Monday, May 31, 2021

History - The Great, Good, Bad & Ugly

All students should be taught the Great, Good, Bad and Ugly about American and World History.  The fact is that peoples of all colors and races have created great civilizations in the past 5,000 or more years.  In the process, they have killed millions of people through wars, genocide, ethnic cleansing, human sacrifice, discrimination and hatred.   These murders were not exclusive to any one race, sexual orientation or religion.   While this certainly is no justification or excuse for evil in history that has existed for centuries, it is just a statement of fact.  An additional statement of fact is that democracy is rooted in Western Civilization and no other.  

We do need to teach facts in our schools without radical Socialist Marxist ideology designed to revise history by altering facts.  Ideally, by teaching facts about all peoples just maybe we can help ensure that history will not repeat itself; but don't count on it.  World War II resulted in the deaths of more than 75 million people including 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.  As much as anything, many of those deaths occurred in the name of racial superiority.  While people of all colors and races died, most of the people that died in World War II were either White or Asian.  And, we don't even have to look to World War II to see more of the same things happening today.  

Our Founders, some of whom owned slaves, created the greatest nation in the history of the world.  Our Constitution and nation are unique and exceptional.  Yet, many peoples of all colors and ethnic origins once in our country, including Native Americans that were already here, have faced discrimination, hatred and even murder because of their race, ethnic origins, religion, or sexual orientation.  Of course, when these things occurred it was evil and wrong; yet people from many nations are still risking their lives everyday to illegally enter our country.   And, once here very few people have ever decided to go back to where they came from because they were fleeing few opportunities, poverty, misery and even murder in those countries much worse than what they may have experienced in the United States.   What other explanation could there be.  

We do need to teach the Great, Good, Bad and Ugly about American and world history leaving not one word out of the story.  But what is happening in many of our schools today ignores the whole story.  What is being taught is not based on truth and facts concerning more than 5,000 years of history.  Clearly, getting to where we are today has been a painful struggle experienced by many people of all colors, ethnic origins and races in order to achieve a more perfect union.  We won't get there by advancing racist revisionist history designed to further divide our nation.  We need to look to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights within it to guarantee freedom for all Americans.  We just need to keep working at it as one nation and one people under God.     

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