Thursday, December 17, 2020

Red States Must Secede To Avoid Civil Strife

Now that the Socialists have figured out that they can win elections by voter fraud, our Democracy is Dead.  Half the country believes that crooked Joe Biden won the Presidency by voter fraud.  As such, there will be no healing.  There will now be BDS; Biden Derangement Syndrome 7/24 as long as he remains President.  They will get what they gave.  Since the Supreme Court did not act to preserve our democracy, it is time for the Red States to take action.  Unless the Republicans and the Socialists can come together to agree on specific rules that would ensure Election Integrity, the Red States must secede from the union.  This can happen by a very orderly initiative process that need not involve violence.  The voters of each State should vote on whether to remain in the union or secede.  Once done,  the representatives of each state should petition the Congress to leave the union.  It is just that simple.  

The Civil War was fought over slavery and economics.  The North was industrial and the South was agricultural.  To be sure the divide was great and it resulted in a bloody war.   It does not have to be that way.  Other countries have broken up peacefully and so can we.  The fact is that the divide in our country today is as bad or worse than the Civil War.  The Blue and Red states have irreconcilable differences that cannot be resolved by compromise.  We are at polar opposites on American history and Western Civilization, gun rights, abortion,  defunding the police, immigration, secure borders, trade, globalism, judges, taxes, regulations, energy independence, the military, entitlement programs and virtually every other important issue so much so that compromise is impossible.  The fact is that we are in a bad marriage that requires a divorce to avoid civil strife. 

The Red States would retain the name the United States of America, since they still value our historical roots.  The Blue states should be called the Socialist States of America.  They can have the DC Swamp and their Cancel Culture.  The Red States should establish a new capital north of Dallas on the border with with Oklahoma.  It could be called the Federal District of Jefferson with the capital named after Madison.  So instead of DC, it would be DJ.   These names would honor Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence and James Madison who wrote the Constitution.   

Of course, our military should be divided evenly including the nukes.  We have learned from the experience with Ukraine and Russia that no side can give up their share of the nukes and remain secure.  There would be no problem with ports since both countries would probably have access to the Great Lakes assuming Ohio goes Red and various ocean ports.  The national debt should be allocated based on the population of each country.  Over time those people who choose to live in one country or another would no doubt move, which is great.   We can maintain open borders provided we know who is entering each country.  There can be tariff free trade between countries.  It is even possible to retain the American dollar as a common currency.  Panama uses the American dollar so why not both countries.  The Euro seems to work for multiple countries in Europe.  

There no doubt are a million details to iron out; but it could happen over a five year period.  There is no reason this could not be a friendly divorce.  There is nothing set in stone requiring the United States of America to remain as one country.  And, why bother.  We can live in peace as two powerful separate countries, with common borders no different than we do with Canada.  The key is Election Integrity.  Unless we can come together and agree on rules for all states that guarantee Election Integrity, we are headed toward civil strife.  That would not be good for anyone living in our country.   

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