Sunday, May 9, 2021

Coca Cola Imploding On Wokeness

Coca Cola that told their White employees they needed to be "less White" is beginning to implode on their wokeness.   First, many consumers are boycotting Coke products.  Yep, offending half the country is generally not good for business.  But now Bradley Gayton, who happens to be Black, their General Counsel was forced to resign after just 7 months with the company because he was attempting to force quotas on outside law firms that represent Coke.  Gayton demanded that much of their billings must come from Black attorneys.  This was a bridge too far as many of the law firms pushed back resulting in pushing him out of his job. 

But not to worry.  Coke did not fire Gayton for now anyway. That would not be woke.  He has been turned into a highly paid Strategic Consultant no doubt working on "special projects" for the CEO of the company.  In corporate speak that usually means that rather than severance pay, he will be gone in a year.  Look everybody supports diversity.  What everybody does not support is crazy wokeness that in this case is not in the interests of Coca Cola.  

Let's not forget that Coke is a publicly traded company ultimately responsible to its shareholders who own the company.  Making stupid business decisions that are not in the interests of its shareholders is actually a violation of fiduciary responsibility.  Trying to impose quotas on outside companies as a condition for doing business with Coke was a stupid decision.  

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