Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Destruction Of Joe Biden Is Coming

 Now that the Socialists, Fake News and Big Tech believe that Joe Biden has been elected President, they will begin the drip campaign to destroy him.   The thought of Kamela Harris becoming the first half Black woman President is just too irresistible for them not to move forward.  In addition, Biden is not left wing enough for them.  They want a radical Socialist as President and Harris meets their criteria.

So all of a sudden, there is a federal investigation of Hunter Biden related to his taxes, which is the easiest way to get to all of their criminal activities.  Of course, the fix was in with FBI Director Christopher Wray who has been sitting on Hunter Biden's lap top for about a year.  Surprise, surprise, Biden announced that he wants Wray to stay on as FBI Director to quash that investigation.  Deep State Swamp Lizards always protect their own.  Wray was counting on Biden winning to keep his job. Trump should fire Wray immediately for failure to do his job. 

Shortly, Fake News and Big Tech will discover that the Biden Crime family was there all along.  It is not just Hunter Biden; but Joe Biden's brother James who was in on the act along with other family members.  All of them were doing Pay to Play deals that benefited the entire family. They learned the game well from Crooked Hillary.  Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate owned lock, stock and barrel by China as a result of the monies China gave the family making them all millionaires many times over.  If Joe Biden does become President, there is no way he can be tough on China.  Instead, Biden will be China's Butt Boy in place to Make China Great Again.

Next, if not the corruption angle, all of sudden the Socialists, Fake News and Big Tech will start to emphasize Biden's obvious dementia.  It is real.   Every time Biden says something stupid, which happens a lot, they will start to wonder out loud if he is capable of remaining as President.  There comments will get louder and louder.  Kamela Harris is the Half Black Widow just waiting to kill off Biden.  She  is the one who would have to start the process to begin implementation of the 25th Amendment to remove Biden as President.  Joe Biden is too stupid to see this train coming.  His only hope is if the Republicans retain the Senate because they would also have to vote to remove him and they would rather have a demented Joe Biden in office than a radical Socialist Kamela Harris.

If Joe Biden does assume the Presidency, this Blogger predicts that he will be out of office one way or another within the first 12 months.  This train is coming down the track.  The light is shining in Biden's face; but again he is too far gone to see the train coming until it runs him over.  

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