Monday, July 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton's "New" Economic Agenda - Same Old Socialist Schemes

Socialist Candidate for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton, is putting forth her "New" Economic Agenda; but unfortunately it is the same old Obama Socialist News that has resulted in a lousy economy.   Of course, she begins with higher taxes on the foreign earnings of US Corporations and Hedge Fund Managers that would make us less competitive around the world and kill jobs.   Hilly wants to continue Renewable Energy Subsidies to bolster Green Energy that is not yet economically sound and cannot power our economy.  Naturally, Hillary Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage, which will lead to retail robots that can make change and kill jobs.   She wants more employees paying dues to Unions that have caused many jobs to be shipped overseas.   Hilly wants expanded Child Care Subsidies, another Entitlement, when we can't even pay for the Entitlements already on the books.   And finally, Hillary Clinton wants more Infrastructure Spending, which would be OK if there were other cuts in the budget to pay for it.

This is the Obama Socialist Game Plan, which has failed miserably to bring back the kind of GDP economic growth that we need at 4% or greater to put people back to work.   Instead of all these Socialist Schemes, we need to cut personal and corporate income taxes and roll back regulations that are killing business to build our economy and create jobs.  We also need to implement an all of the above Energy Plan to make all sources of Energy Cleaner, Safer and CHEAPER, not more expensive, if we are to have a high standard of living in the United States, particularly for the poorest among us.   

Hillary Clinton's "New" Economic Agenda proves that she is running for Pinocchio Obama's Third Term.   Electing Hillary Clinton to the Presidency will just mean more of the same Socialist Economic Schemes that have resulted in the highest poverty rate in three decades, 50 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps, 10 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently and the lowest Labor Participation Rate, since Jimmy Carter was President.  Why would anyone with a sound mind put forth same old, same old, when same old has wrecked our economy.  The answer is pretty simple.  

Socialists prefer people living in poverty because it is how they win elections.  Socialists are all big government, poverty pimps that live off the misery of the poor.   It is sad; but Socialists will do anything to continue feeding at the trough; even if it means keeping people poor and on Welfare.   Hillary Clinton's "New" Economic Agenda will do just that as even more people will be added to the Welfare rolls if Obama's Socialist Schemes continue.    

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