Thursday, May 6, 2021

Honeywell Betrayed The United States

Honeywell, a global military arms supplier to the US government betrayed the United States by providing China with critical information concerning many of our military aircraft.  They claim it was an accident.  Really!  No doubt, Honeywell does a lot of business with China so this is the pay off.  How is it possible to accidently give China access to computer files that will allow them to gain billions of dollars in secret technology to build their military aircraft.  The government bought this BS and fined Honeywell just $13 million, $5 million of which can be used by Honeywell to correct their systems.  Again, Really!

First, those responsible in government for oversight of Honeywell contracts must immediately be FIRED.  Congress must hold hearings to get to the bottom of this betrayal.  Next, those at Honeywell who allowed this to happen must be charged with treason.  Claiming that this happened by accident is no defense.  Many at Honeywell betrayed our country by providing military secrets to China.  

This is just one more example of Deep State cooperation to allow all of them to continue feeding at the trough.  The US government should demand that Honeywell's Board and Senior Management be removed; as a condition for doing business with the government; but that won't happen because DC Swamp Lizards protect their own.   It is also clear that the government should install on site over sight at Honeywell to make sure that these treasonous acts do not continue; but again don't count on it because it is Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the DC Swamp. 

100 companies control about 50% of our GDP.  They all do billions of dollars of business with local, state and federal governments.  This results in cozy, corrupt relationships and in this case even involving treason and betrayal of our country.  This episode with Honeywell is disgraceful.   


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