Sunday, July 19, 2015

Republicans In Congress Need To Get Something Done

When the base of the Republican Party elected a Republican controlled Congress, we did so under the assumption that they would actually get something done that is important to us.  The fact is that Republicans in Congress have accomplished absolutely nothing because they don't have the guts to walk their talk.  What these Republicans, some of whom are RINOS, don't seem to understand is that we don't care if their actions result in a government shut down, primarily because very often government makes life miserable for the Makers in society, namely us that voted for them. 

It is time for Republicans to act on the core values of the Republican Party.   We want to see smaller, limited government, tax cuts and fewer regulations that are killing jobs, a Balanced Budget and a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment, protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights, a strong national defense, Securing the Border, Entitlement Reform to save Social Security and Medicare, Workfare not Welfare and limitations on abortion.  We understand that it may be impossible to do all of these things in one year; but to do none of them is unacceptable. 

Let's start with enacting a budget that gets to balance in 10 years.  That means getting rid of things like Funding for Planned Parenthood, Common Core, the Department of Education and other departments, commissions and agencies, many of which are redundant, corrupt and wasteful.  Sell off the Veterans Medical system by privatizing it.   Give Vets a Vetecare Card and let them go where ever they want for medical care.  Cutting taxes is pretty simple.  Just bring down personal and corporate tax rates.  Surely, a Republican Congress can enact protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights.  Next, lets reign in the Gestapo EPA, IRS and Obama Justice Department by cutting their funding as punishment for their actions.  Work or school requirements could be placed on receiving Welfare.   Obviously, ObamaCare can be defunded.  Federal restrictions could be enacted to make abortions safer and rarer.   Partial birth abortion should be outlawed.  We do need to reform Entitlements like Social Security and Medicare; but that will require a bi-partisan effort, more time and some common sense.  Certainly, Republicans can get the ball rolling on a Balance Budget and Term Limits Constitutional Amendments.  Obama may veto many of these initiatives; but if he does, it would be him shutting down the government.  Again, we don't care.   And, just maybe some of these things will actually get done if Republicans stick to their core beliefs.   

Republican Empty Suits, that have accomplished absolutely nothing, are out on the campaign trail asking for support and money.   Why would anyone in the base of the Republican Party vote for any of them when they have done none of the things important to us.  Further, in Nevada where this Blogger lives, we elected Republicans to all state offices and a Republican Legislature for the first time in decades, only to be betrayed by our RINO Socialist Governor Brian Sandoval (BS for short) and his RINO cronies in the Legislature, when they enacted the largest spending and tax increase in Nevada history, in spite of the fact that a Corporate Margins Tax, on the ballot last November, was defeated by nearly 80% of Nevada voters.  As such, we now have to spend our political money on a Referendum to repeal the Governor's Margins Tax and Recall 5 Republican State Senators from office, not up for reelection in 2016, that voted for the Governor's tax increase.    

The fact is that the base of the Republican Party does not trust Republicans in Congress and certainly not in our state because they have either accomplished nothing important to us, or they have often voted with the Socialists to betray us.  This is the reason that loud mouth Donald Trump is getting traction with Republican Voters.   We are mad as hell and we are going to show it at the polls.  This Blogger for one will never, never vote for a RINO again no matter who the Socialist opposition candidate may be.  I would rather love to hate a Socialist in office, than have to love a RINO that accomplishes nothing while in office who votes like a Socialist anyway.  No more Empty Suits please collecting a nice paycheck and fat pension; but doing nothing important to us.  No more politicians for life, feeding at the trough becoming millionaires, while bankrupting our country.  WE THE PEOPLE have had ENOUGH.    

P.S.  This Blogger will not vote for Joe Heck or Dean Heller for Senate in Nevada because they raised my taxes in the Fiscal Cliff deal.  As such, Heck and Heller are dead to me.  I don't forget and I don't forgive RINO politicians that betray us. 

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