Friday, May 28, 2021

The Culture War Is Exploding On America

National Socialists, the Deep State, which includes all levels of government, including the education establishment, Big companies including Big Tech, Fake News and now even the Military are engaged in the culture wars advancing propaganda opposed by half the country.  They are attempting to impose their will on the rest of us committed to our Bill of Rights, American patriotism and traditional Judeo Christian values.  Well guess what.  People all over the country are fighting back and just saying No.  We have had it. 

In Reno, Nevada where we live the battle is being fought with Woke School Board Members that are attempting to impose Socialist, Marxist, Racist K - 12 Social Justice curriculum indoctrination on our community based on Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, which is nothing more than fake, revisionist history full of lies and distortions.  This fight is happening all over the country as school board members are being recalled or removed when they run for re-election, or even forced to resign.  At the same time, these woke school board members are pushing the LGBTQIA agenda to allow boys to use girl's bathrooms and locker rooms and to compete in girl's competitive sports.   Those cases will be going to the courts.  Finally, in Reno, our school board is trying to push through a Gage Rule that forbids teachers to do or say anything that does not conform to their woke agenda, presumably under threat of termination.  This rule will also end up in the courts.  

The problem with all of this is that half the country, that also pays for public schools, does not support any these things.  If this continues, support for public schools will erode even further.  Public schools must remain neutral in the culture wars because otherwise, school districts will face numerous class action lawsuits to protect the interest of parents and kids.  The legal battles will never end.  And, there will be increased demands for School Choice so parents can flee public schools. 

The next Civil War has already begun.  It is now happening in the courts and in Red States that are rejecting these Socialist left wind positions.  Red State Attorney Generals are now suing to stop Biden's executive orders the same way Blue State Attorney Generals sued to stop Trump's executive orders.  This is really the Civil War all over again; but for now anyway, these cases are in the courts.  As Lincoln said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  The end result last time was about 800,000 Americans killed in the Civil War.  Let's hope we don't end up doing this again because this time, it will be much worse.  Half the country own guns.  It would not be good if all of this leads to violence.  Let's pray that it never happens. 

We are headed toward the dissolution of the United States because we have irreconcilable differences on so many key issues.  Ultimately, it will come as a result of the bankruptcy of the United States, which is sure to happen if federal government spending continues on the current trajectory.  

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