Thursday, May 27, 2021

Dangerous Times In America

Some time in the 1970's we moved away from the old Melting Pot concept, which said that America was like a giant Melting Pot with people coming from all over the world to forge one nation under God to the Salad Bowl concept, which said we were like a salad in a bowl with separate and distinct ingredients.  It seemed logical and inoffensive at the time, but it has led to incredible divisiveness in our country as now we are divided by race, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation and every other possible way of looking at life.  

We are no longer just Americans, we must be hyphen Americans.  And, if we are not Woke in complete compliance with left wing Socialist and even Marxist ideology, we are to be cancelled.  Sadly, many Big Companies, Big Tech, Big Government including all facets of the Education Establishment, The Deep State, Fake News and even the Military now adhere to this radical political ideology.  Critical Race Theory and Project 1619 racist revisionist history is becoming the defacto, divisive law of the land.

We have reached very dangerous times in our country.  Our freedoms as written in the Bill of Rights are under attack.  We have never been so divided since the Civil War.  It is hard to see how what is happening can result in a good outcome.  Half the country literally hates the other half the country.  We have irreconcilable differences on every key issue.  As Lincoln said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  Our current situation is the reason we see people on the extreme left, groups like BLM and Antifa and extreme right, groups like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers turning to violence in opposition to our government.  

Describing right wing groups as White Supremist racists is no better than describing BLM as Black Supremist racists.  We have to address the root causes for dissatisfaction with our government that becomes more intrusive into daily life by the day.  If we continue down this road, we could see the dissolution of the United States.  Red States are already taking legal action to stop Joe Biden's executive orders the same way Blue States sued to stop Donald Trump's executive orders.  In essence, we are already involved in a Civil War; but for now it is happening in the Courts.   

We have got to bring our nation together.  Our democracy is failing.  Government over reach is not only bankrupting our country, it is dividing our people.  It has to stop or our nation will perish.  

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