Monday, December 14, 2020

China's Goal Is World Domination

 China's goal is world domination.  To get there, they put China First.  This blogger does not fault the Chinese for being very smart and even aggressive in pursuing the interests of their country.  The fact that they have spies based all over the world to advance their interests should be no surprise to anyone.  They are acting no different than all major countries that have operatives attached to their embassies.  Let's face it, the CIA is active in all major countries with spies.  So, the notion that we are shocked by China doing the same thing is ridiculous.  

 All countries should put their self interests First including the United States.  That does not mean going it alone as alleged by Establishment Socialists and RINOS in the US, but it does mean recognizing that we have a President of the United States not a President of the world out to win a global popularity contest.  And, that American taxpayers must take care of our people before caring for the peoples of other countries.  

In order to understand China, we must review their history.  They were dominated by Western countries for a century or two and then brutally conquered by the Japanese before and during World War II.  Sadly, their response was revolutionary Communism that resulted in the brutal deaths of millions more during the Cultural Revolution implemented by their leader Chairman Mao Tse Tung.  However, their Communist leadership today is very focused on the suffering they experienced at the hands of foreigners.  As such, they are determined to be a self sufficient economic and military global power even if it means using intellectual property theft to get the technology they need to compete with the West and other Asian countries.  The Chinese see this as justice for what they experienced at Western and Japanese hands for centuries.  

While the leaders of both political parties in the US focused on Russia as a threat, since the end of World War II well beyond the days where they were a tremendous threat, China was quietly growing wealth at the expense of Western and Asian companies and countries, which has given them the resources they need to build up their military to reach parity with the United States.  Big Global companies, Wall Street and the big banks wanted friendly relations with China even if it was harmful to the middle class in the United States because for a period of time at least, they were able to do big business with China even if they did have to surrender their technology as the price for entrance into the Chinese market.  

Those big global companies were focused on quarterly financial performance while the Chinese played the long game developing companies of their own, using the technology given to them, or stolen from foreign companies or countries to compete in world markets to make those Western and Asian companies unnecessary in China.   So industry by industry, in China's quest to be self sufficient, they now can compete with the very same Western and Asian companies that they at first allowed into their country; but at lower prices subsidized by the Chinese Communist government that manipulates their currency.  Actually, it was a brilliant strategy.  

So here we are.  President Trump was the first world leader willing and able to push back on China.   Since large global companies and Fake News had no interest in creating a level playing field with China, they supported Joe Biden for President.  They know that Biden will put America Last as has occurred for decades.  Biden will shortly re-enter the Paris Climate Accord, which exempts China and India from limiting carbon emissions for decades.  Even though the United States is meeting those carbon emission standards now, allowing China and India to continue the pollution they emit into the atmosphere will place American companies at a huge competitive disadvantage.  So here we go again.   Factories in the US will close and millions of jobs will end up in China and other countries.  Joe Biden will allow China to dominate the world because he will not put America First.  

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