Sunday, December 27, 2020

Covid Treatments - Thousands of Lives Could Have Been Saved

Several months ago, based on success he was hearing about all over the world, when President Trump was pushing malaria pills combined with the ZPack anti biotics, zinc, vitamin D and baby aspirin, to treat Covid; Fake News, the Socialists, Big Pharma and the Deep State Establishment called him crazy.  Guess what, Trump was not crazy.  Trump was right.  Trump even took the Malaria pills himself, which may have helped him get better more quickly when he finally got Covid.  This treatment has been given all over the world and is successful in many cases.  

This topic became so politicized and it cost thousands of lives.  Biden ran on Covid.  The last thing he wanted was an easy, readily available, cheap treatment that could prevent deaths.  Big Pharma was opposed because they are making billions of dollars for the treatments provided in hospitals and the vaccines.  Fake News tried everything to destroy the Trump Presidency. Covid deaths were their last chance.  The Deep State Establishment at the CDC and other government agencies were too vested in the complexity of the treatment to allow for a simple, cheap solution.  

People like Dr. Fauci, who should be fired for being wrong so many times said absolutely Not to the malaria pill cocktail because it was not sanctioned by the Deep State.  My doctor refused to give me the malaria pill cocktail because he bought into the hype.  The Governor of Nevada where we live actually issued an Executive Order making it illegal for pharmacies in Nevada to fill malaria pill prescriptions outside hospitals.  Of course, the malaria pill is also used to treat lupus and arthritis so there must have been some exceptions.   I have taken it before for a trip to South America to prevent malaria with no side effects.  In any case, I found an enlightened doctor who was following the science so I have my prescriptions that were filled out of state just in case I contract Covid.  

The key is to take the malaria pill cocktail just as soon as symptoms appear for best results.  Usually people taking the pills are better in a few days.   Of course, since 98% of people who get Covid either have no symptoms, mild symptoms or flu like symptoms and only about 2% end up in hospitals and a smaller percentage of those actually die, some might argue that someone may get better anyway without the malaria pill cocktail; but I figure why chance it.  It is true that while we personally know of some deaths that were the result of Covid, we know many more people who got Covid and recovered very quickly without any treatments.  

Recently, two doctors, one a graduate of Yale and the other a graduate of Harvard both practicing in Houston explained it this way.  They said the key was to avoid the hospital at all costs.  And, they broke Covid down into its components.  The malaria pills, ZPack, zinc and vitamin D deal with the virus.  The baby aspirin deals with potential blood clots.  They added that giving steroids is good to prevent pneumonia, which is the primary reason people end up in the hospital on ventilators and a percentage of them end up dying.   This was the most logical explanation I have heard from anyone discussing the topic.  

Now that the election is over, the American Medical Association just issued a directive saying it was ok for doctors to prescribe the malaria pill cocktail outside of hospitals.  What a coincidence since the AMA was all in for Joe Biden when it was anything to hurt Trump.  Not sure if our stupid Governor of Nevada has rescinded his Executive Order.  The good news is that the Trump Administration purchased 64 million doses of malaria pills that are being sent out to pharmacies.  There should be availability all over the country.  And based on your insurance, the pills should either be free, or in my case with my insurance the malaria pills were $14 and the ZPack $5.  You can buy zinc, vitamin D and baby aspirin at Costco, or any drug store.  I take all the supplements anyway and so far so good.  

Most important, check with your doctor.  If he or she says No find another doctor.  I wanted the pills on hand in case I get the Covid symptoms.  Why take a chance until vaccines are fully implemented.  Those that politicized this topic for their personal, political,  or financial gain should be in jail.   They caused many deaths that did not need to happen.  

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