Sunday, December 6, 2020

Russia, Russia, Russia - Should Be Part Of NATO

After the Soviet Union fell apart and Communism in Europe was no longer a threat, Russia should have been invited to join NATO.  It would have made perfect sense to incorporate Russia into the community of European nations, which could have included joining the European Union.  Instead, those who control our foreign policy, Democrat and Republican Presidents along with the leaders of Europe continued to see Russia an an enemy.  That was a huge mistake that fed right into Russian historical; but well-founded paranoia.  The Russians have good reason to fear the Germans given two World Wars that led to the deaths of millions of Russians.  

What they see on their border are NATO armies, tanks, missiles etc.  They are there presumably to defend against a Russian resurgence under Putin, who would like to reformulate the old Soviet Union as a defensive strategy.  But none of this was necessary.   Putin is in power in a quasi democracy because of NATO.  If Russia had been allowed to join NATO after the fall of the Soviet Union, it is very likely that a real democracy might have emerged.  If that had happened, we would not see Russia attempting to regain some of the territory they lost when the Soviet Union fell apart.  Russia is a Christian nation fighting Islamic Fascist Terrorism within its borders no different than many other countries in Europe.  Russia is a part of Europe.   While the Iron Curtain in Germany has fallen, we just moved it further east to the border of Russia.  

As a result, Russia feels the need to maintain and build up its nuclear defenses and who could blame them because without Nukes, they are not a powerful nation.  They face nuclear weapons based in the US, Europe, China, India, Pakistan and potentially North Korea not to mention the bombers and submarines that are a constant threat.  This becomes an even greater threat as a result of hyper sonic missiles and our missile defense capabilities that they see as allowing a first strike capability by Western countries.  

It is about time we recognize that Russia is not our enemy militarily or economically.   Russia is a huge country with about 150 million people and an economy the size of France.  Looking out 50 or more years, it is very clear that China is the potential enemy we must contend with both from a military and economic standpoint.   If Russia were part of NATO, that would bring NATO forces and their navel base in Vladivostok right to the Russian border with China.  They could also help us contend with North Korea and Iran.  If Russia were part of NATO given their proximity to all these countries, it would only strengthen our ability to defend against any aggression in the region.   It is time to get this right with a bigger world view into the future.   

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