Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Deep State & White Supremacy

When you hear the National Socialists and others in Deep State speak of the threats coming from White Supremacists and those who advocate White Supremacy, all should understand that they are really talking about all Whites in the 75 million that voted for President Trump.  First, no doubt there are a small number of people in the United States that do believe in White Supremacy and there could be some of them that advocate the overthrow of the United States government by violent means.   The Socialists are also using this White Supremacy "threat" as the reason to push Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project racist ideology in our schools.  

But this so called threat in no way compares to the rioting, looting and arson we have seen our our city streets for months committed by Antifa and BLM; yet the Deep State rarely mentions them.  And, when they are arrested, which is not often, they are released with no bail.  Ask the people of Portland or Seattle.   These thugs have caused billions of dollars in property damage burning down government buildings and destroying businesses.  And, there have been deaths many injured.  While the Capitol may have had a few broken windows and some clean up to do, it is nothing compared to what we have seen on our city streets for the past year or more.  Yet, no Congressional investigation.  It is shameful.  

These National Socialists are terrified by what happened at the Capitol on January 6.  A few hundred protesters stormed the Capitol and raised hell.  They were not carrying weapons and no member of Congress was harmed.  One of the protesters, an unarmed White woman and Vet was killed by a Capitol Cop; but of course there is no investigation and no charges against the Cop.  None of this is to justify the riot that took place that day; but it was hardly an insurrection that could have ever resulted in the overthrow of our government.  It was just a bunch of patriots upset about election fraud who got carried away.  No doubt, they will be punished for their "crimes".  

In the meantime, the crime and murder rates are going through the roof in many cities because Cops are standing down and or resigning.  Primarily Black people die every weekend in Chicago and other major cities in our country.  Cops have been killed in cold blood.  Yet, there are no Congressional investigations.  While the DOJ, FBI and Homeland Security focus on White Supremacy, these murders every week continue.  And, we are experiencing an invasion on our Border.  Serious Criminals coming into our country are being released on to our city streets rather than being deported.  All this focus on White Supremacy is a distraction when in fact, we face Terrorists all over our country; both native and foreign born that are a real threat to our nation.  

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