Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Trump Should Not Attend the Biden Inauguration

Assuming President Trump does not prevail through various challenges and Joe Biden is elected President as a result of voter fraud that is obvious, Trump should NOT attend the Inauguration.  Legitimizing the election of an illegitimate President is not in the interests of the 74 million Americans that legally voted for Trump.  We certainly will not be watching the Inauguration of Joe Biden.  If he chooses to, Vice President Pence can represent the Administration; though I believe that most Republicans should boycott the Inauguration if they expect to have Trump's support in the future.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's recent acceptance of Joe Biden as President probably cost Republicans control of the Senate.  They can kiss the run off election in Georgia on January 5th goodbye.  Let's not forget that the Black Caucus of the Congress did not attend the Trump Inauguration in January, 2017, so there is precedent for a boycott.  

The Inauguration of Crooked Joe Biden is a celebration for the Socialists, Fake News, RINOS, Deep State Swamp Lizards, BLM, Antifa, Big Corporations, Big Tech and Wall Street that stole this election from Trump.  These are the same people that mercilessly attacked Trump to the point of treason for the entire 4 years of his Presidency.  And now, Biden is calling for "Healing".   It is not going to happen.  Biden and Harris will get what they gave for as long as they are in office.  We will not forget and we will not forgive.  We will do everything we can to stop them from imposing Socialism on our country.  

Instead and without any concession, Trump should give a farewell speech, which could very well be his plan to be active in the 2022 election and to run for reelection in 2024.   As the aggrieved President saying clearly that the Presidency was stolen from him, Trump should say that this is just one battle in the war to Make America Great Again and to defeat Socialism.  Trump should encourage his 74 million supporters, really half of America to take heart in the struggle that must continue.   This election is very much like what occurred with Andrew Jackson who lost as a result of political shenanigans and came back four years later to win in a huge Populist Landslide.  Trump should just continue the campaign.  Since Biden Harris will screw things up, Trump winning in 2024 should be easy.  

President Trump should leave the White House a few days before the Inauguration and move on to Mar -A-Lago, which is not exactly slumming it.  Everybody goes to Florida in January, so no big deal.   And, no meeting with Biden or tour of the White House, which the Biden's know well anyway.  No drive down Pennsylvania Avenue together to the Inauguration. Should the Biden's wish to meet with the fellow who heads the staff at the White House, it's a free country.  The Biden's could still take the drive down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol Building if they choose to; but without Trump in the car.  Maybe Obama would like to join Biden for the ride to complete the steal.    

Some of you might think the positioning that I advocate is very small and that Trump should follow normal formalities for the good of the country.  That would all be fine except that Trump has endured Trump Derangement Syndrome from the Trump Haters 7/24 for four years.  We have never seen the kind of constant and untrue attacks on any President in American history as we have seen on Trump even though he has done a great job.  And, Joe Biden, who is a liar and a crook will have won by voter fraud.  So, the hell with them.  Trump should immediately focus on raising money for his MAGA PAC to be a powerhouse in the 2022 and 2024 elections because winning is the best revenge.    

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