Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama's Iran Deal - A Day of Infamy

Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry were so anxious to secure a deal with Iran that if the next President of the United States does not strike it down with the same stroke of a pen that Obama will use to sign it, they have insured that Iran will become a nuclear power with missiles capable of hitting the United States and all of our Allies.  Obama will submit this deal to the United Nations for approval, within the next ten days, rather than seeking formal Treaty Approval, in accordance with our Constitution, from the US Senate.   Obama has already said he will Veto any act of Congress that condemns this Agreement.  The only good news in all of this is that since this is not going to be a formal Treaty, ratified by Congresss, but rather just an Obama Executive Order of sorts, the next President can in fact strike it down.  United Nations approval will not trump US Law, or Presidential Action.

This Day of Infamy will go down in the history books, along with the day that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain came back from his negotiations with Adolf Hitler, waving a document that gave Hitler Czechoslovakia, and pronouncing "Peace In Our Time".   This appeasement led to World War II and all the tragedies that followed including the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Jews and others who opposed Hitler.  We have seen this story before and we know the horrible ending, except with nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatics, we could see an ending that is much worse. 

Most important, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately came out and condemned Obama's deal with Iran because it will lead to war not peace.   In removing the Sanctions against Iran, the Islamic fanatics in Teheran will now have billions of dollars to not only build nuclear weapons and delivery systems, over time, but to fund Terrorism, as the biggest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world.   Americans and many others, including Israeli's, will die because of Obama's actions.   In addition, this deal with spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East like the world have never seen because Sunni Arab countries and Israel will never allow Iran to gain hegemony over the region. 

In fact, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordon have already signed deals with Russia to build and man nuclear reactors in their countries, as a first step to building nuclear weapons, which is a real repudiation of both Obama and the United States.  Israel already has nuclear technology, which they will now expand.  Socialist President Obama is naive and incompetent; otherwise we would have to conclude that he is a Traitor, betraying both the United States and our allies.  Either way, this Iran deal is bad for America and bad for the world.  

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