Saturday, July 11, 2015

Watch Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders Go

Vermont Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Socialist nomination for President of the United States.  Sanders is not likely to get the nomination because the big money interests in the Socialist Party and Crony Capitalists that make billions of dollars off government business support the Clinton's, as the best politicians money can buy.  However,  Sanders pronouncements are driving Hilly so far to the left to retain the support of the base of the Socialist Party that it will be impossible for Hilly to move to the center for the General Election.  What is important in all of this is that Obama has moved the old Bill Clinton Democrat Party so far to the left that it can only be called the Socialist Party of America. 

Bernie Sanders does not even pretend to be a Democrat; though technically he is running for the Democrat nomination.   Sanders is a self proclaimed Socialist that support a 90% tax rate on the Makers in society.  Sanders wants to grow the government even bigger and put even more people on the dole.  None of this should be surprising because Obama is also a Socialist who has dramatically raised taxes and would go even further if he could get Republicans to go along even though higher taxes and more regulations have wrecked our economy and resulted in higher poverty. 

Obama has grown government so that today the federal government consumes 25% of all the goods and services sold in the US, up from the traditional 17 - 20%.  And, Obama has added 20 million Americans on the dole, collecting Welfare and Food stamps, so that today the highest level ever, about 50 million Americans are on the dole.  This does not include the additional 2 million Americans now collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently, so that today there are 10 million Americans on Disability. 

But this is the Democrat Socialist Party today that is represented by Hillary Clinton.  Hilly will be an even bigger tax, borrow and spend President if she gets elected because that is what is expected of Socialist elected representatives in government.  We will be at $20 Trillion in National Debt, on the books by, the time Obama leaves office, plus another $130 Trillion in unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and Federal Public Employee Pensions.   There is another $20 Trillion of Local and State Debt sitting out there as well waiting to explode on the American people.  Yet Socialists like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders call for even more Entitlements and Debt that is bankrupting our country.  Go figure. 

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