Saturday, May 1, 2021

National Socialists Pushing For Biden's $4 Trillion Swindle Us Plan

National Socialist Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer has said that they will "go it alone" to enact Biden's $4 Trillion Tax and Spend Swindle Us Plan without one single Republican vote if necessary.  They will use budget reconciliation to get it done this year to avoid Senate filibuster rule.  The Socialists will act by September to put in place the biggest expansion of government since the New Deal with job killing high taxes that will impact all Americans one way or another. 

This Swindle Us Plan is an incredible threat to our freedoms as Biden attempts to create cradle to grave government control over daily life.  We have much to fear from the National Socialists because history teachers us over again what happens when Fascists take over government.  It always leads to poverty, misery and even murder of people that don't tow the party line.  

It is time to push back.  We need protests in the streets.  June 14 is President Trump's birthday.  We need to hold a MAGA Protest in Washington DC and all major cities in our country.  We have to show the National Socialists the other half of the country that opposes everything they are doing.  They fear insurrection.  The Socialists are weaponizing the DOJ, FBI and IRS to stop any opposition to their Socialist Schemes.  These are very dangerous times in our country.  

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