Thursday, May 13, 2021

Social Justice Curriculum Is Blatantly Racist

Public School Districts and even some Woke Secular Private Schools are adopting Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project in an attempt to rewrite history based on nothing but Socialist propaganda and revisionist history full of lies.  This ideology sees everything through a racial lens and proclaims that there is systematic racism and White Privilege in our society that is the cause of all our nation's problems.   But what is really sick is the shaming of White Children that are made to feel guilty for just being White.

These Socialists know that they can't speak of Critical Race Theory, or the 1619 Project openly because they are so controversial, so they call what they are doing, "Social Justice Curriculum" as is happening in Reno, Nevada where we live.  But there is no doubt that this racist ideology is the foundation of this curriculum.  Since this is happening all over the country, parents and other concerned citizens are fighting back including in Reno, Nevada.  Our School Board meetings are turning into chaotic exchanges with unresponsive school board members who just don't care what the community wants, or is saying to them.  Citizens are using the law to demand curriculum materials and even the right to observe teachers in the classroom implementing this curriculum.  

Shaming of White Children should be documented in school districts where this is happening to form the basis for class action lawsuits alleging a serious violation of children's Civil Rights.  Teachers should be put on notice that what they say could be actionable in court.  Racism against anyone of any color is simply unacceptable.  

The notion of White Privilege is a Big Lie.  There are more Whites in real numbers living in poverty than Blacks.  50% of Americans of all colors do not have $1,000 in the bank to cover an emergency.  My White blue collar parents that today would be considered the working poor struggled just to get by most of their adult lives.  Their story is not unique.  My Italian immigrant grandfather who never spoke English worked with others in a little town in Ohio to beat back the Ku Klux Klan in the 20's that not only hated Blacks, but also immigrants, Catholics and Jews.   This is why valid history matters.  Children must be taught what is great, good, bad and ugly about our country; but the facts and truth must be the basis of our educational system, not the left wing indoctrination that is happening today.  

We need to bring people together to raise everybody up, not tear people down by creating even more division in our country.  Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project positioned as Social Justice, or anything else are blatantly racist and will do great harm to our country and children.  All concerned citizens must stand up and say NO.  School Board Members that insist on implementing these racist programs and ideology must be removed from office.  We are working on doing just that in Reno, Nevada.  The battle has been joined in many cities across the country.  Schools need to focus on academic performance and results not racist ideology.  

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