Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Destruction of the Trump Presidency

Not since Andrew Jackson in 1829, also a Populist has a real outsider been elected President as occurred when Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States in 2016.  Ronald Reagan came close; but he was after all the two term Governor of California before being elected President.  And, while the Establishment hated Reagan, he was such a charmer that they came to tolerate him without giving him any credit for his monumental successes.  The Deep State composed of establishment Socialists, RINOS, Fake News, Government bureaucrats and the 100 largest global companies in the United States that control 50% of our GDP began the destruction of Donald Trump from the moment he and Melania came down that escalator to announce that Trump was running for President.  

In American history, we have never seen anything like the 7/24 Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred implemented against Trump by the Deep State.  Of course it did not help that Trump is a character who fought back vigorously, which angered them even more because normally Republicans never fight back.  Trump's antics caused the Deep State to try everything possible to bring down Trump mostly because he was not a member of their "Club" willing to do their bidding so they could continue feeding at the trough.  Trump was already rich so he did not need their bribes.  

Each group of Trump enemies had their reasoning.  Socialists were opposed to everything Trump did to roll back Obama's failed Presidency.  Since the country is highly polarized, it was impossible to find common ground with them on just about every issue.  It is actually amazing that Trump got so much done in spite of the Socialists attempting every conceivable road block accusing Trump of a variety of Scandals, Treason, Racism and all the other ISM's culminating in a failed Impeachment.  They finally settled on the deaths caused by Covid as the last resort and even then could only defeat Trump by massive voter fraud.  

Establishment RINOS hate Trump because he is everything they are not, namely a winner who gets big things done.  Don't forget Trump beat 16 Establishment Republicans, which was never supposed to happen.  They have never forgiven him for what he did to them during the primaries, which made them all look like a bunch of sniveling idiots.  And, Trump put together a Populist coalition which typical Republicans were incapable of doing.  They hate him for his success.  

Fake News hates Trump because he beat them in 2016.  Trump was never supposed to win.  Their girl Crooked Hillary was supposed to win.  When that did not happen in spite of their pronouncements, they all looked like a bunch of fools.  And, of course since Fake News are all left wing anti American Socialists and Communists that hate our country, Trump represented everything that they hate so they had a vested interested in his defeat even if by voter fraud.  

Deep State Government bureaucrats at all the agencies hate Trump first because he often does not follow their advice, which is usually wrong and because Trump refused to fill many open jobs.  Remember, success in the Deep State involves bigger and bigger government.  The bigger the staff the bigger the responsibility, which leads to promotions and higher pay.  So, what we have seen in government boarders on Treason or has been out right Treason as government Deep State Swamp Lizards have actively focused on destroying the Trump Presidency.  Many of these creeps should be in jail; but it will never happen because these lizards protect their own.  Too many implicated feeding at the trough.  

Finally, the 100 largest global companies in the country that control 50% of our GDP were completely opposed to Trump's trade policies.  They want open access to China especially; but other parts of the world as well even if it means more factories closing in the US and shipping more jobs overseas.  These companies know no borders.  They are American in name only.  Many of them have more employees outside the United States than within our country because the cost of doing business overseas is cheaper than in the US.  While they did like the cut in US corporate and personal income taxes and the surging stock market, they are more interested in business opportunities overseas.  The senior management of these companies earn millions of dollars in bonuses based on quarterly results.  Anything that gets in the way of those results as in Trump's disruption to the world order is bad for their business and personal incomes.  As a result, they wanted Trump gone.  

All of these Deep State Players had reasons to hate Trump.  Covid gave them the convenient excuse they needed to rig our elections by mailing out millions of ballots.  Election Integrity does not matter to these Deep State Swamp Lizards.  All they cared about was destroying the Trump Presidency.  However, they are in for a surprise.  Trump is not going away even if he finally does leave the White House.  Trump will form a MAGA PAC to raise billions of dollars to defeat these Deep State Swamp Lizards.  And, just like Andrew Jackson who was defeated in a stolen election only to come back and win in a landslide, Trump and or his designees will rise again in 2022 and 2024.  This battle is far from over.  

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