, on this July 4th, we are threatened by an ISIS enemy and radical Islamic ideology from abroad, so much so that in some parts of the world July 4th celebrations have been cancelled.   How is this possible for the greatest nation ever conceived in human history.  Again, our leaders and particularly Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama have failed us.  As Obama guts our military, other countries, China, Russia and Iran, in particular, grow their military's and nuclear offensive weapons.  Thankfully, Obama will soon be gone and hopefully we will elect a new President capable of defending our nation. 

The State of our Nation on July 4, 2015 is not good.  Our economy is weak as we have the highest poverty level in three decades.  Our National Debt continues to grow with no end in sight.  Our nation is threatened from abroad.  Our people are intentionally divided by Socialists for political gain.  We have to take back our country to restore fiscal sanity and our national defense.   There is hope; but WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say ENOUGH, or we face losing our freedom and this great nation that so many have fought and died to preserve. 

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