Monday, May 24, 2021

Anti Semitism Persists Among National Socialists

Not that National Socialists are the friends of any people of faith; but it is becoming clear that in their zeal to support the Palestinians including Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorists,  they are spawning new levels of Anti Semitism hatred in the United States.  Jews are being attacked on the streets of our major cities.  We are likely to see synagogues attacked next.  While some National Socialist leaders, including Joe Biden are trying to demonstrate their support for Israel. the left wingers of their party including AOC's Squad, Bernie Sanders, who claims to be a Jew and others are calling for defunding Israel's military and their Iron Dome system that acted as a shield to  combat the more than 3,000 rockets recently fired into Israeli cities by Hamas and Hezbollah.  

What is particularly interesting is that about 75% of Jews in the United States continue to vote for National Socialists even though many of them are no friend of Israel.   These are liberal, secular, cultural not religious Jews.  In many ways, they are Jews in name only.  They are not big supporters of Israel.  Of course, perhaps the Anti Semitism we are seeing in our country will help them see reality.  The haters do not distinguish between secular and religious Jews.  

Part of the Cancel Culture we are seeing along with left wing revisionist history denies Jews the right to their homeland in Israel.  They even deny that Israel existed as the promised land when Moses and the Jews escaped slavery in Egypt to eventually form the land of Israel.  It was King David that established Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the very spot where Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac to please God.  It is also the spot where King Solomon built the first Temple and King Herod built the second Temple both presumably to house the 10 Commandments in the Arc of the Covenant.  Jews have a biblical history and right to the state of Israel.  Hopefully, one day Jews and Palestinians can live in peace; but not as long as Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorists refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.  

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