Sunday, May 30, 2021

Beware China - They Are Playing The Long Game

We are now learning that Covid may very well have been created in China and escaped from the lab in Wuhan.  President Trump was scorned by Fake News, National Socialists and the Deep State for calling it the China Virus.  At a minimum, we should demand that China cancel the debt that we and other countries owe them.   They must have some liability for the deaths and the global economic catastrophe that they caused and created.   Countries including the United States should go to the World Court in the Hague to make this claim.  Don't count on it as long as Biden is President because Joe Biden is China's butt boy.  

Covid aside, China has used the tremendous wealth they have gained from unfair trade and intellectual theft from the West and other countries in Asia to build up their country and military.   Their clear goal is not just hegemony in Asia, but they are building a blue water navy with leased bases all over the world to threaten and challenge the United States.  They already have an army  bigger than the combined armies of Western democracies.  The only thing preventing even more aggressive actions by China is our nuclear arsenals.  But the day will come when China will be able to match our Nukes and the missiles to deliver them.  When that day comes, all bets are off.  

We are already at war with China.  They are winning the economic war made worse under Joe Biden, since they own him as a result of his family's crooked deals with China.  Biden's is taking actions that can only benefit China as we ship even more jobs to China under the guise of the Green New Deal.  China continues unfair trade practices, currency manipulation and intellectual property theft designed to destroy our industries in the United States.  President Trump was the first President to stand up to China.  Biden will do nothing to stop China's economic dominance. 

On the military front, China continues to add ships, missiles, nuclear weapons and technology often stolen from the United States and other nations.   If the United States does not continue building our military, China will end up with the most powerful military in the world using our money to grow their power.  

China is shipping drugs into the United States through Mexico.  Fentanyl, which is killer , is coming across our border at alarming rates.   In addition to other addictive drugs derived from opium, China is turning many Americans into junkies both to make huge sums of money and to destroy our people.  This is war without the bullets; but even more deadly since it impacts millions of people and their families in the US.  This is an intentional strategy.  Again, Biden's open border policy is making this all possible.  

China is playing the long game.  They are determined to replace the United States as the dominant world power.  Hard to blame China for their China First policy.  The problem is with Joe Biden in place, we now have an America Last Policy, which only benefits China.    


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