Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Many Republican Politicians Are Gutless

Socialists will do anything to win; lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power.  This is the case because their ability to get rich comes from maintaining power in government to continue feeding at the trough over decades.  Members of Congress that make around $174,000 a year somehow all come away as millionaires after 20 or 30 years in office.  This happens because big companies are more than happy to give them millions of dollars, one way or another often through family surrogates as was the case with the Clinton's and the Biden's, which is chump change to buy influence that results in billions of dollars in business every year.  

Many Republicans just don't get any of this, though they are often feeding at the trough too as typical Deep State Swamp Lizards.   Republicans are genteel by comparison.  They don't understand the adage if the other guy brings a knife to a fight, you have to bring a gun to the battle not literally but in terms of winning.  Trump won because he is a New York Street Fighter who was not the typical Republican, thankfully.  Even though Trump is a billionaire, he was never part of the Deep State Swamp "Club", which is why he was so hated by Fake News, Socialists, RINOS, Big Tech and Big Business.  Trump was already rich so they could not buy him or his family off with bribes as they have done with other Presidents for decades with a wink and a handshake.  

Trump supporters must be just as leery of Establishment Republicans as Socialists because they will not fight to ensure Election Integrity or Conservative values.  It is happening right now.  There was definitely voter fraud in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia along with Nevada.  All but Nevada have State Legislatures controlled by Republicans.  Under our Constitution, given the fraud we see, those State Legislatures can push their elections aside and appoint Electors presumably who would vote for Trump.   As of yet, it is not happening because there are Gutless Republicans in those State Legislatures afraid to wield the power that they have under our Constitution.  You can bet that if the shoe was on the other foot and it was a Socialist incumbent fighting for his Presidency, Socialists would declare their state elections null and void to retain their Socialist President in power.    

It is very clear that many of the Republicans who do not stand up for Trump must be primaried the next time around.  We have to remove these Gutless Republicans from office if we have any chance of saving our nation from the evils of Socialism.  Politics is war without the guns.  The problem is that many Republicans do not understand that we are even in a war.  They just go along to get along as they have done for years.  

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