Monday, May 31, 2021

History - The Great, Good, Bad & Ugly

All students should be taught the Great, Good, Bad and Ugly about American and World History.  The fact is that peoples of all colors and races have created great civilizations in the past 5,000 or more years.  In the process, they have killed millions of people through wars, genocide, ethnic cleansing, human sacrifice, discrimination and hatred.   These murders were not exclusive to any one race, sexual orientation or religion.   While this certainly is no justification or excuse for evil in history that has existed for centuries, it is just a statement of fact.  An additional statement of fact is that democracy is rooted in Western Civilization and no other.  

We do need to teach facts in our schools without radical Socialist Marxist ideology designed to revise history by altering facts.  Ideally, by teaching facts about all peoples just maybe we can help ensure that history will not repeat itself; but don't count on it.  World War II resulted in the deaths of more than 75 million people including 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.  As much as anything, many of those deaths occurred in the name of racial superiority.  While people of all colors and races died, most of the people that died in World War II were either White or Asian.  And, we don't even have to look to World War II to see more of the same things happening today.  

Our Founders, some of whom owned slaves, created the greatest nation in the history of the world.  Our Constitution and nation are unique and exceptional.  Yet, many peoples of all colors and ethnic origins once in our country, including Native Americans that were already here, have faced discrimination, hatred and even murder because of their race, ethnic origins, religion, or sexual orientation.  Of course, when these things occurred it was evil and wrong; yet people from many nations are still risking their lives everyday to illegally enter our country.   And, once here very few people have ever decided to go back to where they came from because they were fleeing few opportunities, poverty, misery and even murder in those countries much worse than what they may have experienced in the United States.   What other explanation could there be.  

We do need to teach the Great, Good, Bad and Ugly about American and world history leaving not one word out of the story.  But what is happening in many of our schools today ignores the whole story.  What is being taught is not based on truth and facts concerning more than 5,000 years of history.  Clearly, getting to where we are today has been a painful struggle experienced by many people of all colors, ethnic origins and races in order to achieve a more perfect union.  We won't get there by advancing racist revisionist history designed to further divide our nation.  We need to look to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights within it to guarantee freedom for all Americans.  We just need to keep working at it as one nation and one people under God.     

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Beware China - They Are Playing The Long Game

We are now learning that Covid may very well have been created in China and escaped from the lab in Wuhan.  President Trump was scorned by Fake News, National Socialists and the Deep State for calling it the China Virus.  At a minimum, we should demand that China cancel the debt that we and other countries owe them.   They must have some liability for the deaths and the global economic catastrophe that they caused and created.   Countries including the United States should go to the World Court in the Hague to make this claim.  Don't count on it as long as Biden is President because Joe Biden is China's butt boy.  

Covid aside, China has used the tremendous wealth they have gained from unfair trade and intellectual theft from the West and other countries in Asia to build up their country and military.   Their clear goal is not just hegemony in Asia, but they are building a blue water navy with leased bases all over the world to threaten and challenge the United States.  They already have an army  bigger than the combined armies of Western democracies.  The only thing preventing even more aggressive actions by China is our nuclear arsenals.  But the day will come when China will be able to match our Nukes and the missiles to deliver them.  When that day comes, all bets are off.  

We are already at war with China.  They are winning the economic war made worse under Joe Biden, since they own him as a result of his family's crooked deals with China.  Biden's is taking actions that can only benefit China as we ship even more jobs to China under the guise of the Green New Deal.  China continues unfair trade practices, currency manipulation and intellectual property theft designed to destroy our industries in the United States.  President Trump was the first President to stand up to China.  Biden will do nothing to stop China's economic dominance. 

On the military front, China continues to add ships, missiles, nuclear weapons and technology often stolen from the United States and other nations.   If the United States does not continue building our military, China will end up with the most powerful military in the world using our money to grow their power.  

China is shipping drugs into the United States through Mexico.  Fentanyl, which is killer , is coming across our border at alarming rates.   In addition to other addictive drugs derived from opium, China is turning many Americans into junkies both to make huge sums of money and to destroy our people.  This is war without the bullets; but even more deadly since it impacts millions of people and their families in the US.  This is an intentional strategy.  Again, Biden's open border policy is making this all possible.  

China is playing the long game.  They are determined to replace the United States as the dominant world power.  Hard to blame China for their China First policy.  The problem is with Joe Biden in place, we now have an America Last Policy, which only benefits China.    


Friday, May 28, 2021

The Culture War Is Exploding On America

National Socialists, the Deep State, which includes all levels of government, including the education establishment, Big companies including Big Tech, Fake News and now even the Military are engaged in the culture wars advancing propaganda opposed by half the country.  They are attempting to impose their will on the rest of us committed to our Bill of Rights, American patriotism and traditional Judeo Christian values.  Well guess what.  People all over the country are fighting back and just saying No.  We have had it. 

In Reno, Nevada where we live the battle is being fought with Woke School Board Members that are attempting to impose Socialist, Marxist, Racist K - 12 Social Justice curriculum indoctrination on our community based on Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, which is nothing more than fake, revisionist history full of lies and distortions.  This fight is happening all over the country as school board members are being recalled or removed when they run for re-election, or even forced to resign.  At the same time, these woke school board members are pushing the LGBTQIA agenda to allow boys to use girl's bathrooms and locker rooms and to compete in girl's competitive sports.   Those cases will be going to the courts.  Finally, in Reno, our school board is trying to push through a Gage Rule that forbids teachers to do or say anything that does not conform to their woke agenda, presumably under threat of termination.  This rule will also end up in the courts.  

The problem with all of this is that half the country, that also pays for public schools, does not support any these things.  If this continues, support for public schools will erode even further.  Public schools must remain neutral in the culture wars because otherwise, school districts will face numerous class action lawsuits to protect the interest of parents and kids.  The legal battles will never end.  And, there will be increased demands for School Choice so parents can flee public schools. 

The next Civil War has already begun.  It is now happening in the courts and in Red States that are rejecting these Socialist left wind positions.  Red State Attorney Generals are now suing to stop Biden's executive orders the same way Blue State Attorney Generals sued to stop Trump's executive orders.  This is really the Civil War all over again; but for now anyway, these cases are in the courts.  As Lincoln said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  The end result last time was about 800,000 Americans killed in the Civil War.  Let's hope we don't end up doing this again because this time, it will be much worse.  Half the country own guns.  It would not be good if all of this leads to violence.  Let's pray that it never happens. 

We are headed toward the dissolution of the United States because we have irreconcilable differences on so many key issues.  Ultimately, it will come as a result of the bankruptcy of the United States, which is sure to happen if federal government spending continues on the current trajectory.  

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Dangerous Times In America

Some time in the 1970's we moved away from the old Melting Pot concept, which said that America was like a giant Melting Pot with people coming from all over the world to forge one nation under God to the Salad Bowl concept, which said we were like a salad in a bowl with separate and distinct ingredients.  It seemed logical and inoffensive at the time, but it has led to incredible divisiveness in our country as now we are divided by race, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation and every other possible way of looking at life.  

We are no longer just Americans, we must be hyphen Americans.  And, if we are not Woke in complete compliance with left wing Socialist and even Marxist ideology, we are to be cancelled.  Sadly, many Big Companies, Big Tech, Big Government including all facets of the Education Establishment, The Deep State, Fake News and even the Military now adhere to this radical political ideology.  Critical Race Theory and Project 1619 racist revisionist history is becoming the defacto, divisive law of the land.

We have reached very dangerous times in our country.  Our freedoms as written in the Bill of Rights are under attack.  We have never been so divided since the Civil War.  It is hard to see how what is happening can result in a good outcome.  Half the country literally hates the other half the country.  We have irreconcilable differences on every key issue.  As Lincoln said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  Our current situation is the reason we see people on the extreme left, groups like BLM and Antifa and extreme right, groups like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers turning to violence in opposition to our government.  

Describing right wing groups as White Supremist racists is no better than describing BLM as Black Supremist racists.  We have to address the root causes for dissatisfaction with our government that becomes more intrusive into daily life by the day.  If we continue down this road, we could see the dissolution of the United States.  Red States are already taking legal action to stop Joe Biden's executive orders the same way Blue States sued to stop Donald Trump's executive orders.  In essence, we are already involved in a Civil War; but for now it is happening in the Courts.   

We have got to bring our nation together.  Our democracy is failing.  Government over reach is not only bankrupting our country, it is dividing our people.  It has to stop or our nation will perish.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Fake News Is Starting The Removal Of Joe Biden

As predicted, CNN Fake News and others are starting the process to remove Joe Biden from office.  In their first attack on Biden, Fake News is criticizing Biden for the Wuhan Covid Cover Up.  Apparently, after Biden cancelled the investigation of China that was happening when Trump was President, Biden just now approved the investigation related to the Covid virus being manufactured and leaked out of the lab in Wuhan.  Biden is owned by China as a result of his crime family activities in China, which is the reason Biden previously gave China a pass.  In fact, Biden is the Manchurian Candidate.  Everything Biden does benefits China including the latest action to stop mining of metals in the United States needed to make batteries for electric cars.  

Matter of fact, Nevada where we live is sitting on top of huge deposits of Lithium.  Instead of creating thousands of jobs mining lithium in the United States, Biden announced he will be working with other countries like China to secure those metals overseas in the name of protecting our environment.  Where are Nevada National Socialist Senators Rosen and Cortez Masto and Governor Sisolak, since Mining is Nevada's second largest industry.  They should be going crazy and we hear crickets.  

Flip Flop Fauci is now admitting that it is possible that the virus began in the Wuhan lab rather than being transmitted from bats to humans, which is why Biden can't continue to ignore the issue.  Fauci also lied when he said that the US government had not funded research at the Wuhan lab.  His agency did fund scientists in the US working with scientists in Wuhan.  This whole story is unraveling.  

But it should be no surprise.  This Blogger said from the day Biden was elected by voter fraud that he would never complete his first term.  Biden will either be forced out by using the 25th Amendment because of his dementia, be forced to resign as a result of obvious crime family corruption and or die a natural death during his first term.  One way or another Kamela Harris will be President in the near future.  What a scary thought.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Biden and BLM Terrorists

Joe Biden has approved flying the Black Lives Matter (BLM) flag at American embassies around the world.   BLM is a Terrorist organization that worked with Antifa for the last year rioting, looting and burning down buildings destroying many businesses in the process.  It is estimated that these criminals have caused over $2 billion in property damage including to many government buildings.  While the National Socialists are focused on the January 6th riot at the Capitol, the fact is that BLM has wreaked havoc and destruction in many cities across the country.  People have died or been injured at the hands of BLM far worse than anything that occurred on January 6th; yet the National Socialists will neither investigate nor condemn BLM. 

This recent action by Joe Biden tells me that radicals within the National Socialist Party have threatened him with removal by the 25th Amendment for his dementia if Biden does not do exactly as they order him to do.  Flying the BLM Terrorist flag at our embassies around the world is supporting their crimes, which are numerous.  How could any President in his right mind approve this. 

But wait a minute, Joe Biden proves daily that he is not in his right mind.  Biden's handlers keep him sedated and well rested to prevent him from making too many obvious gaffs.  Biden maintains a very light schedule of perhaps a few appointments a day and then nap time.  Biden has clearly been given the list of what he must do to stay in office.  Everyday is some new left wing dictate ordered by the National Socialist left wing of their Party.  

Monday, May 24, 2021

Anti Semitism Persists Among National Socialists

Not that National Socialists are the friends of any people of faith; but it is becoming clear that in their zeal to support the Palestinians including Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorists,  they are spawning new levels of Anti Semitism hatred in the United States.  Jews are being attacked on the streets of our major cities.  We are likely to see synagogues attacked next.  While some National Socialist leaders, including Joe Biden are trying to demonstrate their support for Israel. the left wingers of their party including AOC's Squad, Bernie Sanders, who claims to be a Jew and others are calling for defunding Israel's military and their Iron Dome system that acted as a shield to  combat the more than 3,000 rockets recently fired into Israeli cities by Hamas and Hezbollah.  

What is particularly interesting is that about 75% of Jews in the United States continue to vote for National Socialists even though many of them are no friend of Israel.   These are liberal, secular, cultural not religious Jews.  In many ways, they are Jews in name only.  They are not big supporters of Israel.  Of course, perhaps the Anti Semitism we are seeing in our country will help them see reality.  The haters do not distinguish between secular and religious Jews.  

Part of the Cancel Culture we are seeing along with left wing revisionist history denies Jews the right to their homeland in Israel.  They even deny that Israel existed as the promised land when Moses and the Jews escaped slavery in Egypt to eventually form the land of Israel.  It was King David that established Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the very spot where Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac to please God.  It is also the spot where King Solomon built the first Temple and King Herod built the second Temple both presumably to house the 10 Commandments in the Arc of the Covenant.  Jews have a biblical history and right to the state of Israel.  Hopefully, one day Jews and Palestinians can live in peace; but not as long as Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorists refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.  

Sunday, May 23, 2021

St. Louis Has The Highest Murder Rate In The United States

The city of St. Louis has the highest per capita murder rate in the United States at 87 murders per 100,000 residents.  So of course, the new Black mayor of St. Louis, Tishaura Jones has announced that she plans to defund the police and put the money into social programs and perhaps more social workers.  She claims that half the 911 calls that come into the city can be handled by social workers.  Really!  While the suburbs of St. Louis are often lovely and safe; St. Louis is a relatively small town.  Clearly, many parts of St. Louis are No Go Zones; but that would not stop criminals from crossing into nearby suburbs to commit crimes.  They go where the money is.  Well dah!

All residents of St. Louis and suburbs nearby should be furious.  Ironically, defunding the police will hurt the poor most who are most at risk of experiencing crime and the murders that happen most often in high crime areas.  All people in St. Louis and surrounding areas should take action to protect themselves.  That could mean buying guns and carrying them when outside the home.  All homes should have security systems and where possible walls and gates to make it harder for criminals to commit crimes.  Those that live in nicer areas should hire private security to protect their homes.  

Many American cities run by Socialists are becoming Brazil where murders, car jackings and robberies are common.  In Brazil's major cities, people who can afford it all have private security in many cases armed guards to protect them from criminals.  The movement to defund police will lead to this outcome. Hopefully, the people of St. Louis and surrounding suburbs will rise up to stop this radical socialist Mayor from turning St. Louis into Brazil.  The life they save may be their own.  

Dr. Fauci Must Be Fired

Perhaps no single person in America has done as much damage to our country than Dr. Fauci, who has continued to make contradictory comments related to Covid.   Fauci is the highest paid swamp lizard working in government at something over $400,000 a year slightly more than the President is paid.  At first Fauci said Covid came from bats out of China.  Now Fauci is admitting that Covid could have escaped from the Lab in Wuhan China, where they were doing research on infectious diseases.  

Fauci lied when he said that the US government was not funding some of that research.  They were funding a scientist in the United States that was highly involved in the research in China.  Nobody is paying much attention anymore to the advisories coming out of the CDC because they keep changing.  All schools were closed down for a year and then a few months after the election, the CDC came out and said schools could open because kids were not at risk, nor were they transmitters of Covid.  This one directive has wreaked havoc on our nation.  

Getting vaccinated was supposed to solve all problems including the need to wear masks.  Who knows what the hell the CDC is saying as they proclaim we need to wear masks maybe forever.  Fauci is behind all this confusion and misinformation.  Fauci must be FIRED; but don't count on it.  Feckless Biden needs Fauci causing panic to continue enacting Socialist Schemes.  Remember, "never let a good crisis go to waste".  Fauci just keeps the crisis going on and on.  

Friday, May 21, 2021

Watch CSPAN To See Deep State Swamp Lizards In Action

CSPAN began in 1979 to allow the American people to see Congress in action for the first time in American history.  So today, we see the House of Representative and Senate "working" when they are in session, which includes numerous hearings that go on most days of the week.  It is great to watch CSPAN if you need to take a nap because most of the time what you will see are members of Congress trying to look smart.  Many of them fail at it. 

More important, when watching CSPAN you will see all the Deep State Swamp Lizards kissing each others butts because they are all feeding at the trough.  So, there will be Cabinet Members, the military, lobbyists and lawyers of all kinds testifying.  Of course, very often the senior management of the 100 largest global companies that control 50% of our GDP shows up sometimes when subpoenaed to protect their business interests.   What is also interesting is that these hearings speak of billions and now trillions of dollars often authorized by Congress to pay for all sorts of pork barrel projects.  Everything discussed is "critical" to our nation.  Life as we know will end according to all the Swamp Lizards if the United States does not add to our soon to be $30 trillion national debt to fund everything conceivable.  

Watching CSPAN will probably help you realize that as President Ronald Reagan used to say,  "government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.   It has never been worse than it is today.  The National Socialists are doing everything they can to make government even bigger; though Republicans are good at it too.  The bigger the government the less our freedoms as they attempt to control all aspects of daily life.  Feeling like you can't breathe.  I know I am feeling suffocated.  

The really good thing about CSPAN are often the history lectures, some of which are actually based on facts, rather than some Socialist Critical Race Theory, or 1619 Project Racist Revisionist History that is nothing but propaganda full of lies.  You will know real quick if you are getting the truth, or PC BS in just a few minutes of watching their history segments.  In any case, CSPAN is great for watching Deep State Swamp Lizards in action.  After watching for a few months, you will see why we desperately need term limits for members of Congress.  Many of these dinosaurs, like the one in the White House, have to go and the sooner the better.  

Thursday, May 20, 2021

January 6th Commission - Just More National Socialist TDS

The National Socialists and 35 duped RINOS in the House recently approved implementation of a January 6th Commission to investigate the riot at the Capitol that day.  This is just more National Socialist Trump Derangement Syndrome.  This will turn into the third impeachment trial as they seek to blame Trump for the riot.  Supposedly, this "bipartisan" commission will have an equal number of National Socialists and Republicans, who are not members of Congress, except that no doubt the Republicans will be RINO Trump Haters because no real Republican would agree to serve on the Commission.  They must agree on subpoenas and witnesses; but since there will be RINOS on the Committee, they will just go along to get along.  

The good news is that Kevin McCarthy and other Republican House leadership and even Mitch McConnell in the Senate have come out against this Commission first because there are already House and Senate Committees investigating the January 6th riot and new security measures are already being approved.  Second, Republican Leadership opposes this Commission because the National Socialists refuse to investigate the BLM and Antifa riots, looting and arson that have destroyed $2 billion in property and hundreds of businesses and government buildings and resulted in deaths and injuries.  The real Big Lie relates to BLM and Antifa Terrorists as the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State claim they are just peaceful protesters, really!  Our eyes tell us otherwise. 

Hopefully, this January 6th Commission will die a timely death in the Senate assuming the Socialists can't get 10 RINOS to go along with their Scheme to get to a 60 vote filibuster proof majority.  Since just 7 RINOS voted for Trump's Impeachment, they should fall short; but there are often enough gutless Republicans for the National Socialists to get their way.  

While what happened at the Capitol was wrong and more than 500 people will eventually be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes, the Deep State, Fake News and the National Socialists refuse to recognize the crimes happening all over our country committed by BLM and Antifa Terrorists, not to mention the murders happening every week.  This January 6th Commission is really about smearing President Trump and the 75 million Americans that voted for him.  The goal is to call all Trump voters White Supremist insurrectionists.  The Deep State and Fake News that hate Trump will eat it up.  We know the end of this story before it is even written.  Just more Trump Derangement Syndrome Yada Yada Yada.   

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Biden Continues To Put America Last

Since the day Joe Biden took office, he has put America Last and we see the end result.  One of the first things Biden did as President was to stop the Keystone Pipeline.  Of course, that Canadian oil is still coming into the United States by Warren Buffet's trains and trucks, which even members of Biden Administration have admitted is putting more pollution into the air; but Biden did not care.  In addition, Biden has stopped the oil and natural gas leasing of federal lands.  So of course, the cost of gasoline at the pump is going through the roof.  No doubt, by the end of the year, gas will be at $5 a gallon in most states, which will impact the cost of everything we eat, do, buy etc.  Raising energy prices hurts the poor most.  It is effectively a tax on living. 

But things get even worse,  Biden just approved the natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.  Trump, who the National Socialists and Fake News claimed was Putin's stooge, stopped this from happening while he was President.  Trump stopped it for two reasons.  First, it is a national security issue.  Having Germany dependent on Russia for energy will subject them to energy blackmail by the Russians.  And two, we are in a position to sell liquified natural gas to Germany, all that they need.  So Biden has just cost American companies and our country billions of dollars in business every year. 

Biden is either an idiot or a moron, which ever is the lower IQ.  We know that Biden is feeble with dementia; but it is starting to look like whatever medications Biden takes everyday, he must also be taking stupid pills.   Destroying American Energy Independence is stupid and benefits China.  Allowing Russia to sell energy to Germany denying US companies that market is really stupid.  Biden's first 120  days in office have been a disaster for our country and the world.  It just keeps getting worse by the day.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

US Military Must Now Be Woke

Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, a Commander in the US Space Force was relieved of command because he participated in a Conservative Podcast to discuss his book entitled Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest and Unmasking of the American military.   Lohmeier alleges that Marxism is alive and well in the military and now connected to and under the guise of Critical Race Theory.  Biden's cronies running the Department of Defense are pushing this racist ideology as required training throughout the military to address alleged White Supremacy in the military.  Of course, this is ridiculous since the military may be the only real entity in government that is completely racially integrated, including its officers.  

No doubt, many will be leaving the military, or not joining at all rather than being forced to be Woke in their training.  This is a national security issue.  Our military needs to be a cohesive force.  Anything that seeks to divide our military along racial lines in not a good thing.  Critical Race Theory is a racist Socialist ideology that seeks to revise history in ways that are simply not true.  

The last thing we need is this racist ideology forced on our military let alone in our schools, colleges and universities; yet it is happening in education, government and big business.  Patriotic Americans need to stand up and Just Say No.  The assertion that all Whites benefit from White Privilege is just not based in fact when more Whites than Blacks in real numbers are on Welfare and Foods Stamps.  For every Black killed by a cop in the line of duty, 3 Whites are killed.  And, 50% of people in the United States of all colors do not have $1,000 saved up to cover an emergency.  Is that White Privilege.  My blue collar parents struggled for most of the lives just to get by.  Be assured, they did not benefit from being White; but their story is not unique.  

Critical Race Theory ignores all of this and is an incredible distortion of history.  Teachers should teach the great, good, bad and ugly about American history; but learning must be based on facts not some crazy Socialist ideology.  What is happening in our military will destroy it; but then maybe that is their real goal.  

Monday, May 17, 2021

Cancel Culture - Attack On First Amendment Rights

There should be no doubt that Cancel Culture is an attack on our First Amendment Rights guaranteeing Freedom of Speech, Religion and Press; unless of course we are Conservative and Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Military, Pro-Cops, Pro-Lower Taxes and less regulations, Pro-Energy Independence, Pro-Traditional Family and Marriage, Pro-Secure Borders and against Illegal Immigration and Pro-America First.   If we dare express our opinions on any of these topics, we will be cancelled by the National Socialists, Education Establishment, Fake New and the Deep State including the largest corporations in America.  

And, if we support Election Integrity and Voter ID and believe that there was voter fraud in key states in 2020 that cost President Trump the election, we will not only be cancelled, the Deep State will label us White Supremist Racist Insurrectionists.  We are simply not allowed to believe that the election was stolen even though we saw it with our own eyes.  The Deep State cannot allow us to believe that feeble Joe Biden won by voter fraud because it delegitimizes his Presidency.  

Well too bad.  The Deep State can implement all the Commissions they want to investigate "the real causes of the January 6 riot at the Capitol"; but it will not change one thing related to our beliefs.  We know that Donald Trump won in 2020.   Trump received the most votes of any sitting President in American History.   No candidate in modern times has won Texas, Ohio and Florida as Trump did, where elections were honest and lost the election.  This tells us there was something rotten in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia where the dead voted and some voted absentee ballots that were not theirs to vote.  We saw it happening.  

We get it.  The good news is that parents and other concerned citizens are rising up not to riot, but to stop Critical Race Theory and Project 1619 racist ideology and revisionist history from being taught in our schools.  We are using our First Amendment rights no matter what they call us.  We are mad as hell and they are terrified.  School Boards are in a panic because people are showing up at Board Meetings across the country to Just Say No to this Socialist propaganda.  Many have died to protect our freedoms.  We will not allow those practicing Cancel Culture to take freedom from us.  They are going to feel the heat from now on.   The battle has been joined.  

Sunday, May 16, 2021

To Wear A Mask or Not To Wear a Mask

Not that many people are paying much attention to the Center for Disease Control's pronouncements anymore and Dr. Fauci in particular because they have been wrong on so many issues; but I think they are now saying that those that have been vaccinated for Covid do not need to wear masks anymore inside or outside before saying a day earlier that everybody had to continue wearing masks for the rest of our lives.  Some big box stores have announced no more masks within their stores unless apples are on sale.  

Honestly, the public is so confused by both the CDC and the Biden Administration that nobody really knows what to do.  Since this Blogger and his family have all been vaccinated, we are going back to normal unless of course, the FBI or the DOJ arrest us for being Conservatives who refuse to wear masks. When we go to court, we will just plead the Fifth Amendment refusing to admit to wearing or not wearing a mask unless of course when they do the strip search they find a mask hidden in our underwear.

Like so many things in this Covid fiasco for the last year or more and government dictums, we have reached crazy.  A few months ago, the CDC said there was no problem with kids going back to school, since they are not transmitters of the disease after putting parents and our country through hell for the last year closing all schools.  Tell that to the teachers unions that have refused to go back to work on site at school.  

Millions of people in the United States have been vaccinated.  Maybe we should have a tattoo on our forehead proving it.  Those they have not been vaccinated are still supposed to wear masks.  But who would know the difference.  I don't think they have invented a screening machine yet to determine who has, or has not been vaccinated.  In any case, I guess we are good to go unless of course some little Hitler in a store, local or state government decides to ignore the CDC science and guidelines.  It is already happening.  

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Israel - Under Attack & At War Again

Israel is a beautiful European country in the midst of Arab third world countries.  The Palestinians have been given billions of dollars every year by various countries including the United States, yet when crossing into the Palestinian territory from Israel, it is definitely like going into a third world country.  The reason is corruption, which is common in many Arab countries.  A lot of the money given Palestinian leaders ends up in Swiss bank accounts, while the Palestinian people live in squalor.  Of course, the Palestinians blame Israel; but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Hamas, a terrorist group based in Gaza and perhaps Hezbollah based in Lebanon are firing thousands of rockets into Israel's cities.  Israel has iron dome technology to shoot many down, but some do get through.  The rockets are supplied by Iran, which should be an act of war.  This latest attack on Israel would not be happening if President Trump were still in office.  These attacks are happening because Iran does not fear any action by feeble and weak Joe Biden.  Ultimately, Israel will have to strike Iran.  What choice do they have.  Just imagine if China was supplying Mexico with rockets that were being fired into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  In addition to striking Mexico from where the rockets are coming, any President with guts ( Not Joe Biden who is owned by China ) would take action against China.  

In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Kennedy made it very clear that any missile fired from Cuba on the United States, or our allies would result in a full retaliatory attack on the Soviet Union that supplied them.   At a  minimum, Israel should use a cyber attack to shut down all Iranian military installations.  There must be some retaliation against Iran for these rocket attacks in addition to striking at Hamas and Hezbollah.  Fortunately, Israel has among the best military's in the world.  They will do what is necessary to protect their nation.   

Friday, May 14, 2021

Radical National Socialists & China Own Joe Biden

It is very clear from the obscene shift to the left that the Radical National Socialists of his party own Joe Biden.  My guess is that he has been threatened with the 25th Amendment to remove him from office if he does not do their bidding.  They would like nothing better than to finally recognize Biden's dementia to make Kamela Harris the first Black woman of color President of the United States.  Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, AOC and others have probably told Joe Biden directly that he either tows the Socialist Party line, or they will use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him.  One way or another, Biden will be gone before the end of his first term.  

It will either be by the 25th Amendment, natural death because he is after all 78 and average life expectancy for men in the United States is 76, or Biden will be forced to resign because of all his Biden crime family dealings.  And, that gets us to China.  You can bet that China has let it be known that if Biden does not do their bidding, they will go public with all the Hunter Biden connections and bribes they have paid to the Biden family.   This is not conjecture.  It is fact.  So, Joe Biden can't go too far in attempting to confront China on any issue the way Trump did because otherwise they will go public with enough dirt that Biden will be forced to resign.  

In the mean time, we face a crisis at the border, in Israel, cyber terrorism, higher unemployment and inflation is going through the roof.  Gas will be a $5 a gallon by year end, which will impact the cost of everything.  Joe Biden is overwhelmed.  And, if the Socialists are successful in using reconciliation to dramatically raise taxes, we will see a stock market crash probably in October.   The only good news in all of the is that the National Socialists will lose control of the Congress in 2022.  However, there is no good news related to China as they continue their aggressive actions in Asia Pacific and continue stealing our technology and jobs from the United States.  

Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Deep State & White Supremacy

When you hear the National Socialists and others in Deep State speak of the threats coming from White Supremacists and those who advocate White Supremacy, all should understand that they are really talking about all Whites in the 75 million that voted for President Trump.  First, no doubt there are a small number of people in the United States that do believe in White Supremacy and there could be some of them that advocate the overthrow of the United States government by violent means.   The Socialists are also using this White Supremacy "threat" as the reason to push Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project racist ideology in our schools.  

But this so called threat in no way compares to the rioting, looting and arson we have seen our our city streets for months committed by Antifa and BLM; yet the Deep State rarely mentions them.  And, when they are arrested, which is not often, they are released with no bail.  Ask the people of Portland or Seattle.   These thugs have caused billions of dollars in property damage burning down government buildings and destroying businesses.  And, there have been deaths many injured.  While the Capitol may have had a few broken windows and some clean up to do, it is nothing compared to what we have seen on our city streets for the past year or more.  Yet, no Congressional investigation.  It is shameful.  

These National Socialists are terrified by what happened at the Capitol on January 6.  A few hundred protesters stormed the Capitol and raised hell.  They were not carrying weapons and no member of Congress was harmed.  One of the protesters, an unarmed White woman and Vet was killed by a Capitol Cop; but of course there is no investigation and no charges against the Cop.  None of this is to justify the riot that took place that day; but it was hardly an insurrection that could have ever resulted in the overthrow of our government.  It was just a bunch of patriots upset about election fraud who got carried away.  No doubt, they will be punished for their "crimes".  

In the meantime, the crime and murder rates are going through the roof in many cities because Cops are standing down and or resigning.  Primarily Black people die every weekend in Chicago and other major cities in our country.  Cops have been killed in cold blood.  Yet, there are no Congressional investigations.  While the DOJ, FBI and Homeland Security focus on White Supremacy, these murders every week continue.  And, we are experiencing an invasion on our Border.  Serious Criminals coming into our country are being released on to our city streets rather than being deported.  All this focus on White Supremacy is a distraction when in fact, we face Terrorists all over our country; both native and foreign born that are a real threat to our nation.  

Social Justice Curriculum Is Blatantly Racist

Public School Districts and even some Woke Secular Private Schools are adopting Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project in an attempt to rewrite history based on nothing but Socialist propaganda and revisionist history full of lies.  This ideology sees everything through a racial lens and proclaims that there is systematic racism and White Privilege in our society that is the cause of all our nation's problems.   But what is really sick is the shaming of White Children that are made to feel guilty for just being White.

These Socialists know that they can't speak of Critical Race Theory, or the 1619 Project openly because they are so controversial, so they call what they are doing, "Social Justice Curriculum" as is happening in Reno, Nevada where we live.  But there is no doubt that this racist ideology is the foundation of this curriculum.  Since this is happening all over the country, parents and other concerned citizens are fighting back including in Reno, Nevada.  Our School Board meetings are turning into chaotic exchanges with unresponsive school board members who just don't care what the community wants, or is saying to them.  Citizens are using the law to demand curriculum materials and even the right to observe teachers in the classroom implementing this curriculum.  

Shaming of White Children should be documented in school districts where this is happening to form the basis for class action lawsuits alleging a serious violation of children's Civil Rights.  Teachers should be put on notice that what they say could be actionable in court.  Racism against anyone of any color is simply unacceptable.  

The notion of White Privilege is a Big Lie.  There are more Whites in real numbers living in poverty than Blacks.  50% of Americans of all colors do not have $1,000 in the bank to cover an emergency.  My White blue collar parents that today would be considered the working poor struggled just to get by most of their adult lives.  Their story is not unique.  My Italian immigrant grandfather who never spoke English worked with others in a little town in Ohio to beat back the Ku Klux Klan in the 20's that not only hated Blacks, but also immigrants, Catholics and Jews.   This is why valid history matters.  Children must be taught what is great, good, bad and ugly about our country; but the facts and truth must be the basis of our educational system, not the left wing indoctrination that is happening today.  

We need to bring people together to raise everybody up, not tear people down by creating even more division in our country.  Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project positioned as Social Justice, or anything else are blatantly racist and will do great harm to our country and children.  All concerned citizens must stand up and say NO.  School Board Members that insist on implementing these racist programs and ideology must be removed from office.  We are working on doing just that in Reno, Nevada.  The battle has been joined in many cities across the country.  Schools need to focus on academic performance and results not racist ideology.  

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Cyber Terrorism - An Act of War

During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed that any missile fired from Cuba on the United States or any of our allies would result in a full retaliatory response against the Soviet Union that had placed the missiles armed with nuclear weapons on Cuba.  Kennedy stated United States policy with complete clarity without any room for doubt.  This statement helped prevent nuclear war at the time. 

So today, we have cyber terrorism presumably implemented by countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and criminal gangs attempting to shut down businesses in a attempt to extort millions of dollars to provide the codes to remove the malware.  We are seeing this in action related to the Colonial Pipeline company that provides gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to east coast states.  There is now a national emergency on the east coast as fuel supplies are running low.  

First, weak and feeble Joe Biden needs to make a clear statement related to any country that implements cyber terrorism.  Biden should say in no uncertain terms that we would see this as an act of war resulting in a retaliatory response to literally shut down their entire economy.  We have the capability to turn off their power supplies, which would bring any economy to a stand still.  It could take months for another country to bring their grid back on line.  Our reaction must be devastating to prevent countries from implementing cyber terrorism on our government, or businesses.  

Specific to criminal gangs, this should be hunt them down and kill them using drones, or the CIA no matter where they reside.  They have to know that implementing cyber terrorism against US interests is a death sentence.  It may not stop them, but it sends the right signal.  Mess with the United States and DIE.  

Monday, May 10, 2021

Afghanistan - A National Tragedy

Both President Trump and Biden decided to bring our troops out of Afghanistan to end our 20 year longest war in history.  It should have happened long ago.  We have suffered more than 4,000 coalition forces dead and more than 20,000 wounded.  It was right for President George W. Bush to wage war against Afghanistan after that country was used as the base for Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.  It was right for President Obama to send in the troops to kill Osama Bin Laden; just unfortunate that it took 10 years to track him down because he was being protected by Pakistan, supposedly one of our allies that we give billions of dollars to every year as bribes.  

But we never seemed to learn the lessons of Viet Nam.  We decided that rather than just punish the Taliban in Afghanistan, which we could have done by air bombing, we had to engage in nation building to protect corrupt politicians and more importantly the women of Afghanistan, who were brutalized by the Taliban.  So here we are twenty years later having spent a trillion dollars on the war with all of our casualties.  The Taliban today controls most of the country. 

We were told by the Generals for 20 years that victory, whatever that was supposed to mean was just around the corner.  The Generals got their promotions with all the medals on their jackets, while  young men and women came home in body bags.  If we learned nothing from Viet Nam, it should have been never trust the Generals because wars are good for their careers. Now we are told that in all likelihood after we leave, the Taliban will regain control of the country.   So, we should plan on evacuating all the politicians and military officers and their families that cooperated with us because they will surely be murdered by the Taliban once we are gone.  We can expect to see the helicopters and ships evacuating thousands of Afghani's to prevent their murders.  They will be coming to America.  

Most important, the rule we should learn for these wars is never fight on the other guy terms.  We should not land troops anywhere except to protect the United States including our borders.  Instead, we should use air power only to defend our interests and keep bombing the bad guys until they are dead.  Sadly, many Americans died and were wounded in Afghanistan to achieve nothing.  It is a National Tragedy and disgraceful.  

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Coca Cola Imploding On Wokeness

Coca Cola that told their White employees they needed to be "less White" is beginning to implode on their wokeness.   First, many consumers are boycotting Coke products.  Yep, offending half the country is generally not good for business.  But now Bradley Gayton, who happens to be Black, their General Counsel was forced to resign after just 7 months with the company because he was attempting to force quotas on outside law firms that represent Coke.  Gayton demanded that much of their billings must come from Black attorneys.  This was a bridge too far as many of the law firms pushed back resulting in pushing him out of his job. 

But not to worry.  Coke did not fire Gayton for now anyway. That would not be woke.  He has been turned into a highly paid Strategic Consultant no doubt working on "special projects" for the CEO of the company.  In corporate speak that usually means that rather than severance pay, he will be gone in a year.  Look everybody supports diversity.  What everybody does not support is crazy wokeness that in this case is not in the interests of Coca Cola.  

Let's not forget that Coke is a publicly traded company ultimately responsible to its shareholders who own the company.  Making stupid business decisions that are not in the interests of its shareholders is actually a violation of fiduciary responsibility.  Trying to impose quotas on outside companies as a condition for doing business with Coke was a stupid decision.  

Biden's Lousy Jobs Report - No Surprise

In the latest jobs report, only 266,000 new jobs were created when the expectation was that 1,000,000 people would go back to work last month.  As a result, the unemployment rate moved back up to 6.1%.  Why would this be a surprise to anyone.  The federal government is paying people unemployed an extra $300 a week in addition to their state benefits to stay home.  Generally, anyone who would normally earn less than $50,000 a year is better off getting tax free combined unemployment benefits than going back to work.  This combined with many schools remaining closed using on line learning makes it hard for parents with younger children to go back to work anyway. 

As a result, we will not see better employment numbers until next September, assuming the National Socialists don't extend expanded unemployment benefits; but only if the benefits end as planned.   This also assumes that all schools across the country will be open business as usual   Once gain as Ronald Reagan used to say, "Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is the problem".  Government shut down the economy probably much longer than needed, closed schools unnecessarily all of which devastated our economy and destroyed millions of small businesses and jobs.  And, so now it is government policy once again that is pro-longing the agony.  

Many businesses that are opening back up report that they can't find employees willing to work.  Jobs go unfilled because of these additional unemployment benefits.  Republicans warned that this would happen as they lowered the benefits down from the original $600 to $300 a week, which would have made it even more.  This is pretty simple.  If government wants to cut unemployment just eliminate the additional $300 in the next 30 days and people will go back to work.  The National Socialists will not do it because they are using the lousy jobs report as an excuse for their next $2 Trillion plus Swindle Us Plan.  Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste is their motto.  They create the crisis and then throw borrowed trillions at it. 

Friday, May 7, 2021

National Day Of Prayer Without God

The National Day of Prayer began with President Bill Clinton.  Every President since then has proclaimed the National Day of Prayer each year in May by acknowledging God as the basis for the day.   But not this year.  Joe Biden recognized the National Day of Prayer without one reference to God.  So, if we are not praying to God, what is the point of the day. 

Joe Biden who supports abortion right up until birth and even after pretends to be a devout Catholic.  The problem is that one of the basic tenets of the Catholic Church is the sanctity of life.  So much so that the US Catholic Conference of Bishops and many Bishops individually, including the Bishop in San Francisco have said that Catholic politicians that openly support abortion, including Joe Biden cannot receive Communion because they are not one with the Church.  It's about time.

So, the most visible "devout" Catholics like Socialists Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durban, Tim Kane, John Kerry and others must be excluded from Communion.  They are free to attend mass; but priests, bishops, cardinals etc. including the Pope cannot serve them Communion.  If it happens, parishioners must stand between the priest and these supposedly devout Catholics doing the devil's work killing innocent babies.  

Joe Biden showed us who he is when in proclaiming the National Day of Prayer he failed to mention God even once.  Biden is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Joe Biden is certainly no Catholic.  He really should join one of the liberal Christian denominations that support abortion.  They would welcome him with open arms.  

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Honeywell Betrayed The United States

Honeywell, a global military arms supplier to the US government betrayed the United States by providing China with critical information concerning many of our military aircraft.  They claim it was an accident.  Really!  No doubt, Honeywell does a lot of business with China so this is the pay off.  How is it possible to accidently give China access to computer files that will allow them to gain billions of dollars in secret technology to build their military aircraft.  The government bought this BS and fined Honeywell just $13 million, $5 million of which can be used by Honeywell to correct their systems.  Again, Really!

First, those responsible in government for oversight of Honeywell contracts must immediately be FIRED.  Congress must hold hearings to get to the bottom of this betrayal.  Next, those at Honeywell who allowed this to happen must be charged with treason.  Claiming that this happened by accident is no defense.  Many at Honeywell betrayed our country by providing military secrets to China.  

This is just one more example of Deep State cooperation to allow all of them to continue feeding at the trough.  The US government should demand that Honeywell's Board and Senior Management be removed; as a condition for doing business with the government; but that won't happen because DC Swamp Lizards protect their own.   It is also clear that the government should install on site over sight at Honeywell to make sure that these treasonous acts do not continue; but again don't count on it because it is Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the DC Swamp. 

100 companies control about 50% of our GDP.  They all do billions of dollars of business with local, state and federal governments.  This results in cozy, corrupt relationships and in this case even involving treason and betrayal of our country.  This episode with Honeywell is disgraceful.   


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Liz Cheney Is Done

Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney, the Never Trumper is done.  She will be removed from her leadership position in the House of Representatives because she just does not understand that Trump owns the Republican Party, whether he runs for President again or not in 2024.  Half the country still believes that Biden won as a result of election fraud.  And, it is not just about Trump, it is about his America First MAGA Movement coalition, which is the only way Republicans can take back the Congress in 22 and win the Presidency in 24.  

Cheney is the typical Establishment Republican who supports Free Trade that has gutted the heartland and sent millions of jobs to China and other countries.  Cheney like her father supports endless foreign wars that have achieved nothing, but trillions of dollars wasted and American lives lost.  Cheney just does not get it.  Even if she hates President Trump, she should have kept her big mouth shut and not have voted for his Impeachment, which is the kiss of death for the few Republicans that voted to Impeach Trump.  

They, including Cheney will all be primaried because they are seen as collaborator traitors working with the National Socialists, Deep State and Fake News.  Cheney is a DC Swamp Lizard.  That fact that she is a woman will not shield her from demise.  She will not be re-elected in 22.  Liz Cheney is over.  

Mitch McConnell is next.  And, Mike Pence has no future in the Republican Party because he was gutless and did not fight to defend Trump's reelection.  We need fighters to defeat the National Socialist Fascists not gutless RINOS.  

Schools Implementing "Social Justice" Curriculum

Public School Administrators and School Boards and even some private schools have figured out that they can't use the terms 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory because it sparks outrage among many parents that do not want their children exposed to this racist indoctrination.  So, instead they are now using the term "social justice curriculum" to covertly install this ideology in their schools.  But parents, grandparents and all patriotic Americans should not be fooled by this bait and switch modality. 

In fact, "social justice" is really about "woke" curriculum designed to shame White children for their White Privilege and the most radical LGBTQIA that teaches all sorts of ideas about race and gender.  As a former history and government teacher years ago, I taught the great, good, bad and ugly about American history; but what I taught was based on facts and truth.  The indoctrination in many of our schools today is based on radical ideology that has no basis in facts.  Much of it is lies and Socialist propaganda.  

This race based ideology is making its way into all subjects not just Social Studies and history.  For example, one school district in Virginia has announced that it will no longer teacher higher level math before the 11th grade.  Really.  Those pursing higher education in the sciences, engineering, computer technology etc. need to begin higher level math in the 8th grade to take all the courses necessary to get to the tougher courses.  Presumably, higher level math is not being taught because it is not racially sensitive whatever that means.  

As a White guy, math was never my subject, though I struggled through Algebra only to begin to focus on foreign languages where I excelled.  The fact is that math did not compute in my head so I avoided it.  There are people of all races that do well in math and those that do not do well in math.  It is not a reason to stop teaching higher level math.   Parents should look at all subject materials to see what is being taught.  I suspect they will be shocked.  

Parents, grandparents and patriotic Americans wake up.  Take back control of your schools by electing school board members committed to truth and sound education not crazy ideology and indoctrination. Beware the innocent term "social justice", which we all support.  It does not mean what the words imply.   

Monday, May 3, 2021

Biden Rescinds Permit For AmVets Memorial Day Celebration

For thirty years, both Democrat and Republican Presidents have approved the AmVets Motorcycle Parade in Washington DC to recognize Memorial Day.  This day is dedicated to those who have given their lives in defense of our nation.  This year, Biden said NO to this outdoor event because of Covid.   We have reached ridiculous.  Of course, everybody knows that Vets on Bikes are big Trump supporters; but so what.  Biden should have approved this event.

What is sad and disgusting is that the military establishment at the Defense Department did not insist on the approval.  Those running the military today have become woke and are now part of the Deep State pushing every crazy left wing idea to keep the money rolling in so they can continue feeding at the trough.  

Joe Biden is a senile old man in a mask even when he is outdoors near no one.  This is because without the perpetuation of the Covid "Crisis", there is no reason to enact more of their Socialist Schemes.  The Socialists want bigger government controlling all aspect of daily life.  The bigger the government the less our freedoms.  What we have is the National Socialist Fascist Party.  The old Democrat Party is dead.

We have irreconcilable differences in our country as bad as before the Civil War.  The only good news is that with every stupid left wing action they take the odds of the Republicans taking back the Congress in 2022 and winning back the Presidency in 2024 get better.  Biden rescinding the permit for the AmVets Memorial Day celebration is just one more nail in their political coffins.  

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Federal Government Funding Racist 1619 Project

The Federal US Department of Education is providing grants to school districts that adopt the racist 1619 Project in their curriculum.   This is tied to Critical Race Theory ideology that puts slavery at the center of American history in ways that are just plain and simple lies.  It is revisionist history that ties all aspects of American history to slavery one way or another.  Republicans in Congress are attempting to stop all of this; but it is happening by Biden's minions. 

So, the American Revolution happened to protect and preserve slavery in their thinking, which is nonsense.  Slaves built America, again nonsense.   Whites are racist White Supremists.  All Whites have benefited from White Privilege.  Tell that to the many White immigrant groups that faced incredible discriminations when they arrived in America.  This curriculum seeks to shame White children for just being White.  

Slavery was a terrible evil; but it did not cause the Civil War.  The Civil War was fought because Southern States seceded from the union to preserve slavery and expand it to other states, which Lincoln opposed.  And, Southern States opposed many of the tariffs the North imposed on foreign goods to protect Northern industries.  The end result was reciprocal tariffs on Southern goods that hurt the Southern economy.  800,000 people died during the Civil War over these issues.  Slavery was ultimately ended as a result of the Civil War.

Slaves did not build America.  Slaves were mostly involved in agriculture in the South.  Some slaves provided manual labor in the building of the Capitol and no doubt plantations in the South.  The America we know today happened as a result of the Industrial Revolution that began after slavery was ended.  No doubt, freed slaves worked along side immigrants of all races from around the world to build America.  That is the truth.  

Concerned citizens must rise up to prevent this Project 1619 and Critical Race Theory revisionist history from being taught in our schools and universities.  It is indoctrination not based on historical facts.  This racist ideology seeks to demonize our Founding Fathers and further divide our country along racial fault lines.  This ideology is dangerous.  The great, good, bad and ugly should be taught about American history; but the truth must prevail based on facts, not a bunch of lies.  

Saturday, May 1, 2021

The War On Single Family Homes

There are cities and states run by National Socialists considering ending single family home zoning to get more housing on lots and to help with low income housing.  That would be a big mistake and it is not the way to build the 4 million homes needed to satisfy current demand.  Getting rid of single family zoning would raise the prices of single family homes in states like California that already has sky high prices.  There are better way to achieve the end result.

First, neighborhoods with poorly maintained homes that are 75 years or more old, considered urban blight, could be rezoned to multi family zoning.  This would allow for those homes to be torn down completely and replaced by apartments and condos.  And, if allowed to go up at least four stories many homes could be built on these combined lots.  The only problem with this concept is infrastructure.  The nearby streets and arteries that support these neighborhoods may not be sufficient to support higher density housing.  So before allowing this to happen, there really should be impact studies to determine what other improvements  may be needed before density is increased.  

Perhaps a smarter approach would be taking enclosed shopping malls built 50 - 75 years ago and repurposing them.  Anchor stores could be torn down and in their places could spring up apartments and condos designed for first time home buyers and all other age groups.  This could include housing for those 55 and older.  In the core of the mall could be grocery and drug stores, child care, urgent care and all other shopping to create walking cities.  These new structures, which could include even more attached buildings would come with underground parking in addition to the parking typically surrounding malls.  Generally, this concept would not require additional infrastructure, since malls were already built with high capacity use in mind.  This concept would be the most cost effective way to repurpose obsolete retail space to help solve the housing shortage.  There could also be old office buildings and other shopping centers that could be torn down and replaced by apartments and condos with shopping on the first few floors.  

A war on single family homes is not the way to solve the housing shortage.  This could be one area where Socialists and Republicans could work together to come up with creative ideas that actually result in more housing at various price points.  And, let's let capitalism solve the problem rather than big government that always seems to screw things up.  

National Socialists Pushing For Biden's $4 Trillion Swindle Us Plan

National Socialist Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer has said that they will "go it alone" to enact Biden's $4 Trillion Tax and Spend Swindle Us Plan without one single Republican vote if necessary.  They will use budget reconciliation to get it done this year to avoid Senate filibuster rule.  The Socialists will act by September to put in place the biggest expansion of government since the New Deal with job killing high taxes that will impact all Americans one way or another. 

This Swindle Us Plan is an incredible threat to our freedoms as Biden attempts to create cradle to grave government control over daily life.  We have much to fear from the National Socialists because history teachers us over again what happens when Fascists take over government.  It always leads to poverty, misery and even murder of people that don't tow the party line.  

It is time to push back.  We need protests in the streets.  June 14 is President Trump's birthday.  We need to hold a MAGA Protest in Washington DC and all major cities in our country.  We have to show the National Socialists the other half of the country that opposes everything they are doing.  They fear insurrection.  The Socialists are weaponizing the DOJ, FBI and IRS to stop any opposition to their Socialist Schemes.  These are very dangerous times in our country.