Thursday, December 31, 2020

Time To Rethink US National Defense

For the first time since the end of World War II, President Trump was in the process of rethinking US National Defense to put America First and it was working.  Trump has been clear eyed in recognizing that China not Russia is the biggest long term threat to American military and economic security.  While it is true that Russia has far more Nukes than China,  the Chinese are determined to establish hegemony over Asia and beyond.   To do so, they are in the process of rapid expansion of their military using stolen technology including the building of a blue water navy that will allow them to project power all over the world.  In addition, China has economic power that the Russian's do not have, which will allow them to use loans and bribes to foreign countries and leaders that will make them a force to be reckoned with throughout the world.  The recent investment trade deal that China has concluded with the European Union is just one example that may not be in the best interests of the United States.  

So to counter China's influence in Asia, the United States must form an expanded military alliance that includes Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Australia and even Russia, perhaps called the Asia Pacific Alliance (APA) to contain China much the same way we put NATO in place after World War II in Europe.  All of these countries have reason to fear an expansive China.  Only this time, each must each pay their fair share; at least 2% of their annual budgets for national defense. 

Next it is absolutely critical that all NATO Members pay their fair share, at least 2% of their annual budgets for defense.  In fact, they need to pay back monies that are owed for years.  It is high time that countries like Germany, the richest country in Europe pay up.  In reality,  American tax payers have been subsidizing European social welfare programs since the end of World War II.  It has to stop.  And finally, Russia should be invited to join NATO and maybe even the EU.  Russia is a Christian nation fighting Islamic terrorism.  There is no reason that Russia needs to be an enemy of the US or Europe.  Russia has always felt the need to control the territory surrounding it because of invasions from the West and East that have cost them millions of lives.  It is time that we study the history of Russia to understand their sensitivities.  If Russia was part of the Club, they would not feel the need to defend themselves from the Club.  

The Trump Administration has done a remarkable job in the Middle East by playing a completely different game than past administrations have played for years.  The reality is that Sunni Arab countries fear and detest Iran, a Shia Persian country far more than they fear and detest Israel and with good reason that goes back centuries.  And so by putting the Palestinian issue aside for now and focusing on the bigger picture, Israel now has diplomatic relations with six Sunni Arab countries, which was unthinkable under Obama Biden.  Let's hope Biden does not screw it up; but don't count on it because the radical left of his Socialist Party hates Israel.  They will push Biden to put the interests of Palestinians ahead of the interests of Israel, which never worked in the past.  

One of the best reasons for Trump's second term was to continue the rethinking of US National Defense.   Since Biden has named a bunch of Obama cronies and Deep State Swamp Lizards to his cabinet, it is unlikely that we will see a new and more enlightened approach.  We will go back to the bad old days of America Last and a world in chaos.  Let's just hope that stupid Joe does not get the US into another endless war.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Dealing With China - Biden Is Compromised

In 1972, when President Nixon went to China as the first American President ever to go there, China was a very poor country.  They were no military or economic threat to the United States.  They represented a market with a billion people that basically needed everything that we had to sell.  So normalizing relations with China that had been non existent for the prior 20 or more years clearly made sense.  There was a hope that exposure to Western values, capitalism and people might just turn China into a more democratic country ending years of totalitarian rule that resulted in the deaths of millions of their people.  

And, since we saw China as a very poor country, the thinking was giving them trade advantages might help them grow their economy so that in the end they could buy more goods and services from Western and other Asian countries. I remember the talk about the Chinese taking one aspirin a day would result in selling a billion aspirins every day to China.  Western and Asian companies multiplied this concept related to everything they were producing in the United States, Europe and Asia seeing nothing but upside to dealings with China.   

Unfortunately, it did not work out quite the way the Elites thought it would.   The Chinese to their credit and in view of their history, were determined not to allow Western and Asian countries to take advantage of them.  Since they were a Communist controlled state economy in a position to manipulate their currency, which is not convertible,  they required companies selling to them to manufacture in China and to turn over their technology as a condition for entering their markets.  Within 10 years of doing so, Chinese companies were now making the very same products subsidized by government financing competing with Western and Asian companies, but at lower prices.  The Chinese focused on each industry as they determined that they wanted goods and services sold in their market produced by Chinese owned companies often controlled by the Communist government.  They also now had the manufacturing prowess to sell products around the world. 

Then the Chinese went one step further.   If technology was not given to them as a condition for entering their market, they developed the means to use the Internet to steal Intellectual Property including getting the plans to produce the ships, planes, tanks etc to build up their military and all sorts of other products.  So today, China is a manufacturing power house with a growing and very strong military.   While about half the people are still poor, the country is not poor.  In fact, China is a very rich country using its money to buy influence around the world.  In addition, China now has a blue water navy and is using it to project military power on all continents.  Shortly, the GDP of China will surpass the GDP of the United States to become the largest economy in the world.  However, in comparing US GDP, it is important to recognize that China has about 1.2 billion people producing the same GDP as the US with 350 million people so on a per capita basis, the US is still better positioned.  

In any case, US Presidents of both political parties for the past 30 years have attempted to jaw bone China into playing by the rules related to opening up its markets and ceasing the Intellectual Property Theft and currency manipulation.  China has played lip service to our complaints; but done nothing to address them because the largest global companies in the world did not want Western and Asian governments rocking the boat.  These companies were stooges of China because they were benefiting from the relationship at least for some periods of time.  It was after all global companies headquartered in the US that shuttered more than 70,000 factories and shipped about 5 million manufacturing jobs to China and other countries.   In their defense, these companies were just following the economics because high corporate taxes and crazy regulations made it easier to do business overseas than in the United States, Western Europe or Japan.  

And, then along came Donald Trump who gets it and was willing to play hard ball with China for the first time.  Trump fully understood that the US needed lower taxes and less regulations to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US.   So Trump got that done first.  Further, Trump recognized that jaw boning with China produced nothing in 30 years.  So Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the United States as the way to get them to the table.  It worked to produce the first favorable trade deal with the US.  This is the reason China supported Joe Biden.  The last thing they wanted was another Trump term to finish the work that he began. 

Sadly, Joe Biden is compromised by the Pay to Play schemes his family has done with China and other countries.  The Biden family are millionaires because of the deals they did with China, Ukraine and Russia.  Joe Biden is China's Butt Boy.  Stupid Joe will have to do as directed by China, or they will leak more details of their deals, which will force Biden to resign in his first year in office for corruption.  So shortly, Biden will end the tariffs on China, which big business will applaud.  Biden will also re-impose job killing regulations, which will push more manufacturing jobs to China and other countries.  Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate owned lock, stock and barrel by China.  Just wait and see, we are going back to the future of the bad old days with China before Trump.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Destruction of the Trump Presidency

Not since Andrew Jackson in 1829, also a Populist has a real outsider been elected President as occurred when Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States in 2016.  Ronald Reagan came close; but he was after all the two term Governor of California before being elected President.  And, while the Establishment hated Reagan, he was such a charmer that they came to tolerate him without giving him any credit for his monumental successes.  The Deep State composed of establishment Socialists, RINOS, Fake News, Government bureaucrats and the 100 largest global companies in the United States that control 50% of our GDP began the destruction of Donald Trump from the moment he and Melania came down that escalator to announce that Trump was running for President.  

In American history, we have never seen anything like the 7/24 Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred implemented against Trump by the Deep State.  Of course it did not help that Trump is a character who fought back vigorously, which angered them even more because normally Republicans never fight back.  Trump's antics caused the Deep State to try everything possible to bring down Trump mostly because he was not a member of their "Club" willing to do their bidding so they could continue feeding at the trough.  Trump was already rich so he did not need their bribes.  

Each group of Trump enemies had their reasoning.  Socialists were opposed to everything Trump did to roll back Obama's failed Presidency.  Since the country is highly polarized, it was impossible to find common ground with them on just about every issue.  It is actually amazing that Trump got so much done in spite of the Socialists attempting every conceivable road block accusing Trump of a variety of Scandals, Treason, Racism and all the other ISM's culminating in a failed Impeachment.  They finally settled on the deaths caused by Covid as the last resort and even then could only defeat Trump by massive voter fraud.  

Establishment RINOS hate Trump because he is everything they are not, namely a winner who gets big things done.  Don't forget Trump beat 16 Establishment Republicans, which was never supposed to happen.  They have never forgiven him for what he did to them during the primaries, which made them all look like a bunch of sniveling idiots.  And, Trump put together a Populist coalition which typical Republicans were incapable of doing.  They hate him for his success.  

Fake News hates Trump because he beat them in 2016.  Trump was never supposed to win.  Their girl Crooked Hillary was supposed to win.  When that did not happen in spite of their pronouncements, they all looked like a bunch of fools.  And, of course since Fake News are all left wing anti American Socialists and Communists that hate our country, Trump represented everything that they hate so they had a vested interested in his defeat even if by voter fraud.  

Deep State Government bureaucrats at all the agencies hate Trump first because he often does not follow their advice, which is usually wrong and because Trump refused to fill many open jobs.  Remember, success in the Deep State involves bigger and bigger government.  The bigger the staff the bigger the responsibility, which leads to promotions and higher pay.  So, what we have seen in government boarders on Treason or has been out right Treason as government Deep State Swamp Lizards have actively focused on destroying the Trump Presidency.  Many of these creeps should be in jail; but it will never happen because these lizards protect their own.  Too many implicated feeding at the trough.  

Finally, the 100 largest global companies in the country that control 50% of our GDP were completely opposed to Trump's trade policies.  They want open access to China especially; but other parts of the world as well even if it means more factories closing in the US and shipping more jobs overseas.  These companies know no borders.  They are American in name only.  Many of them have more employees outside the United States than within our country because the cost of doing business overseas is cheaper than in the US.  While they did like the cut in US corporate and personal income taxes and the surging stock market, they are more interested in business opportunities overseas.  The senior management of these companies earn millions of dollars in bonuses based on quarterly results.  Anything that gets in the way of those results as in Trump's disruption to the world order is bad for their business and personal incomes.  As a result, they wanted Trump gone.  

All of these Deep State Players had reasons to hate Trump.  Covid gave them the convenient excuse they needed to rig our elections by mailing out millions of ballots.  Election Integrity does not matter to these Deep State Swamp Lizards.  All they cared about was destroying the Trump Presidency.  However, they are in for a surprise.  Trump is not going away even if he finally does leave the White House.  Trump will form a MAGA PAC to raise billions of dollars to defeat these Deep State Swamp Lizards.  And, just like Andrew Jackson who was defeated in a stolen election only to come back and win in a landslide, Trump and or his designees will rise again in 2022 and 2024.  This battle is far from over.  

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Covid Treatments - Thousands of Lives Could Have Been Saved

Several months ago, based on success he was hearing about all over the world, when President Trump was pushing malaria pills combined with the ZPack anti biotics, zinc, vitamin D and baby aspirin, to treat Covid; Fake News, the Socialists, Big Pharma and the Deep State Establishment called him crazy.  Guess what, Trump was not crazy.  Trump was right.  Trump even took the Malaria pills himself, which may have helped him get better more quickly when he finally got Covid.  This treatment has been given all over the world and is successful in many cases.  

This topic became so politicized and it cost thousands of lives.  Biden ran on Covid.  The last thing he wanted was an easy, readily available, cheap treatment that could prevent deaths.  Big Pharma was opposed because they are making billions of dollars for the treatments provided in hospitals and the vaccines.  Fake News tried everything to destroy the Trump Presidency. Covid deaths were their last chance.  The Deep State Establishment at the CDC and other government agencies were too vested in the complexity of the treatment to allow for a simple, cheap solution.  

People like Dr. Fauci, who should be fired for being wrong so many times said absolutely Not to the malaria pill cocktail because it was not sanctioned by the Deep State.  My doctor refused to give me the malaria pill cocktail because he bought into the hype.  The Governor of Nevada where we live actually issued an Executive Order making it illegal for pharmacies in Nevada to fill malaria pill prescriptions outside hospitals.  Of course, the malaria pill is also used to treat lupus and arthritis so there must have been some exceptions.   I have taken it before for a trip to South America to prevent malaria with no side effects.  In any case, I found an enlightened doctor who was following the science so I have my prescriptions that were filled out of state just in case I contract Covid.  

The key is to take the malaria pill cocktail just as soon as symptoms appear for best results.  Usually people taking the pills are better in a few days.   Of course, since 98% of people who get Covid either have no symptoms, mild symptoms or flu like symptoms and only about 2% end up in hospitals and a smaller percentage of those actually die, some might argue that someone may get better anyway without the malaria pill cocktail; but I figure why chance it.  It is true that while we personally know of some deaths that were the result of Covid, we know many more people who got Covid and recovered very quickly without any treatments.  

Recently, two doctors, one a graduate of Yale and the other a graduate of Harvard both practicing in Houston explained it this way.  They said the key was to avoid the hospital at all costs.  And, they broke Covid down into its components.  The malaria pills, ZPack, zinc and vitamin D deal with the virus.  The baby aspirin deals with potential blood clots.  They added that giving steroids is good to prevent pneumonia, which is the primary reason people end up in the hospital on ventilators and a percentage of them end up dying.   This was the most logical explanation I have heard from anyone discussing the topic.  

Now that the election is over, the American Medical Association just issued a directive saying it was ok for doctors to prescribe the malaria pill cocktail outside of hospitals.  What a coincidence since the AMA was all in for Joe Biden when it was anything to hurt Trump.  Not sure if our stupid Governor of Nevada has rescinded his Executive Order.  The good news is that the Trump Administration purchased 64 million doses of malaria pills that are being sent out to pharmacies.  There should be availability all over the country.  And based on your insurance, the pills should either be free, or in my case with my insurance the malaria pills were $14 and the ZPack $5.  You can buy zinc, vitamin D and baby aspirin at Costco, or any drug store.  I take all the supplements anyway and so far so good.  

Most important, check with your doctor.  If he or she says No find another doctor.  I wanted the pills on hand in case I get the Covid symptoms.  Why take a chance until vaccines are fully implemented.  Those that politicized this topic for their personal, political,  or financial gain should be in jail.   They caused many deaths that did not need to happen.  

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Two World Wars Did Not End Tyranny

In looking back at two World Wars, it is very clear that neither ended tyranny and in fact in many way made things even worse than before these wars were fought.  Millions died in World War I and II, including the Holocaust.  Americans have been told for decades that their relatives died to preserve freedom.  But history says otherwise.   World War War I was originally known as the Great War to end all Wars.  Obviously, it did not work out that way.  In fact, very bad decisions by world leaders put the pieces in place that led directly to World War II.

The Czar in Russia was deposed and his family murdered, which led to the brutal Communist Soviet Union.   The Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires ended after World War I, which led to the artificial redrawing of the map of Europe and the Middle East by victorious Western leaders, which when combined with punitive measures against Germany for presumably starting World War I led to Adolf Hitler.   Since Japan sided with the Allies in Europe, they were given a free hand in Asia as they too turned to Fascism and war in Asia as early as 1931.  The League of Nations proposed by President Woodrow Wilson, which the United States never joined was a complete failure related to maintaining world peace.  The United Nations, which came later has not been much better at maintaining peace.

And, then came World War II in many ways to deal with the perceived injustices coming out of World War I.   Clearly Fascist Germany and Japan had to be defeated to prevent their hegemony over Europe and Asia; but the cost was huge in blood and resources to get it done.  And, the aftermath was even more tyranny.  Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt had to make a deal with the devil, the brutal Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union Josef Stalin, who murdered millions in his own country before defeating Germany.   The United States supplied the Soviet Union with the tanks, planes and guns necessary to their success; but they supplied the men that rolled into Berlin.  

It is possible that the Allies could have defeated Germany without Soviet assistance; but it probably would have taken a lot longer with even more Allied lives lost.  The price for Soviet involvement in the war was domination over Eastern Europe.  Those countries got rid of the German Fascist oppressors at the conclusion of the war only to have the Soviet Communist oppressors for decades.  The irony is that Britain and France declared war on Germany because the Germans had invaded Poland.   While most of the murders may have stopped when the Communists took over Poland, the tyranny never ended until the fall of the Soviet Union.  And, we experienced the Cold War for decades spending trillions of dollars on our military in both offensive and defensive weapons.  So in essence, the war really never ended.  

In Asia, Fascist Japan was defeated; but by 1949, the Communists took over mainland China ultimately murdering millions in the process and spreading their brutal ideology to North Korea, Viet Nam and Cambodia.  The end result were the bloody wars in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.  So while Japan was defeated, tyranny still prevailed as practiced by a different master. 

Finally, the artificial boundaries established in the Middle East related to various countries coming out of both World Wars set the stage for years of sectarian religious wars.  We may finally see a glimmer of hope in the Middle East with some of the peace initiatives achieved by the Trump Administration, however if Joe Biden goes back to the old stupid ways, which seems likely given his cabinet choices, the bad old days will be back and very soon.  

One last thing.  World War II was fought to stop German hegemony over Europe.  Ironically, with the development of the European Union, a unified Germany now controls most of Eastern and Western Europe by virtue of their common monetary system.   What the Germans could not achieve by brutal war, they got by manipulative economics and the rest of Europe just let it happen.

So what does this all mean.   The global ruling class in the Deep State has done a very poor job in the last 100 years both preventing wars and solving world problems.  They have been wrong time and again.  Very often they have made things worse in their attempt at artificial nation building.  The United States has attempted to impose its political and economic system around the world many times without much success.  Donald Trump is pragmatic if nothing else.  Those globalists running things in the Deep State for years who clearly failed time and again resented Trump's real accomplishments.   As such, they did everything possible to destroy Trump's Presidency from the first day, finally including using voter fraud to remove Trump from office.  Very sad for all of us and the world!  Given the history of the people in power, it is doubtful that we will see world peace any time soon because they often fail to see the forest for the trees.  

Public Schools, Colleges and Universities in the United States

Public Schools, Colleges and Universities 30 or more years ago were all about educating young people and making them productive, patriotic American citizens.  It used to be important to teach critical thinking and acceptance of various points of view.  None of that is true today.  Education today is all about indoctrination.  Young people are being taught that Capitalism is evil and Socialism and Communism are good despite the lessons of history.  And, then there is revisionist history.  The fact that our Founding Fathers created the greatest country in human history is no longer true according to these teacher propagandists.   Our Founding Fathers were old racist White Men and therefore they are now the enemy of the people.  

Rather than teaching that we are one nation under God, these left wing propagandists teach identity politics that we are individual races, genders, nationalities to divide our nation and in doing so White Men and even Boys in their universe are racist, misogynists, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic.  They extend those terms to half the country that supports President Trump adding the word Deplorables.  Don't think just because you may live in Red State that indoctrination is not happening in your public schools, colleges and universities because even in Red States Socialists and Communists are controlling these institutions.  

Today, there is only one way of thinking permitted in our educational institutions.  Young people are being taught that they must support abortion, right up until birth and even after, as critical to women's rights.  They are being told the Illegal Immigration and Open Borders should be the law of the land including Sanctuary cities.  The LGBTQUIA Agenda in all its extreme variations is absolutely essential to freedom in America without question.  Since Black Lives Matter apparently more than Blue Lives, all Black people are good even those rioting, looting and burning down our cities.  That includes people of other races that join them in the name of equal justice because the means justifies the ends in Communist thinking. As a result, they now preach defunding the police.  And, in their world our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights no longer matter.  So forget about Freedom of Speech and Religion and the Right to Own a Gun.  Those ideas are not permitted on school campuses.  

The Socialists and Communists running our schools fear free speech and gun ownership because they believe an armed populace may one day rise up against them to protect our rights.  In the extreme that is already happening, which is not good; but it's an obvious end result by some who choose to fight back.  It is no accident that in Socialist and Communist countries, guns are not permitted.  They look down on people of faith and see believers as dangerous. Remember, these are the people that want to take all references to God out of the public domain.  There are patriotic American teachers working in these institutions that support none of these things; but they must remain closeted and silent, or they would be forced out of teaching one way or another.  So they keep their mouths shut and heads low because they know that there is no freedom on school campuses; only robotic indoctrination and left wing ideology.  

The teacher unions have destroyed public education in the name of teacher's rights by pretending to represent kids.  They absolutely oppose school choice that would allow poor inner city parents to get their kids out of failing public schools into charter or private schools because those public schools have become the new plantations forcing those children to remain there so teachers can collect their salaries, benefits and pensions.  Teacher Unions have become the masters of poor inner city people who have no other alternatives, not much different than slave owners who controlled the slaves living on their plantations.  And, the unions will not allow merit pay or bonuses for great teachers because they don't want to be held to higher standards by comparison.  

Even most so called Catholic Universities are no longer Catholic starting with Notre Dame, which is a hot bed of Communist and Socialist ideology.   Many Catholic universities led by a Jesuit Socialist or Communist Pope have gone over to the dark side; but this has been happening long before Francis because many of these schools are run by Jesuits, the Communist order of the Catholic Church.   Many public and private educational institutions are indoctrinating young people to hate America.  We see the end result with the rioting, looting and arson on our city streets.   

Parents as tax payers, or if their children attend private schools requiring tuition, where indoctrination is occurring need to rise up and say Enough.  It time for parents to question curriculum and push back on Teachers indoctrinating their children.  We have to stop the PC BS that is happening in our country and it starts with our schools.  Children are being taught to hate those that do not support Communist or Socialist ideology.  They are being taught that traditional American values of hard work, faith, flag and freedom are bad.  This has to stop.  Parents and Grandparents must stand up and say Hell No to this crap.      

Thursday, December 24, 2020

US Foreign Aide and Other Bribes

In enacting the recent Covid Relief Stimulus Plan and the discretionary budget for 2021 with a total of more than $2 Trillion, the whole issue of foreign aide has come to light.  The United States gives out more than $100 Billion each year in foreign aide, which can include military assistance, humanitarian assistance, social engineering and other bribes.  Added to that is monies that go to fund the United Nations and other world wide organizations; probably another $50 Billion or more.  These are just the monies we know about.  No doubt, the CIA is involved in clandestine operations involving all sorts of bribes to foreign leaders, general etc. to buy influence.  

Of course, since we have a $4.8 Trillion annual budget with about a trillion dollars of it being borrowed in normal years and much more related to Covid relief in 2020, these amounts going to foreign aide and bribes are chump change in the DC Swamp.  The problem is that some of these monies end up in Swiss Bank Accounts.  To the degree that the US government is providing American made goods; military hardware, food and medicines at least there might be some job creation in the US.  However,  we should never give corrupt foreign leaders cash because those monies often end up in Swiss bank accounts.  We have given the Palestinians billions of dollars in the last 20 or more years in an attempt to buy peace; yet Palestine remains a hell hole.  A lot of those monies went to support Terrorism and or into Swiss Bank accounts.  Yasser Arafat's wife, the long time deceased leader of the Palestinians lives in Paris at last count.  Arafat's fortune is reported to be several hundred million dollars to several billion dollars.  No one really knows for sure since the money was hidden in numerous bank accounts and investments. Until Trump who stopped giving money to the Palestinian Authority, how stupid were American leaders of both parties.  

And, if we are giving away tangible items like food and medicine, those items should all be distributed through trusted religious Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and not the United Nations,  or the countries in question many of which are corrupt.  We certainly should not give any items other than military hardware to the leaders in foreign countries because very often tangible items end up on the Black Market and are sold to their people in desperate need. 

Since we have to borrow the money we provide foreign assistance and bribes, it might be time to rethink our strategy.  If the money gets us same old same old, then we should stop giving it.  We certainly should not give aide of any kind to countries that hate our nation. If there is a return on investment for the people of the United States, then perhaps foreign aide and bribes make sense.  In the end, we need all of our foreign aide policies based on America First not America Last.  


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The New Deal Did Not End The Great Depression

For decades, we have heard from liberal politicians, economists and Fake News that Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal ended the Great Depression; but numbers tell a different story.  At the height of the Depression in 1933, unemployment was at 25%.  At no time between 1934 and 1937 did unemployment fall below 14%.  And, in fact by 1938, unemployment was back up to 20%.  Roosevelt actually feared losing the election in 1938 because the New Deal was a failure.  Putting more people on the dole is what saved Roosevelt; the Socialist formula for winning elections. 

Some argue that Roosevelt used big government Socialist programs to create jobs, rather than relying on the private sector to lead the recovery and that in the end it saved Capitalism.  It might have worked except Roosevelt and the Democrats that controlled Congress raised taxes substantially, which was about as dumb as it gets, given the state of economy.  We saw the likely end result that occurred.  Business stopped making investments to create jobs.  And, government jobs alone were just not enough to rebuild the economy, which is why unemployment remained stubbornly high.  

What Roosevelt did do is rally the people, which was good.  But in the process, FDR created Entitlement Programs making many Americans who could not find work dependent on government.  People on the dole to this day are the basis for the Socialist Voter Coalition.  In essence, buying votes with government money has worked for Socialists since Roosevelt.  It is the Socialist story as they preach "free" health care, college, welfare, food stamps, Obama phones etc.  In the process, they destroyed the Black family as 7 out of 10 black babies are now born our of wedlock into poverty.  

In any case, the reality is that World War II ended the Great Depression.  By 1939, the United States began supplying military equipment to various nations around the world.  And, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, our country became the "arsenal of democracy".  As we went into a war footing, the federal government borrowed heavily and ordered the private sector to build planes, ships, tanks and all sorts of military equipment that would also be shipped to our allies.  Those armaments required steel and other materials.  In addition to sending millions of men and women off to war, which ended high unemployment, the US quickly went into a full employment economy as even women, who had not worked outside the home were recruited to work in factories because there were not enough men to go around. 

So here we go again, illegitimate presumed President Crooked Joe Biden assuming he becomes President is calling for higher taxes on people or couples earning more than $400,000 a year and higher corporate income taxes.  This is the same formula used during the Obama years and the results again were predictable.  We had the slowest recovery from the 2008-09 Fiscal Collapse since the Great Depression.   Before the China virus hit our country a year ago, Trump built the best economy in American history by lowering taxes and cutting regulations.  We had a full employment economy and the highest stock market in history including the highest employment percentages for minorities in our nation's history.  

Biden is pulling together many of the old Obama Cronies for his administration so that Biden will be Obama's third term assuming he lasts four years, which is doubtful.  Socialism did not work during the New Deal, or during Obama's years in office.  Why would anyone with a brain that is working believe that raising taxes and imposing job killing regulations will lead to prosperity.  History is our teacher.  We know the end of this story.   Whenever taxes are cut and regulations are eliminated the economy booms and whenever taxes are raised and job killing regulations are imposed, the economy tanks.  Here we go again.   

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Legacy of the Civil War - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first Republican President in 1860 as a result of three candidates on the ballot. Lincoln won by carrying the Northern States; but he was not representative of the whole country.  As a result, the Southern states, one by one, immediately seceded from the union.  Initially, the Civil War was not about ending slavery where it already existed; but rather stopping slavery from expanding to the new states entering the union.  Lincoln was perfectly content to allow slavery to exist in the Southern states under the assumption that eventfully it would die out.  However, the Southern states feared that a nation of free states would over power them in Congress making their interests impossible to preserve.  In that sense, they were correct.  It also would have meant that no Southerner could ever be elected as President again given the greater population in the North and West and the Electoral College system. 

One can only imagine what would have happened if the Southern states had been allowed to secede.  In the simplest terms, 620,000 deaths from the war would have been averted; but slavery would have continued for some period of time; perhaps another 20 or more years.  The reason slavery would have most likely ended is pure and simple economics.  Slaves as property cost about $1,000 or more each, which was a huge some of money in the 1800's.  Plantation owners often borrowed the money to buy slaves just like other property using the earnings from their labor to pay off the debt over time.  But is important to realize that slave labor was not free.  It came at the cost of feeding and housing slaves no matter how substandard.  At some point, the demise of slavery would have come because mechanization would have been a cheaper and more effective replacement for the labor they provided. 

In 1863 Lincoln finally issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which in fact freed the slaves at least on paper.  It took the conclusion of the Civil War and the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to Constitution to make freeing the slaves with rights afforded them official.  In another what if scenario, we must wonder what would have occurred had Lincoln not been assassinated.  Lincoln supported reconciliation with the Southern states not punishment.  When Vice President Andrew Johnson, a Southern Democrat from Tennessee assumed the Presidency, he too favored reconciliation.  However, the radical Republicans in Congress were determined to punish the South both for the Civil War and Lincoln's assassination.  As a result, they demanded that as part of Reconstruction, union armies be sent into the South as an occupying force to both punish White Southerners and to guarantee the rights of Blacks.  This all turned ugly when the hated Northern Carpet Baggers went South, called such for the hand bags they carried made from embroidered fabrics,  to take economic advantage of the devastated Southern States.  

The end result was the Ku Klux Klan and terrible persecution and murder of Blacks throughout the South by disaffected Whites.  The Civil War did not end in 1865.  It actually ended as a result of the contested election of 1876.  Voter fraud was alleged.  The election ended up in the House of Representatives and as part of a deal to elect Republican Rutherford B. Hayes instead of Democrat Samuel Tilden, an ugly bargain occurred.  The price to end the stalemate was ending Reconstruction  and pulling the union armies out of the South.  This gave White Democrats complete control of the South until Richard Nixon was elected President in 1968.  Before those years, Democrats in the South enacted Black Codes later referred to as Jim Crow laws to disenfranchise Blacks imposing terrible discrimination and legalized racial segregation on them. Though the Civil War had ended slavery. a series of very bad and self serving political decisions in the decades after the Civil War left Blacks in equally terrible circumstances for a hundred years.  

We are still paying the price now for the mistakes made by politicians of both parties during the years after the Civil War.  We see the end result on our street today with Communist Antifa and BLM rioting, looting and burning down our cities.  While that is not the answer to solving the problems of racial discrimination and income inequality, we at least need to understand the history that got us to where we are today.  

Monday, December 21, 2020

The Deep State Is Real

The Deep State is real and it is destroying our democracy.  It is composed of politicians of both political parties in office for decades, government bureaucrats, Fake News, Hollywood, Big Tech and the 100 largest global companies in the US that control 50% of our GDP.   All of these people and entities are feeding at the trough at our expense controlling our country to their economic advantage.  They just spent four years destroying the Trump Presidency including implementation of massive voter fraud to steal the Presidency from Donald Trump if the Republicans in power allow it to happen, which seems likely as of this posting. 

We have seen the Deep State in action as they protected Crooked Hillary and Joe Biden engaged in all sorts of Pay to Play Schemes, essentially taking bribes to make themselves millionaires.  But these are not isolated occurrences.  This is business as usual in the Deep State Swamp.  Nothing is done because there are so many implicated.  We have watched as the FBI, DOJ, DOS, CIA and IRS persecute and prosecute Conservatives; but they have done nothing to prosecute their political allies and fellow crooks.   

AG Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray were well aware of the Biden Crime Family shenanigans more than two years ago; but they did nothing to bring the evidence into the public domain because they knew it would impact the election.   And, now Barr says no special prosecutors are necessary to investigate the Biden Crime Family or Election Integrity.  The fix is in.  Special Counsel Durham is sitting on all sorts of incriminating evidence; but two years later we still see nothing.  Durham surely knows about Crooked Hillary's dealings.  These Deep State Swamp Lizards wanted Trump to lose and Biden to win because he is one of them. 

Our democracy is in peril.  We can't trust our elections now that the Socialists have figured out how to use voter fraud and get away with it despite mountains of evidence, affidavits, videos etc. all ignored by the courts.  When the Supreme Court refused to even hear the case brought to them by the state of Texas along with several other states, it is clear that the courts are compromised as well.  SCOTUS is much more concerned about the threat of court packing than justice.   Everyone in the Deep State hates Trump and sees him as their enemy because Trump is not a member of the "Club".  Trump can't be bought or bribed because he is already rich.  Trump has the big houses and the plane that they all want; but can only get through bribery and corruption.  

The people of this country must rise up to Make America Great Again.  We cannot stand by and allow the Deep State and the Communists and Socialists to destroy our country.  It is time to organize to stop this threat to our democracy.  The internal threats we face from these enemies of the people are  far more serious that the external threats we face.  Time is running short for us to take action.  We must elect patriots with guts at all levels of government willing to fight the battles ahead.  We have to drain the swamp.  If we fail, our country is lost.  

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Climate Change and Stupid People

Global climate has been changing for millions of years.  We have had both very hot and cold cycles before there was any impact from carbon energy or human beings.  The scientists tell us now that in the next hundred years, we will see climatic change that may raise the temperature of the earth by a few degrees.  Some predict that this will have a catastrophic impact on the world; including rising sea levels and altering our very way of life.  All of this remains to be seen.  But even assuming it is all true, do we really need to impose the job killing Green New Deal on our country.  I just don't think so.  

The United States in energy independent for the first time in decades. In fact, we have become an energy exporter.  It is estimated that 10 million good paying jobs in the US tie to the carbon energy industry one way or another.  And, those are jobs that cannot be off-shored.  And, while I have no problem with developing clean energy, the technology is just not there today to power a modern first world economy. Where is the electricity going to come from to power all of those electric cars.  Presumed President Joe Biden has said that he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord his first day in office, which is about as stupid as it gets.  This treaty, which really needs to be ratified by the Senate and should be challenged in court if Biden moves forward because it cannot be done by the President alone would impose job killing restrictions on the US that would not be applicable to China and India for decades.  This would put American manufacturers at a severe disadvantage, which will mean more jobs being shipped to China and other countries where pollution continues unchecked.  Those solar panels after all are made in China.  The wind turbines are also made in China, Germany and other countries.  So how does that benefit American workers.  

Since Biden is an America Last kind of guy compromised by his family's crooked deals with China, perhaps that is his intention as a pay back to China.  The state Attorney Generals in carbon energy producing states must sue to stop Biden from imposing the Paris Climate Accord and the Green New Deal on our country under the premise that it is unconstitutional.  The Paris Climate Accord is a foreign treaty requiring a two thirds vote for passage in the Senate, which will never happen.  Given the impact on our country, this deal must go to the Supreme Court for judgement.  Hopefully, though no guarantees given recent rulings on the election stolen from Trump, sanity will prevail.  

Further, this whole Global Warming Scheme advanced by Socialists around the world is really nothing more than a gigantic global redistribution of income Socialist scheme to transfer billions of dollars and Euros from first world countries to third world countries.   It would require the US to borrow money adding to our national debt to send American taxpayer dollars to other countries when we have serious needs in our country related to programs like Social Security and Medicare.  It is another America Last stupid deal put in place by the Socialists in our country that must be stopped at all costs.   Trump had it right when he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.  

We need to have an all of the above energy strategy that takes advantage of our abundant oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power and renewables.  We need to make all energy sources safer, cleaner and cheaper not only to benefit the people of the United States in terms of our standard of living, but of the whole world.  Everybody wants clean air and water.  In fact, the United States already meets very high carbon emission standards.  We don't need to do more especially if countries like China and India are exempt.  It is time to tell stupid people in our country to cool it.  We all just need to say HELL NO!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Cancel Culture - Nothing But Lies and Communist Propaganda

According to the Socialists and Communists in the United States, American History and Western Civilization are evil.  They started by tearing down statues of Confederate Generals as defenders of slavery.  But now, they even attack Abraham Lincoln who actually ended slavery.  They condemn our Founding Fathers because some of them like Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and others owned slaves.  Forget about the fact that with our Constitution, they created the greatest nation in world history.  These Socialists and Communists deny the greatness of American History and Western Civilization because many White Men and Women made a huge difference in world advancement and development in government, art, literature, music, architecture, science, economics, exploration, religion etc.  Not to diminish the contributions of many others that were not White, but facts are facts.  It happened.  

The Cancel Culture is attempting to erase world history that does not suit them because it does not conform to their racist, Communist ideology.  To be sure, there are many sad tales in modern world history.  Religious Wars, Slavery in many places, the Holocaust, Pogroms in Russia, Millions killed in Communist and Fascist countries, damage to native peoples from colonization.  Those of us that actually know and have studied history are not afraid to tell it all.   We are not history deniers as is the case with the Cancel Culture.  We can deal with the great, good, bad and ugly in American and World history.   We certainly can acknowledge injustices; but in relation to the bigger picture that ultimately addressed many of those injustices and still contributed to the good of all.    

Capitalism with all its boom and bust cycles and adjustments to change has created more wealth and a higher standard of living for more people than any other economic system in human history.  Some of the excesses of Capitalism have been addressed in most social democracies through a variety of laws and programs.  Socialism and Communism have always led to poverty, misery and even murder.  It is not like these tyrannical and brutal economic experiments have not been tried for decades.  We have seen the vicious end result in the old Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba etc.  This is a large enough sampling and for enough time to know that the failed ideologies of Socialism and Communism have never led to prosperity.  So those in the Cancel Culture calling for these failed systems just don't know history, or they don't care about the truth.  But then everything they do and say is based on lies and propaganda.  So no surprise! 

We must stop the evil and purposeful indoctrination happening in our public schools and most colleges and universities.  Teachers are teaching Cancel Culture rather than actually educating our children.  The 1619 Project is starting to make its way into our educational system, Fake News, government and big businesses.  It declares that the United States was founded to perpetuate slavery as its basis for being.  They are attempting to shame people for just being White.  If you see this happening anywhere, raise holy hell and demand that it be stopped! Ignore our Bill of Rights.  Forget about the fact that a bloody Civil War was ultimately fought to end slavery.  Patriotic Americans must stand up and say Hell No to the Cancel Culture.  These evil Communists and Socialists, including Antifa, BLM and many other left wing organizations often funded by billionaires actually want to destroy our nation.   We just can't let that happen.  We must fight this war daily on all fronts to the bitter end to save our country and Make America Great Again.   

Friday, December 18, 2020

Government - Big, Bloated, Corrupt and Dangerous

There are about 24 million people working in local, state and federal governments.  They comprise about 15% of the total workforce in the United States.  Of those about 2 million are federal civilian employees.  Active duty military are about 1.3 million people.  To be sure, many government employees are hard working in essential jobs, but thousands of others are in functions of no value to the American people.  Once a program is implemented, it is almost impossible to eliminate it.  And no doubt, there is tremendous waste, fraud and abuse at all levels of government.  In their wildest dreams, our Founding Fathers could never have imagined that in debating the workings of the Constitution, we would end up with a ruling class and a permanent bureaucracy this size as a threat to our freedoms.  

Government employees, many of them represented by unions are self perpetuating.  They are above all else in business to protect their interests and not the interests of the American people.  We certainly see this today with Teacher Unions that are not focused on the interests of children. The bureaucracy functions independent of elected representative management and often in spite of it.  Our Founding Fathers believed that the separation of powers at the federal level into three branches of government often replicated at the state level into the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of government would act as a check and balance against tyranny and corruption.  Clearly, it has not worked because in many cases we have a permanent ruling class and bureaucracy feeding at the trough to benefit themselves.    

One critical omission from our US Constitution was term limits for both members of Congress and the Presidency.  After Franklin Roosevelt was elected to four terms, a Constitutional Amendment was added to limit the President to two terms; but no such limit exists for members of Congress.  The fact is the longer they stay in office the richer they get so they typically all leave office decades later as millionaires.  And, we have seen the Deep State in action in recent years as crooks like the Clinton's, Biden's and many, many more are never brought to justice for their Pay to Play Schemes and or other obvious violations of the law.  It just does not happen because it is the norm in the DC Swamp and many state capitals because so many would be implicated.  

While there is good reason to admire and respect our military, particularly the soldiers on the front line, as Eisenhower warned there is the "military industrial complex" that feeds on wars and enemies whether real or contrived.  The military brass benefits from wars, though death and disability are often the sad end result because it is the quickest road to promotion.  And, the defense contractors earn billions of dollars every year maintaining old weapons and for new and improved weapon systems.   Further, there is revolving door.  When the generals retire, they often end up on the boards of these very same companies paying them millions of dollars who use them to buy influence within the military and government to keep the pork coming.  The military has been very smart putting bases in nearly every state making it impossible for members of Congress to cut them given their impact on local economies.  

Finally, the 100 largest companies in the US that control 50% of our GDP are highly vested in a big, bloated, corrupt government because as members of the Deep State Club, they are more than happy to put out millions of dollars in campaign contributions every year, which are essentially bribes to earn billions of dollars from government contracts.  They supported Joe Biden and hated Trump because they knew they could not control Trump and they already own Biden because he is a long time crook. The system that has evolved is rotten to the core.  One dirty hand washes the other.  

We have seen with Covid that government at all levels is dangerous to our freedoms; but this threat to our freedoms has been happening for decades.  The bigger government gets, the less freedom we have.  Government today intrudes into all aspects of life.  They tax and regulate everything we do, eat, touch, own etc to feed the beast and themselves.  And, it is not even enough so they borrow creating unstainable debt that one day will result in the collapse and dissolution of the United States.  Our Founders began with the best of intentions; but unfortunately, the evil in men and women that they feared has prevailed.  The Deep State just succeeded in ending the Trump Presidency by voter fraud because Trump was not a member of their "Club".  Americans need to stand up to save our country and soon.  The Socialists that appear to be gaining power will destroy the United States of America.  We must never allow that to happen.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Red States Must Secede To Avoid Civil Strife

Now that the Socialists have figured out that they can win elections by voter fraud, our Democracy is Dead.  Half the country believes that crooked Joe Biden won the Presidency by voter fraud.  As such, there will be no healing.  There will now be BDS; Biden Derangement Syndrome 7/24 as long as he remains President.  They will get what they gave.  Since the Supreme Court did not act to preserve our democracy, it is time for the Red States to take action.  Unless the Republicans and the Socialists can come together to agree on specific rules that would ensure Election Integrity, the Red States must secede from the union.  This can happen by a very orderly initiative process that need not involve violence.  The voters of each State should vote on whether to remain in the union or secede.  Once done,  the representatives of each state should petition the Congress to leave the union.  It is just that simple.  

The Civil War was fought over slavery and economics.  The North was industrial and the South was agricultural.  To be sure the divide was great and it resulted in a bloody war.   It does not have to be that way.  Other countries have broken up peacefully and so can we.  The fact is that the divide in our country today is as bad or worse than the Civil War.  The Blue and Red states have irreconcilable differences that cannot be resolved by compromise.  We are at polar opposites on American history and Western Civilization, gun rights, abortion,  defunding the police, immigration, secure borders, trade, globalism, judges, taxes, regulations, energy independence, the military, entitlement programs and virtually every other important issue so much so that compromise is impossible.  The fact is that we are in a bad marriage that requires a divorce to avoid civil strife. 

The Red States would retain the name the United States of America, since they still value our historical roots.  The Blue states should be called the Socialist States of America.  They can have the DC Swamp and their Cancel Culture.  The Red States should establish a new capital north of Dallas on the border with with Oklahoma.  It could be called the Federal District of Jefferson with the capital named after Madison.  So instead of DC, it would be DJ.   These names would honor Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence and James Madison who wrote the Constitution.   

Of course, our military should be divided evenly including the nukes.  We have learned from the experience with Ukraine and Russia that no side can give up their share of the nukes and remain secure.  There would be no problem with ports since both countries would probably have access to the Great Lakes assuming Ohio goes Red and various ocean ports.  The national debt should be allocated based on the population of each country.  Over time those people who choose to live in one country or another would no doubt move, which is great.   We can maintain open borders provided we know who is entering each country.  There can be tariff free trade between countries.  It is even possible to retain the American dollar as a common currency.  Panama uses the American dollar so why not both countries.  The Euro seems to work for multiple countries in Europe.  

There no doubt are a million details to iron out; but it could happen over a five year period.  There is no reason this could not be a friendly divorce.  There is nothing set in stone requiring the United States of America to remain as one country.  And, why bother.  We can live in peace as two powerful separate countries, with common borders no different than we do with Canada.  The key is Election Integrity.  Unless we can come together and agree on rules for all states that guarantee Election Integrity, we are headed toward civil strife.  That would not be good for anyone living in our country.   

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Many Republican Politicians Are Gutless

Socialists will do anything to win; lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power.  This is the case because their ability to get rich comes from maintaining power in government to continue feeding at the trough over decades.  Members of Congress that make around $174,000 a year somehow all come away as millionaires after 20 or 30 years in office.  This happens because big companies are more than happy to give them millions of dollars, one way or another often through family surrogates as was the case with the Clinton's and the Biden's, which is chump change to buy influence that results in billions of dollars in business every year.  

Many Republicans just don't get any of this, though they are often feeding at the trough too as typical Deep State Swamp Lizards.   Republicans are genteel by comparison.  They don't understand the adage if the other guy brings a knife to a fight, you have to bring a gun to the battle not literally but in terms of winning.  Trump won because he is a New York Street Fighter who was not the typical Republican, thankfully.  Even though Trump is a billionaire, he was never part of the Deep State Swamp "Club", which is why he was so hated by Fake News, Socialists, RINOS, Big Tech and Big Business.  Trump was already rich so they could not buy him or his family off with bribes as they have done with other Presidents for decades with a wink and a handshake.  

Trump supporters must be just as leery of Establishment Republicans as Socialists because they will not fight to ensure Election Integrity or Conservative values.  It is happening right now.  There was definitely voter fraud in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia along with Nevada.  All but Nevada have State Legislatures controlled by Republicans.  Under our Constitution, given the fraud we see, those State Legislatures can push their elections aside and appoint Electors presumably who would vote for Trump.   As of yet, it is not happening because there are Gutless Republicans in those State Legislatures afraid to wield the power that they have under our Constitution.  You can bet that if the shoe was on the other foot and it was a Socialist incumbent fighting for his Presidency, Socialists would declare their state elections null and void to retain their Socialist President in power.    

It is very clear that many of the Republicans who do not stand up for Trump must be primaried the next time around.  We have to remove these Gutless Republicans from office if we have any chance of saving our nation from the evils of Socialism.  Politics is war without the guns.  The problem is that many Republicans do not understand that we are even in a war.  They just go along to get along as they have done for years.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Trump Should Not Attend the Biden Inauguration

Assuming President Trump does not prevail through various challenges and Joe Biden is elected President as a result of voter fraud that is obvious, Trump should NOT attend the Inauguration.  Legitimizing the election of an illegitimate President is not in the interests of the 74 million Americans that legally voted for Trump.  We certainly will not be watching the Inauguration of Joe Biden.  If he chooses to, Vice President Pence can represent the Administration; though I believe that most Republicans should boycott the Inauguration if they expect to have Trump's support in the future.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's recent acceptance of Joe Biden as President probably cost Republicans control of the Senate.  They can kiss the run off election in Georgia on January 5th goodbye.  Let's not forget that the Black Caucus of the Congress did not attend the Trump Inauguration in January, 2017, so there is precedent for a boycott.  

The Inauguration of Crooked Joe Biden is a celebration for the Socialists, Fake News, RINOS, Deep State Swamp Lizards, BLM, Antifa, Big Corporations, Big Tech and Wall Street that stole this election from Trump.  These are the same people that mercilessly attacked Trump to the point of treason for the entire 4 years of his Presidency.  And now, Biden is calling for "Healing".   It is not going to happen.  Biden and Harris will get what they gave for as long as they are in office.  We will not forget and we will not forgive.  We will do everything we can to stop them from imposing Socialism on our country.  

Instead and without any concession, Trump should give a farewell speech, which could very well be his plan to be active in the 2022 election and to run for reelection in 2024.   As the aggrieved President saying clearly that the Presidency was stolen from him, Trump should say that this is just one battle in the war to Make America Great Again and to defeat Socialism.  Trump should encourage his 74 million supporters, really half of America to take heart in the struggle that must continue.   This election is very much like what occurred with Andrew Jackson who lost as a result of political shenanigans and came back four years later to win in a huge Populist Landslide.  Trump should just continue the campaign.  Since Biden Harris will screw things up, Trump winning in 2024 should be easy.  

President Trump should leave the White House a few days before the Inauguration and move on to Mar -A-Lago, which is not exactly slumming it.  Everybody goes to Florida in January, so no big deal.   And, no meeting with Biden or tour of the White House, which the Biden's know well anyway.  No drive down Pennsylvania Avenue together to the Inauguration. Should the Biden's wish to meet with the fellow who heads the staff at the White House, it's a free country.  The Biden's could still take the drive down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol Building if they choose to; but without Trump in the car.  Maybe Obama would like to join Biden for the ride to complete the steal.    

Some of you might think the positioning that I advocate is very small and that Trump should follow normal formalities for the good of the country.  That would all be fine except that Trump has endured Trump Derangement Syndrome from the Trump Haters 7/24 for four years.  We have never seen the kind of constant and untrue attacks on any President in American history as we have seen on Trump even though he has done a great job.  And, Joe Biden, who is a liar and a crook will have won by voter fraud.  So, the hell with them.  Trump should immediately focus on raising money for his MAGA PAC to be a powerhouse in the 2022 and 2024 elections because winning is the best revenge.    

Monday, December 14, 2020

China's Goal Is World Domination

 China's goal is world domination.  To get there, they put China First.  This blogger does not fault the Chinese for being very smart and even aggressive in pursuing the interests of their country.  The fact that they have spies based all over the world to advance their interests should be no surprise to anyone.  They are acting no different than all major countries that have operatives attached to their embassies.  Let's face it, the CIA is active in all major countries with spies.  So, the notion that we are shocked by China doing the same thing is ridiculous.  

 All countries should put their self interests First including the United States.  That does not mean going it alone as alleged by Establishment Socialists and RINOS in the US, but it does mean recognizing that we have a President of the United States not a President of the world out to win a global popularity contest.  And, that American taxpayers must take care of our people before caring for the peoples of other countries.  

In order to understand China, we must review their history.  They were dominated by Western countries for a century or two and then brutally conquered by the Japanese before and during World War II.  Sadly, their response was revolutionary Communism that resulted in the brutal deaths of millions more during the Cultural Revolution implemented by their leader Chairman Mao Tse Tung.  However, their Communist leadership today is very focused on the suffering they experienced at the hands of foreigners.  As such, they are determined to be a self sufficient economic and military global power even if it means using intellectual property theft to get the technology they need to compete with the West and other Asian countries.  The Chinese see this as justice for what they experienced at Western and Japanese hands for centuries.  

While the leaders of both political parties in the US focused on Russia as a threat, since the end of World War II well beyond the days where they were a tremendous threat, China was quietly growing wealth at the expense of Western and Asian companies and countries, which has given them the resources they need to build up their military to reach parity with the United States.  Big Global companies, Wall Street and the big banks wanted friendly relations with China even if it was harmful to the middle class in the United States because for a period of time at least, they were able to do big business with China even if they did have to surrender their technology as the price for entrance into the Chinese market.  

Those big global companies were focused on quarterly financial performance while the Chinese played the long game developing companies of their own, using the technology given to them, or stolen from foreign companies or countries to compete in world markets to make those Western and Asian companies unnecessary in China.   So industry by industry, in China's quest to be self sufficient, they now can compete with the very same Western and Asian companies that they at first allowed into their country; but at lower prices subsidized by the Chinese Communist government that manipulates their currency.  Actually, it was a brilliant strategy.  

So here we are.  President Trump was the first world leader willing and able to push back on China.   Since large global companies and Fake News had no interest in creating a level playing field with China, they supported Joe Biden for President.  They know that Biden will put America Last as has occurred for decades.  Biden will shortly re-enter the Paris Climate Accord, which exempts China and India from limiting carbon emissions for decades.  Even though the United States is meeting those carbon emission standards now, allowing China and India to continue the pollution they emit into the atmosphere will place American companies at a huge competitive disadvantage.  So here we go again.   Factories in the US will close and millions of jobs will end up in China and other countries.  Joe Biden will allow China to dominate the world because he will not put America First.  

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Joe Biden and China - America Last

When President Richard Nixon went to China in 1972, it was thought to be a brilliant move to finally end hostilities with the Communist Nation.  After all, we dealt with the Communist Soviet Union throughout the Cold War so why not China.  Democrats were thrilled because they have always admired Socialism.    Republicans, in the pocket of their global big business supporters welcomed the overture to open China, as well, so Western companies could do business within China.  After all, China had a billion people and Western companies salivated at the thought of selling goods and services to all of them.  

The fact that China was a very poor country with no consumer buying power did not matter.  The Communist government was the customer for lots of big ticket items as they built up their economy, military and infrastructure.  To their credit,  China plays the long game.  The Chinese were very smart in the way they played Western and other Asian companies requiring them to turn over technology as a condition for doing business in China.  Since Western publicly traded companies live and die by quarterly results and their senior managers are bonused on those results, they could care less about 10 years down the road.  

Fast forward many years later so that today, China competes with those very same Western and Asian companies producing pharmaceuticals, trains, airplanes, earth movers, electronics, steel, aluminum, cars, minerals, solar equipment and a million other products subsidized by the Chinese government using currency manipulation to charge lower prices to drive competitors out of business.   The technology that was not handed to the Chinese was stolen from Western and Asian companies and governments by Intellectual Property Theft. Isn't it interesting that a lot of Chinese military equipment has a striking resemblance to Western military equipment.  The end result in the United States was 70,000 factories closed and 5 million manufacturing jobs lost.  Trade with China, along with millions of illegal aliens in the United States has resulted in hollowing out the Middle Class in the US.  Cheap labor in China, Mexico and other countries is as responsible for income equality in the US as anything else.  Donald Trump spoke right to this issue, which is why he was elected in 2016 and won the 2020 election that has apparently been stolen from him by voter fraud.  

While the Chinese were very smart, Western politicians of both parties and business leaders have been pretty dumb until Donald Trump.   While the Socialists, Fake News and RINOS focused on Russia, Russia, Russia as our enemy, Trump proclaimed America First pushing back on China, which is why the Chinese actively supported Joe Biden for President.  Playing the long game, Trump clearly understands that China is the biggest Economic and Military Threat to the United States, not Russia.  Russia is a country with 150 million people and an economy the size of France.   While they have Nukes, they cannot realistically challenge the United States on the world stage.  With the exception of oil and gas, military equipment, vodka, caviar and little painted matryoshka dolls, they produce little that that the rest of the world needs, or wants to buy.  

China is our big problem.  Though Biden is not alone in his surrender to China over the years, Biden is particularly compromised because his family has taken monies from China that has made them millionaires.   As a result, Joe Biden, as the Manchurian President will be China's Butt Boy.   There is no way Joe Biden can protect the interests of the United States given the Pay to Play scheme that his family implemented with China that has made them millionaires.   China owns Joe Biden.  It is the reason that Biden will be another American President that puts America Last.        

Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Battle to Save America

 Illegitimate Fake President Joe Biden is irrelevant.  Biden will be gone within 12 months of assuming office.  He will either be forced to resign for obvious corruption, or Fake News, the Socialists and the Black Widow Kamela Harris will implement the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office for dementia that is real.  Biden is too far gone to even see it coming.  The old Democrat Party is Dead.  It is now the Socialist Party of America that we must fight tooth and nail to save our nation.  

Gutless Republicans are not up to the battle.  They are often part of the Deep State Swamp feeding at the trough.  They will cower in the face of organized radicals that fundamentally want to destroy our country as part of the Cancel Culture.  Only Donald Trump can lead the charge.  First, Trump should declare Biden illegitimate.  Trump along with other Republicans absolutely should not attend the Biden Inauguration.  The same way the Black Caucus boycotted the Trump Inauguration,  Republicans who care about our country should boycott the Biden Inauguration.  Attending the Biden Inauguration lends legitimacy to his Presidency and we can't allow that to happen.  

Next, Trump must form the MAGA PAC to raise billions of dollars to both support candidates in 2022 and 2024 committed to MAGA; but also to wage holy war in the courts against the Socialist Manifesto.  Republican state Attorney Generals must band together to file litigation to challenge any crazy Biden or Harris Executive Orders that violate the Constitution.  To support these efforts there must be a major and constant public relations campaign on all fronts; protests, social media, print ads, television, bill boards etc. designed to stop the Socialists from succeeding in their manifest evil.  This is a war to save our nation and it must be managed as a war.   We should see 2020 as just one battle in the continuing war.  And, by the way, there was a Red Wave in 2020 so all was not lost.  

It is clear that Trump must lead a group to buy CNN or some other Fake News media outlet.  While there are some good guys on Fox, Fox News has gone over to the dark side.  News Nation appears to be on the right track; but they will not be enough.  We must expand conservative media both on television and radio to win hearts and minds.   As Winston Churchill said, "Never Give Up, Never Give In.    There will be many battles ahead.  We will win some and we will lose some; but we must never compromise with evil.  

Friday, December 11, 2020

All Schools Must Open

Public and Private pre-schools and primary and secondary schools must all open.  I was called a "teacher hater" by someone on Linked In for making that simple statement.  Of course, as a former public school teacher years ago, I am anything but a teacher hater.  I actually believe that great teachers should receive merit pay and bonuses that the teacher unions will not allow.  The fact is that 65% of American families are dual income.  Parents and others are paying property and other taxes to pay for public schools.  Unless school districts would like to refund some of that money so parents can make other arrangements, teachers must report for work in the classroom.  

Schools can take necessary precautions following CDC guidelines related to wearing masks, hand sanitizers, general antiseptic cleaning and social distancing.  All students and adults can have temperature checks before entering schools.  Further in the event of a Covid case, specific employees and or impacted students can go back to on line learning to quarantine for 14 days to make sure that they don't have Covid.  These are exactly the procedures being implemented by many private schools and it is working just fine.  

Many big city teacher unions will have none of it.  They want teachers paid regular salary for what is essentially less effective teaching with on line learning.  Poor minority inner city kids are most negatively impacted by on line learning.  Many have no one in the home to assist them so they are simply not attending.  And or working parents are struggling to juggle their demanding jobs while teaching their children at home.   Remember, they are paying various taxes for the education of their children.  

The next thing I heard from people on Linked In is that teachers are "special" and that older teachers would be too much at risk to go back to work.  Of course, many teachers are special; but are they more special than health care workers caring for Covid patients, or the Cops and Firemen who save lives everyday, the care givers working in nursing homes or senior communities, or the people that produce and sell us our food.  I don't think so.  The fact is that if particular teachers have serious illnesses that would place them at more risk, they should get medical approval to go on Disability until they can get a vaccine that protects them.  This certainly seems like a reasonable solution.   And, it could be applicable to other essential workers, as well. 

Look, the facts are that very few kids seem to get Covid.  There is some thinking that the vaccinations they get for measles, mumps etc. are providing some level of immunity.  And, most people who do get Covid either have no symptoms, mild symptoms or flu like symptoms.  A small percentage get really sick and end up in the hospital and an even smaller percentage die.  While any death for any reason other than natural old age is tragic, it is not a reason to shut down our schools.  Teachers who can, need to get back to work at school with children in front of them.  We need All Schools Open for the good of society.  

Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Destruction Of Joe Biden Is Coming

 Now that the Socialists, Fake News and Big Tech believe that Joe Biden has been elected President, they will begin the drip campaign to destroy him.   The thought of Kamela Harris becoming the first half Black woman President is just too irresistible for them not to move forward.  In addition, Biden is not left wing enough for them.  They want a radical Socialist as President and Harris meets their criteria.

So all of a sudden, there is a federal investigation of Hunter Biden related to his taxes, which is the easiest way to get to all of their criminal activities.  Of course, the fix was in with FBI Director Christopher Wray who has been sitting on Hunter Biden's lap top for about a year.  Surprise, surprise, Biden announced that he wants Wray to stay on as FBI Director to quash that investigation.  Deep State Swamp Lizards always protect their own.  Wray was counting on Biden winning to keep his job. Trump should fire Wray immediately for failure to do his job. 

Shortly, Fake News and Big Tech will discover that the Biden Crime family was there all along.  It is not just Hunter Biden; but Joe Biden's brother James who was in on the act along with other family members.  All of them were doing Pay to Play deals that benefited the entire family. They learned the game well from Crooked Hillary.  Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate owned lock, stock and barrel by China as a result of the monies China gave the family making them all millionaires many times over.  If Joe Biden does become President, there is no way he can be tough on China.  Instead, Biden will be China's Butt Boy in place to Make China Great Again.

Next, if not the corruption angle, all of sudden the Socialists, Fake News and Big Tech will start to emphasize Biden's obvious dementia.  It is real.   Every time Biden says something stupid, which happens a lot, they will start to wonder out loud if he is capable of remaining as President.  There comments will get louder and louder.  Kamela Harris is the Half Black Widow just waiting to kill off Biden.  She  is the one who would have to start the process to begin implementation of the 25th Amendment to remove Biden as President.  Joe Biden is too stupid to see this train coming.  His only hope is if the Republicans retain the Senate because they would also have to vote to remove him and they would rather have a demented Joe Biden in office than a radical Socialist Kamela Harris.

If Joe Biden does assume the Presidency, this Blogger predicts that he will be out of office one way or another within the first 12 months.  This train is coming down the track.  The light is shining in Biden's face; but again he is too far gone to see the train coming until it runs him over.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

White Privilege - Identity Politics Gone Crazy

 School Districts, Government Agencies, the Military and even some big companies are requiring that their employees be trained, or indoctrinated related to evils of "White Privilege" that does not exist.   It is part of the Cancel Culture. It is true that there are very rich people in the United States of all colors who are privileged; but their privilege comes from economics not skin color. They don't wait in line at airports because they fly private jets.   They often have chauffeurs driving them to their destinations.  They usually live in gated enclaves to protect them from the little people.  

Let's talk facts.  There are more White People on welfare and food stamps than minorities in real numbers.  Are they privileged?  The millions of White immigrants who came from Europe speaking no English, like my Italian grandparents, had nothing when they came.  Were they privileged?  There are millions of White Americans that have blue collar jobs like my parents who struggled for years just to put food on the table.  Were they privileged?  What about the poor Whites that live in cities and rural areas and there are many.  Are they privileged?  It has been reported that 50% of Americans of all colors do not have $1,000 in savings to deal with a family emergency.   Are they privileged?

There are millions of Americans of all colors including many Whites living pay check to pay check.  And, while there is income inequality in our country, (another blog posting) it is caused by lack of education and marketable job skills along with many children living without a dad in the home, which usually leads to poverty.  Yes, there may be discrimination; but someone with a great education and job skills can overcome it.  I can guarantee you that a plumber, electrician or master carpenter no matter what their color is doing just fine.  The notion of White Privilege is bogus.  It is another of those crazy Identity Politics ideas designed to divide and ultimately destroy our nation.  

Martin Luther King said, "we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin".  He was absolutely right.   We have to stop seeing everything in racial terms because it ends up being an excuse for mediocrity and or failure.   We must emphasize personal responsibility and hard work as the key to success not victimization.  Is life tougher for some people than others; sure.  But then some people are smarter than others and or have talents that others don't have; again nothing to do with race.   Success in life is about Focus, Discipline, Passion and Hard Work.  Anyone who practices those qualities can over come anything.     

Monday, December 7, 2020

Election Integrity - Our Democracy Is At Stake

 Whatever happens with the Trump - Biden election, the chaos we have seen in many of these states that sent out millions of unsolicited ballots must never happen again.  The potential for voter fraud and there absolutely was fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, which may result in the election being stolen from Trump must never happen again if we are to insure Election Integrity and safeguard our Democracy.  74 million Trump voters, basically half the country see Joe Biden as illegitimate.  That is not good for our country.   

We cannot have banana republic elections if we are to remain a viable democracy.  As a result, we must insure that every legal vote is counted and that there is no potential for fraud.  That means no more mailing out unsolicited ballots that can easily be stolen.  And, voter machines and software must be subject to forensic audits.  We need a paper trail on all votes and signatures.  We should maintain the process of Absentee Ballots requested by people that cannot come to the polls for medical or other valid reasons as the only mail in ballots allowed.   

Otherwise, election day means election day when people show up at the polls to vote with a valid picture ID.   And, no more 40% machine match on signatures as occurred in Nevada.   That is like no match at all.  And, we must insure that illegal aliens are not voting.  Only citizens of the United States who are legal residents of a particular state for at least 90 days should be permitted to vote; otherwise they can vote Absentee in their prior state of residence.  

People should be required to register to vote no less than 30 days before election day so that we know we have valid registered voters who are American citizens.  So no provisional voting the day of the election for people who are not registered to vote.   The Socialists have pushed to violate all of these rules making a mockery of our elections.  They have no problem with voter fraud because it is them committing the fraud.  We can't allow this to continue because it will result in civil strife. 

Elections are serious business.  There have to be rules that are followed.   We cannot have Governors and or Secretaries of State changing those rules a few weeks before an election for any reason.  We voted during major wars, Depressions etc.  just fine.   There was no reason to change the rules just because of Covid.  The regular Absentee Ballot process could have worked with no problem for anybody at risk who could have requested a ballot.  Most important, all signatures must be verified and there must be poll watchers to make sure that there are no shenanigans.  

There definitely are grounds to throw out the elections in Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia if the Supreme Court recognizes the obvious fraud.  If that happens, state legislatures would choose Electors going to the Electoral College as prescribed by law in the Constitution.  If so, Trump will be reelected because he absolutely won this election.   If it does not happen, Joe Biden will never be accepted as President by half the country.  Both Socialists and Republicans should be concerned about the integrity of our elections; but don't count on the Socialists taking necessary actions to deal with these issues because they have no problem winning by cheating and fraud.  

For Socialists, it is always the means that justified the ends.   Remember, it was Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin who said, "it does not matter who votes, it is who counts the votes that matters."  We saw this adage in action in 2020.  

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Russia, Russia, Russia - Should Be Part Of NATO

After the Soviet Union fell apart and Communism in Europe was no longer a threat, Russia should have been invited to join NATO.  It would have made perfect sense to incorporate Russia into the community of European nations, which could have included joining the European Union.  Instead, those who control our foreign policy, Democrat and Republican Presidents along with the leaders of Europe continued to see Russia an an enemy.  That was a huge mistake that fed right into Russian historical; but well-founded paranoia.  The Russians have good reason to fear the Germans given two World Wars that led to the deaths of millions of Russians.  

What they see on their border are NATO armies, tanks, missiles etc.  They are there presumably to defend against a Russian resurgence under Putin, who would like to reformulate the old Soviet Union as a defensive strategy.  But none of this was necessary.   Putin is in power in a quasi democracy because of NATO.  If Russia had been allowed to join NATO after the fall of the Soviet Union, it is very likely that a real democracy might have emerged.  If that had happened, we would not see Russia attempting to regain some of the territory they lost when the Soviet Union fell apart.  Russia is a Christian nation fighting Islamic Fascist Terrorism within its borders no different than many other countries in Europe.  Russia is a part of Europe.   While the Iron Curtain in Germany has fallen, we just moved it further east to the border of Russia.  

As a result, Russia feels the need to maintain and build up its nuclear defenses and who could blame them because without Nukes, they are not a powerful nation.  They face nuclear weapons based in the US, Europe, China, India, Pakistan and potentially North Korea not to mention the bombers and submarines that are a constant threat.  This becomes an even greater threat as a result of hyper sonic missiles and our missile defense capabilities that they see as allowing a first strike capability by Western countries.  

It is about time we recognize that Russia is not our enemy militarily or economically.   Russia is a huge country with about 150 million people and an economy the size of France.  Looking out 50 or more years, it is very clear that China is the potential enemy we must contend with both from a military and economic standpoint.   If Russia were part of NATO, that would bring NATO forces and their navel base in Vladivostok right to the Russian border with China.  They could also help us contend with North Korea and Iran.  If Russia were part of NATO given their proximity to all these countries, it would only strengthen our ability to defend against any aggression in the region.   It is time to get this right with a bigger world view into the future.   

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Big Pharma & Drug Prices - Fairness Doctrine

President Trump issued an Executive Order requiring Big Pharma to charge the same prices for 50 specific drugs in the United States that they charge a market basket of other rich countries.  The result would be a savings to consumers in the United States of about $85 billion over seven years.  It is a Most Favored Nation concept.  The reason Trump did it is that consumers in America pay the highest drug prices in the world.  Of course, Big Pharma is not happy about this Executive Order, which is why they supported Joe Biden for President.  And, Big Pharma is now suing the Trump Administration to stop this from happening. The irony is that the Socialists have been saying for years that Medicare should be able to negotiate drug prices; but of course they never made it happen.  Trump's Executive Order is recognition that drug prices charged our consumers are one reason health care cost are higher in the United States than other countries.  

Here are the facts.  This Blogger takes a drug that retails for $400 for a 30 day supply.  It is technically a tier four drug, which would have required a $100 co-pay by me on top of whatever my medical insurance company pays for the drug.  Since it is the only drug that works for me, we got an exception making this drug a tier three drug, so I pay $47 a month.   No doubt in most other countries in the world, this particular drug does not have a retail price of $400.  Countries that have socialized medicine in many part of the world do not pay a retail price of $400 for this drug because they negotiate much lower drug prices than are paid by consumers in the US.

The reason Big Pharma can charge much less in other countries for the very same drug is because consumers in the US are subsidizing the rest of the world.  We pay more so they can pay less.  In other words, we pay more either in co-pays, or medical insurance premiums so the rest of the world can pay significantly less.  Big Pharma would argue that they need these higher prices in the US to pay for research and development of new drugs.  The fact that Big Pharma makes billions of dollars in profit every year anyway does not seem to matter.  That would all be fine except that consumers in the US are subsidizing other first world countries in Europe and Asia.  The question is why?   The answer is because our politicians of both parties until Trump have allowed this to happen because they get big contributions from Big Pharma.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  It is time to put America First.  

It is one thing for Big Pharma to charge third world poor countries lower drug prices, or even provide them drugs for free to make sure these people have access to life saving drugs; but there is no reason consumers in the US should be subsidizing the citizens of other rich countries.  That is ridiculous. Instead, prices should be based on a market basket approach so that the people of Europe, Japan, China etc. are paying the same prices we are paying for the same drugs.  That would mean that they would have to pay more, so that we could pay less.  This Fairness Doctrine advanced by Trump would help bring down the cost of health care in the United States.  It is about time.  We already pay for the defense of these very rich countries.   We don't need to pay for their drugs as well.  It has to stop.