Saturday, January 31, 2015

Taliban Five Already Going Back To The Battlefield

There is evidence that the Taliban Five, the Terrorists released in exchange for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, are already planning to go back to the battlefield in Afghanistan to kill Americans.  While they are sitting in Qatar, one of them has made contact with his comrades in Afghanistan.   Three months from now, these 5 Terrorists will be free to leave Qatar, a sponsor of Islamic Fascist Terrorism.  Once they are free to go, there is a very good probability that they will rejoin the Taliban in Afghanistan, as has happened with many of the Terrorists released from GITMO.

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is a clear and present danger to our our country and our people.  Releasing Terrorists from GITMO, which is Obama's intention, will insure that these Islamic Fascists will murder Americans and others again.   This Blogger is starting to wonder if Obama is a Moron, or a Traitor.  What other explanation can there be for releasing Terrorists sworn to murdering Americans in the name of Allah. 

Though delusional Obama prefers to live in another universe, Islamic Fascists have declared war on the United States.   This is fast becoming the Third World War.  And, once Iran gets nuclear weapons which is surely going to happen as a result of Obama's feckless foreign policy and incompetence, this war will take on a whole new dimension.   Releasing Terrorists sworn to murder Americans and our allies is about as dumb as it gets.   All we can do is count the days until Obama is out of office and hope that a responsible new President is elected who fully understands the Islamic Fascist threat that we face.      

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Congress Approved The Keystone Pipeline

In a bipartisan vote, both the US House of Representatives and the Senate have approved the building of the Keystone Pipeline, linking Canadian Oil Fields with refineries in Louisiana, by a big majority vote.  This $8 - $10 billion infrastructure project will create more than 42,000 jobs to build it and another 4,000 jobs at refineries in Louisiana.  These are real jobs primarily in the United States that will impact our economy in the next three years and beyond.  Most important, building this pipeline will reduce carbon emissions because otherwise this oil will be moved by truck and rail, which is what is happening now.  The Keystone Pipeline will allow for shipping more than 800,000 barrels of oil a day in the cleanest, safest way possible, with less risk of a spill than if shipped by truck or rail. 

This bill will shortly go to Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama for his signature.   Obama, lacking common sense, cheered on by his environmental wacko supporters, has said he will Veto the Keystone Pipeline, even though it is supported by the vast majority of the American people, including private sector unions because they know this project will create good paying jobs for union members.   Obama is always talking about borrowing and raising taxes to build infrastructure projects.  The Keystone Pipeline is an infrastructure project that requires NO TAXPAYER MONEY or government spending.  If Obama does veto the Keystone Pipeline, it will demonstrate that he just does not care about the Middle Class that would benefit from these jobs. 

Of course, we knew that Obamanistas could care less about the Middle Class as they impose regulations that are killing jobs.  They are killing the coal industry.  They have killed the forest industry in Oregon.  There is little manufacture of furniture and textiles left in the United States.  And, then the Socialists that caused all of this wonder where the Middle Class jobs have gone.  Call the White House and tell Obama to approve the Keystone Pipeline.  Just maybe if Obama hears from enough Americans, common sense will prevail.   

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Trading Terrorists for Hostages - No Obama Strategy To Defeat Islamic Fascists

Radical Islamic Fascists have figured out that they can trade Terrorists, held by various countries, for hostages that they kidnap for ransom.  When Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama traded five high profile Terrorists for US Army deserter Sargent Bowe Bergdahl, Obama set the stage for even more kidnappings as is happening right now.  It is a huge mistake for any country to negotiate with Islamic Radical Terrorists.  Doing so will result in a weekly drama when these Terrorists threaten beheadings if they don't get ransom, or the release of their Terrorist comrades. 

At the same time, three of our leading, retired senior military generals and an admiral testified before a Senate Committee that we have no strategy for defeating Radical Islam, when the President refuses to even tie the words Islam to Terrorists.  Obama's foreign policy in general is feckless and demonstrates supreme incompetence.   Obama fiddles while the Middle East and North Africa are on fire. Iran inches closer by the day to having nuclear weapons, which will cause an arms race in the Middle East.  Putin has invaded Ukraine and is now looking at the Baltic countries.   We are entering a really difficult and dangerous period for the United States and our allies around the world because of Obama's incompetence.

The last thing we should be doing is trading Terrorists, that will end up right back on the battlefield for hostages.  In addition, Congress should do whatever it can to STOP Obama from releasing Terrorists from GITMO when we know that a large percentage of them go right back to commit acts of Terror around the world.   We can only count the days until the end of the Obama Presidency in the hopes that who ever is elected as our next President fully understands the Islamic Fascist threat that we face and is prepared to deal with it aggressively.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama Schizophrenic On Oil

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has turned schizophrenic on oil.  At the same time that Obama is attempting to use an Executive Order to make 12.28 million acres of land in Alaska, including oil rich Anwar, a national wild life refuge, prohibiting oil drilling; Obama is now suggesting that from 2017 - 2022, the Atlantic Seaboard, as well as, 10 more areas along the Gulf Coast would be opened up to oil drilling and federal leases.  In the process, Obama has angered both the elected Republican Members of Congress and the Governor of Alaska and Socialist Members of Congress from the East Coast. 

So which is it Mr. President.  It is all right to drill for oil off the East and Gulf Coast; but not all right to use a few square miles of land that would be needed to drill for oil in Alaska.  This Blogger supports Energy Independence for the United States; both as a National Security issue and to increase the standard of living for all Americans.  Oil production translates into good paying jobs in the United States that can't be off shored.  Energy Development is the US is the key to restoring our Middle Class and really helping the poor through economic development and job creation. 

We do need an all of the above Energy Policy that makes energy cheaper, safer and cleaner.  That means more oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear and renewable sources of energy developed in the US so we can tell oil producing countries in the Middle East, that drag us into their wars resulting in American deaths, to go pound sand.  So, this Blogger applauds Obama's decision to open up the Atlantic Seaboard and more areas in the Gulf coast to oil drilling; but if there, why not in Alaska too.  Where is the logic??

Monday, January 26, 2015

Border Security & Abortion - No House Vote

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner had to pull two critical votes in the House of Representatives; one on Border Security and the other on Abortion Restrictions.   Boehner could not get Conservatives on board for either bill.  The Border Security Bill was not tight enough to actually secure our border and did nothing to deal with Obama's Unconstitutional Executive Order giving Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, which caused Conservatives to pull out of the deal.  The Abortion Bill would have prohibited abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, which is supported by the vast majority of the American people.  The hang up was the exception for rape that would have required that the woman actually file a police report to be eligible to have an abortion after 20 weeks.  There were some Republicans that were opposed to the need to file a police report of the rape.  Isn't that just common sense. 

This is a leadership issue.  It is pretty obvious that Speaker Boehner does not have the relationships, respect, or perhaps even charisma among Republicans to pull them together to get important things done.  If Republicans can't agree on Border Security and Late Term Abortions, core issues for the base of the Republican Party, what the hell can they agree on.   In order to win the Presidency in 2016, Republicans must show that they can govern.  They need to pass legislation to balance the budget, secure our border, reform our tax code and broken immigration system, implement School Choice for kids in failing public schools, save Social Security and Medicare and to make the United States energy independent, with or without Obama's approval.  Put the bills on Obama's desk and let the President Veto them if he so chooses.

The Republicans need to demonstrate that they have Conservative market driven solutions to solve the nation's problems by passing legislation.  If they don't do that in the next few years, there is absolutely no chance of electing a Republican President in 2016 because we Conservatives will sit on our hands and check books.  This Blogger has been saying for quite some time that Republicans John Boehner in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate are just not up to the job of leading the Republican Majority Congress.   Since Boehner could not even get bills on Border Security and Abortion Restrictions on the floor for a vote, it would seem that this Blogger's opinion is correct.   Boehner and McConnell need to step aside and allow real Conservatives to take control of Congress for the good of the Republican Party and our country.  Republicans need to demonstrate bold colors in their actions, not pastels as referenced by my hero, President Ronald Reagan.  That is not going to happen with bland Boehner and morose McConnell.   

WIC & SNAP - Government Free Food For The Poor

This Blogger happened to be in an upscale grocery store in the check out line.  In front of me was an illegal alien couple, with a baby, using WIC government checks to buy food.  I am not sure if they were married or not.  WIC is the Federal Woman, Infant and Children's Program designed to provide free food for poor Pregnant Women, Infants and Children.  Apparently, it is available to illegal aliens because it is against the WIC law to discriminate on the basis of national origin.  The woman who spoke little English had three groupings of groceries because she had two government checks to use up.  The third grouping was a can of beer with a 50% off sticker that they had to pay for with money.  The woman asked her male partner in Spanish if she could buy two cans; but since they were 86 cents each, he told her No. 

After they left, the clerk apologized to me for the three transactions taking so long because she had to make sure that what they were buying qualified for WIC purchases.  Since I had never seen anyone in this upscale grocery store before using what I thought were Food Stamps, which I thought involved a debit card, I asked the clerk why they didn't just use the debit card to get what they wanted.  The clerk explained that WIC can only be used for healthy foods like milk, eggs, bread, cereals, fruit and vegetables etc.  Things like coffee cannot be purchased with WIC Checks.  This is the reason why Wal Mart actually labels foods as WIC eligible.  Of course, this Mexican couple should have been shopping at Wal Mart, not far away, to get more food for their government money, rather than at an upscale grocery store with higher prices; but that is another story.  Wal Mart actually does several billion dollars a year in Food Stamp and WIC business.   

Since I often talk about Food Stamps in my Blog Postings, I decided to do some research to better understand how these programs work.  WIC is a federal program administered by the states.  California probably has one of the biggest programs in the country.  Currently, there are 84 agencies, working out of 650 sites in California, providing WIC services to 1.45 million California residents that no doubt include many illegal aliens.   It is these WIC checks that are often sold on the Black Market for cash.  There are little convenience stores that will pay a percentage of value and give out money so that recipients can buy whatever they want, presumably cigarettes, liquor and or drugs.  The convenience store then pockets the full value of the check payable by the government, which of course is fraud. 

SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is the debit card more commonly referred to as Food Stamps that originally began during the Great Depression.  Technically, someone must be an American Citizen to get SNAP, however, the children of illegal aliens are eligible.  As of now, there are about 50 million people on SNAP, up 20 million since Obama was first elected, which would include illegal alien children.  The cost is about $80 Billion a year.  SNAP money may only be used to buy food; no soaps, no cigarettes, no liquor etc. 

Aside from the cost, the reason this is all very important is that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has issued an Executive Order to give legal status to perhaps 5 million or more illegal aliens.   Once they come out of the shadows and have legal status, these illegal alien adults will also qualify for SNAP.  All that is required if not an American Citizen is legal status.  There will be several million more people on the dole if Obama gets his way and there is no work requirement to get WIC or SNAP.  While many illegal aliens are hard workers, there is no doubt that our Welfare System is a neon sign that says Come On In.  While 38 families control all the wealth in Mexico, the American taxpayer is paying to feed and educate illegal alien Mexican children, as well as provide medical services.   Are we stupid or what?

While the American people give more to charity that any other people in the world, this Blogger included, our Federal Government is $18 Trillion in debt with no end in sight.   We cannot continue to be Mexico's Welfare System.  It is time for the Mexican government and those 38 families in Mexico that control the country's wealth to take care of their own people.   We need to Secure Our Border and quick to stop this drain on the American people that will lead to the bankrupcy of our country.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Helping The Poor In America

As we heard Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama call for higher taxes and more government spending in his State of the Union Address, we should recognize that Trillions of dollars have been spent to eliminate poverty in America, since 1965 and today we have the highest poverty rate in three decades.  The Black unemployment rate, in particular, is double the White unemployment rate.   50 million Americans are on Food Stamps and Welfare, up 20 million since Obama was first elected.  10 million Americans are collecting Disability Benefits, that come right out of the Social Security Trust Fund, up 2 million since Obama first took office.  So clearly, big government, borrow, tax and spend poverty programs do not work and actually make matters worse.

Instead, we need the forces of Free Market Capitalism to help the poor in America through economic development and more job creation.  It will not happen any other way.  And, to be clear, those that are mentally or physically disabled and or senior citizens, left with nothing by the time they need to be in a nursing home near the end of life, should be cared for, though it may be possible to help the mentally or physically disabled find meaningful work to enhance their self worth.   Our problem is really the able bodied poor that either won't work, or can't find work because they lack marketable job skills.  Government programs that cause these people to stay on the dole for years have to be modified to encourage work, not just to get them off the dole because it would be better for them to be engaged in something, anything productive.

Education is the key to a better life.  Parents of kids in failing public schools in poor areas should have the option of School Choice to send their kids to private schools, just like many of the Socialist politicians that refuse to allow for School Choice, including President Obama and his wife Michelle.  It is time to put the kid's interests above the interests of the Teacher's Unions.  Poor kids that do well in school already have access to free or highly subsidized college or university education.  The same needs to happen related to vocational education, for kids that are not college bound, so that all kids leave school with a trade, or marketable job skill.  We also must end a Welfare system that rewards single Mom's for having kids out of wedlock, which is a sure road to poverty.  In the process, men who father multiple children with many different women must face some legal consequence, including jail time, if they don't take responsibility for their children.      

Welfare for able bodied Americans must be turned into Workfare and be limited to no more than three years.  These people must be asked to either work 20 hours a week to clean up their own communities and or go to school to learn a trade.  Those that refuse should be cut off from Welfare.  I know, I know, it sounds cruel; but what is really cruel is that we have created a permanent under class in America with a lack of positive role models in our inner cities.  We saw those people rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri to protest the death of a thug who attacked a police officer.  So much for our current poverty programs that do not work. 

This is about giving able bodied poor people a hand up, not a hand out.  And, though as a percentage of their population, there are more Black people on Welfare and Food Stamps than White people, in real terms, there are more White people on Welfare and Food Stamps than any other race, so this is not a racial issue.  We have to create jobs in America by economic growth.  To do so, we must reform our tax code to encourage investment in the United States.  The poor are not poor because the rich are rich, as contended by Socialists.  The poor are poor because they lack marketable job skills and because Middle Class jobs are being destroyed by over regulation and stupid tax laws.  Until we get our house in order and reform the tax code and various poverty programs, we will continue to have a high poverty rate.  Obviously, what we are doing now is not working.  It is what it is.    

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Middle East & North Africa Are On Fire

While Emperor Pinocchio Obama fiddles, the Middle East and North Africa are on fire spreading Terrorism around the world.  The moderate Sunni government in Yemen, presumably friendly to the US, has fallen.   A rebel Shia Group, supported by Iran, may very well take over the country and or there will be all out Civil War between the Sunni Al Queda and the Shia's.   Either way, the US will lose, since neither would be friendly to US interests in the Middle East.  Iran, an enemy of the United States, is gaining influence all over the region in Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, parts of Afghanistan and now Yemen. 

As a result of influence in Yemen, this could mean that Iran may not only control the Straight of Hormuz; but also the entry to the Red Sea through which oil tankers often pass.   Of course, we could neutralize any Iranian attempt to take control of these water ways; but it won't be pretty if we need to do it.   In the mean time, Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons.

Sunni Saudi Arabia, that just lost their King to natural death, is now potentially surrounded by countries dominated by Iran, their traditional Shia mortal enemy.  The Saudi's are keeping oil prices low to punish Iran and Russia for supporting Assad in Syria.  At some point, the Saudis will need to rally other Sunni Arab nations to defend against Iranian influence and aggression.  Saudi Arabia will also have to become a nuclear power because Iran will have nuclear weapons and soon.  We could see all out war in the Middle East.  It is as though the play book in Revelations in the Bible is coming true  There could very well be Armageddon coming in the next twenty years if we don't move to stop all of this. 

Libya, that Obama claimed as a success story, has been taken over by Terrorists.  As a result, we had to abandon our embassy in Libya, which may also soon happen in Yemen.  Terrorist groups in Somalia, the Sudan and Nigeria are murdering Christians and kidnapping children.  Iraq is disintegrating because of the ISIS threat, which became possible because Obama failed to keep any forces there once the war was over.  ISIS is murdering Muslims, Christians and Jews and anyone else that opposes them.   Hamas and Hezbollah continue horrendous Terrorist attacks in Israel.  We have also seen Terrorist attacks in Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan, France, the United States and other countries and there will be more if we don't destroy the enemy first. 

Yet, Obama claims the war is over just because he initially pulled troops out of Iraq that have had to go back in and he is pulling troops out of Afghanistan.  The reality is that the War on Fascist Islam is not anywhere near over.  We need a grand coalition of nations, focused on defeating and destroying Fascist Islam no matter how long it takes.  That will probably mean allied troops on the ground in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and maybe other countries.  There is no other way to defeat these Islamic Fascists that want to kill our people and destroy our freedoms.  This is World War III.  Obama has his head in the sand and just refuses to see the forest for the trees.    

Cape Wind - Just A Bunch Of Hot Air

Cape Wind, a proposed wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts Cape Cod in Nantucket Sound, is out of business before it even got started.  After wasting millions of tax payer dollars in federal subsidies on this green technology, Cape Wind failed to get financing and begin construction by December 31, 2014, a critical deadline date.  This caused the two primary utilities, NSTAR and National Grid that had committed to buy 77.5% of the electricity generated by Cape Wind to pull out of the deal.  This all fell apart because Cape Wind could not find any other buyers for its energy at the inflated prices necessary to support the project. 

And, why would any other utilities sign up when they can power their power plants with relatively cheap natural gas, nuclear, or coal.  To do otherwise, would cause dramatic increases in the cost of energy for their rate payers, which would be pretty indefensible and stupid.  It is obvious that green technology today is just not very cost effective.  There needs to be far more research and development on wind and solar to make it economically feasible.  It may be the energy of the future; but it is certainly not the energy of today. 

In the meantime, there should be additional research and development to make oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy cheaper, safer and more abundant because we have lots of these sources of energy.  This is just common sense.  It makes no sense to artificially raise the cost of energy, which would lower the standard of living for Americans and all other peoples of the world.  All this talk about climate change is exaggerated.  If it has gotten hotter, it is by tenths of a percentage.  Global Warming, if it does exist, is probably just a normal climatic cycle.   There have been hotter and cooler climate periods, over millions of years in world history, long before we had carbon emissions.

But even assuming that carbon emissions are impacting climate, nuclear energy emits no carbon.  Natural gas is pretty clean.  And, oil and coal can be made cleaner by use of scrubbers, catalytic converters etc.  We can't ignore existing energy sources if we are to raise the standard of living for the poor and middle class around the world.  Making energy more expensive, particularly by taxing it, is just another Socialist ploy to raise more taxes to make government bigger.  Let's at least call it what it is; just another Socialist Tax and Spend Big Government Scheme.     

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Republicans Should Just Say NO To More Socialism

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is out on the campaign trail, as usual, while the world is on fire, pitching his latest tax increase scheme and new entitlements added to the existing ones that are bankrupting our country.  Of course, Obama is so unpopular that he can only speak on college campuses to his left wing PEEP's and Groupies.  Obama is imploring the Republicans in Congress to just say Yes to all of his Socialist schemes.  Hopefully, those ideas are dead on arrival and should just be ignored.  In essence, Republicans Should Just Say NO to more Socialism. 

Can we get real.  By the time Obama thankfully leaves office in two years, he and his pals in Congress, with some RINO help, will have doubled the National Debt to about $20 Trillion in just eight years. Obama will have added more to the Debt than all other 43 Presidents combined.  And, this does not include unfunded liabilities of more than $100 Trillion to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and federal pensions.  The states too are sitting on Trillions of dollars of unfunded liability to cover their state public employee pensions and other debts.  Many of these programs and promises are headed toward insolvency.  Think Detroit City for the whole country. 

If all of the wealth in the United States was confiscated, not just a percentage, it would not be enough to pay for all these promised entitlements.  Our country has reached a tipping point, yet Socialists at the President's State of the Union Address applauded the President for pushing even more entitlements and higher taxes.  The combined IQ of all Socialists in government might get them to the MORON designation; but certainly not higher.   To be fair, RINOS have contributed to this problem over the years; but just maybe we have elected some thinking adults to Congress in 2014 that are prepared to deal with Entitlement Reform, cutting spending to balance the budget and paying off the National Debt. While Hope is never a strategy, we can hope. 

It is impossible to tax our way out of this mess because higher taxes would result in less economic growth and job creation.  The only way out is much higher economic growth and job creation and more people actually paying lower taxes.   We have to shrink the size of local, state and federal government from the current 40% of GDP down to about 30% of GDP.  That would be 20% for the federal government and no more than 10% for local and state governments.  The only way to do this is to cut all the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government that exists now.  And, we must Reform Entitlements to save them and not add any more.  This is all just common sense, fifth grade math and Economics 101. 

There is now a new Republican controlled Congress.  Our only hope is that the Congress will pass laws to get our country back on track.  They should do what is in the national interest of our people and pass those laws on to Obama.  Obama will undoubtedly Veto many of them; but at least Republicans will prove that they can govern.  If it does not happen, we will see the economic collapse of the United States, which will result in Civil Strife on our streets and the potential dissolution of our country.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened throughout history.    

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Obama's State Of The Union - Just More Big Government Higher Taxes & Job Killing Socialism

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama gave his sixth State of the Union Address and it was just more of the same Tax and Spend Big Government Socialist Schemes that are bankrupting our country.  Of course, Obama wants to raise taxes on the "rich", which previously were defined as couples making $250,000 or more when they raised the tax rate in the Fiscal Cliff deal to almost 40%.  Another 3.8% was added in ObamaCare bringing the federal income tax rate for a successful working couple to around 44%.  Capital Gains taxes were already raised as well.  Of course, this does not include the average 6% paid in state income taxes and all the other Sales, Property, Business Licenses and special fees charged by local, state and the federal government so that taxes for many working couples can exceed 55% when all is counted.  This Class Warfare argument is getting really old when about 50% of Americans pay no income taxes at all.  We already have the most progressive income tax system in the world.  It is not that taxes are too low.  It is that government spending is much too high. 

But for Obama and his Socialist pals in government, it is never enough.  Obama wants to raise taxes even higher on the Makers in society, those the create all the jobs, to pay for more government entitlements when we can't even afford the entitlements already on the books.  Social Security, Medicare and ObamaCare are all headed toward insolvency.  Obama told us how Obamanomics and his foreign policy have improved life in America and the world.  Oh really?   The real unemployment rate is about 11% if all Americans are counted, the unemployed, the under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether.  This amounts to more than 10 million Americans.  The Labor Participation Rate, at just over 62% representing the number of people actually working is lower than three decades ago.  While the poverty rate, under our first Black President, is higher than it was when Jimmy Carter was President.  Blacks in particular are worse off today than when Bush II was President. 

About 50 million Americans are on Food Stamps and Welfare up 20 million since Obama was first elected.   10 million Americans are on Disability benefits, which comes right out of the Social Security Trust Fund, up 2 million since Obama first took office.  The Middle Class in America is earning less today, in real terms, than when Bush I and II were Presidents.  If things are so good according the Obama, how come all these numbers are so bad.   

During his speech, Obama did the victory dance related to dealing with Terrorism in the world.  There was not one mention of Al Queda, who Obama told us a few years ago was on the run.  ISIS in Iraq and Syria is beheading Westerners and murdering other Muslims, Christians, Jews and anyone else that stands in the way of them establishing a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  Yemen and Libya that Obama claimed as a success stories are now controlled by Terrorists.  Russia has invaded Ukraine.  Iran is closer to having nuclear weapons than ever before.  There have been Terrorist attacks in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, throughout the Middle East and various other countries.  The fact is that the United States is in far more danger today because of Obama's feckless and incompetent foreign policy than when George W Bush was President after 9/11.  The world is on fire, yet Obama spent little time in his State of the Union Speech dealing with the War on Terror and or made any mention of the Islamic Fascist Terrorist threat that we face seemingly everyday. 

Then there are all the Obama Scandals; Fast and Furious, IRS Dirty Tricks, Benghazi and the NSA spying on all Americans.  Nevertheless, Obama clings to his Socialist ideology calling for higher taxes and more government spending even though he has added $6 Trillion to our now $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight, more than all the other Presidents combined.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has negatively impacted millions of Americans.  We have civil strife on our streets as many Blacks are making war on our city police departments.  This is happening because Obama is a divider not a uniter.  In fact, our nation today has never been more divided since the Civil War. 

Mr. President, the State of our Union is not good under your stewardship no matter what you say.  Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American History.  Clearly, Obama has been the most divisive, polarizing  President in American history.  The picture I present are all facts, not fiction, SPIN, or Obamanista propaganda.  All we can do is count the days until the end of the Obama Presidency.  It is going to be a long two years before morning in America  assuming the American people elect the right candidate.          

Monday, January 19, 2015

Obama Again Calling For Tax Increases - More Divisive Class Warfare

Rather than pitching Comprehensive Tax Reform, which is desperately needed to create broad based economic growth and real job creation again, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama, will once again play the divisive Class Warfare card, in his State of the Union Address calling for even higher taxes on the "rich", the Makers and job creators in society.  The so called rich, defined by Socialists as couples making more than $250,000 a year, are already paying federal income tax rates around 44%, and higher Capital Gains taxes, thanks to ObamaCare, plus an average of 6% in state income taxes.  When coupled with property and sales taxes and many other fees, licenses and other government charges, many couples are giving up 55% or more of their hard earned income.

Yet for Socialists, it is never enough.  In their sick thinking, if only the rich could pay a little more, life would be wonderful for everyone.  Even with Obama's higher taxes, our $18 Trillion National Debt continues to grow with no end in sight.  No matter how much we give Washington, they spend more.  It has to stop.  Obama wants to help the Middle Class.  Really?  The Middle Class has gone backwards as a result of Obamanomics, earning less today than when Obama first took office.   You cannot help the Middle Class by taking more money from the Makers in the private sector  that actually create jobs.  Obama either never took Economics 101 and or if he did take the course, he apparently failed it.  The bigger the government gets, the smaller the private sector.   Real productive jobs happen in the private sector.  Anything that hurts investors and entrepreneurs, as would be the case with Obama's proposed tax increases, hurts the entire economy and in particular the Poor and Middle Class.  It is no accident that Obamanomics has resulted in the lowest labor participation rate and the highest number of Americans on poverty in three decades.  These Obamanistas are all job killers. 

Fortunately, the Congress is controlled by Republicans, so hopefully Obama's higher tax proposals will go no where.  They are DEAD ON ARRIVAL.   We need real tax reform that brings down personal and corporate income tax rates by getting rid of loop holes and gimmicks in the tax code that artificially impact markets.   As it is now, about 50% of Americans pay no income taxes at all.  We have the most progressive income tax system in the world.  And, the working poor, that pay no income taxes, get the Earned Income Tax Credit that gives them money back from the federal government averaging $4,000 a year or more.  How much more progressive can the tax code be when the Makers that pay all the income taxes in our country support the Takers; now about 50% of Americans.  Obama is a Socialist.  If he could do it, he would redistribute all income from the Makers to the Takers until everyone is living in poverty. i.e Cuba.  That is called Communism and we know the end of that dismal story. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval - RINO To The Core

Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada, where this Blogger lives, is a classic Pro-Choice RINO.  As a Conservative, for the first time since I voted for Ross Perot, rather than Bush I for raising taxes, I did not vote for a Republican Governor and other RINOS on the ballot in the last election.  I just could not do it.  I voted American Independent Party; which in Nevada is the Conservative Party of America.  Sandoval has accepted ObamaCare, lock stock and barrel, setting up a state exchange, which turned out to be a disaster, wasting over a hundred million dollars.  Sandoval was one of a few Republican Governors who took the expanded Medicaid, included in ObamaCare, which ultimately will bankrupt our state.  Aside from being Pro-Choice, which is a crime against humanity, when Sandoval, who is supposed to be a Roman Catholic, embraced ObamaCare, he was dead to me.

But now it has gotten even worse.  The voters of Nevada just defeated a Corporate Business Margins Tax, put on the ballot by the Teacher's Union, by a 72% No Vote.  Apparently, Sandoval is both hard of hearing and thinking since in his State of the State Address, while we have not seen the details yet, Sandoval just proposed a Business License Tax, based on a sliding scale of revenues, that will result in between $400 and $4 million in additional cost to state businesses.  This is just a Margins Tax by another name that will result in $430 million in new taxes on business in the next two years.  I know that this amount is chump change in Washington; but in tiny Nevada, this is real money that will cost jobs. 

Sandoval wants to increase spending by over $1 Billion, much of it going to public schools, when there is just no evidence that more money improves our public education.  The United States already spends more than any other industrial country on education; yet US student achievement is mediocre compared to other countries.  As part of his tax increases, Sandoval wants to make permanent tax increases that were installed during the Recession saying that this revenue is now part of the State's budget.  Gosh, we have our version of Obama in Nevada as Sandoval lied to the people of Nevada.  These taxes were supposed to sunset; but in fact they have been extended twice.  After telling the people that these taxes would sunset, Sandoval now wants to make them permanent.  We have our own Pinocchio in Nevada. 

The only new tax this Conservative would support in Nevada is a Sales Tax on Reprocessed Nuclear Materials coming out of Yucca.  Sandoval opposes utilization of Yucca to deal with nuclear waste, even though US taxpayers paid more than $13 Billion to build it and it sits empty.  Utilization of Yucca Mountain would create thousands of permanent jobs and be a great source of State Tax Revenue, paid by utilities from out of state, not the residents of Nevada.  But Sandoval won't even discuss the concept of using Yucca to reprocess nuclear materials, as happens safely in countries like France that reprocesses 96% of their spent nuclear fuels.  

It is time for Governor Brian Sandoval to come out of the closet and declare himself a tax and spend Democrat/Socialist.  Sandoval is certainly not a Conservative, nor even a Republican.  What is really funny is that Sandoval wants to create another State Board of Education function, headed by his pal Pedro Martinez, the former fired Superintendent of the Washoe County School District to deal with failing public schools in Nevada.  Really??  Martinez has been fired more than once; yet Sandoval wants to create another layer of education bureaucracy in Nevada, headed by this loser.  This is just plain nuts.  And because Martinez was fired by an elected School Board, Sandoval now wants to make School Board Members political appointees so he can put more of his cronies in office.

This Blogger is not opposed to government, or even all tax increases.  However, until we see the waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy eliminated at all levels of government, I cannot support giving even more of my hard earned money to government.  The Education Bureaucracy is a prime example of waste in government as we have both Federal and State Departments of Education; County Departments of Education and then local school boards typically controlling public schools all making paper work for each other that accomplishes nothing important.  There is so much pork fat in this system that these bureaucrats, all getting great pensions, take money away from the classroom and things like merit pay for great teachers.  It has to stop before I can ever approve of tax increases to fund public schools, or anything else.  And, if we are to have tax increases it should be to pay off both state and federal debt, not add more debt. 

We also need to see serious limitations on collective bargaining for public employees and compensation and benefits for public employees in line with what is paid in the private sector for like work.  Sandoval talks about some of these things; but undoubtedly if he gets his way, we will see the tax increases and the government reform will never happen.  The American people have seen this story many times before; so why should now be different.  We just can't trust the people we elect because once in office they continue to betray that trust.  In any case, what we have in Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada is a classic RINO to the core.  It is what it is.  How appropriate that Brian Sandoval's initials are BS because that is exactly what we hear coming out of this Governor's mouth. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama Releasing Terrorists From GITMO

While Western countries are dealing with Terrorism around the world, Emperor Pinocchio Obama is continuing to release Terrorists from Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) in his attempt to close down the prison.  To date, Obama has released 117 Terrorists; but to be fair President George W Bush released more than 500.  In both cases, this is crazy.  Many of these Terrorists are ending up in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries fully intent on committing more Terrorist attacks to kill Westerners. 

WE ARE AT WAR WITH RADICAL ISLAM.  When is Obama going to recognize this fact of life.  Would we have released Japanese or Nazi Prisoners of War, while World War II was still going on.  Of course, not.  Further, Congress will not allow Obama to close down GITMO because it is a perfectly logical place to hold Terrorists.  Obama's contention that the existence of GITMO is a recruiting tool for Terrorists is ridiculous.  Whether we use a prison in the United States, or GITMO to hold these murderers is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that if we bring these Terrorists on to US soil, they could be eligible for US citizen legal protections, rather than tried using military justice as the basis for trial.  This is a big deal.  For the most part, these Terrorists are not American citizens and therefore the protections in our Constitution do not apply.

Since Congress will not approve closure of GITMO, Emperor Obama is just releasing these Terrorists to make it happen.   The blood of those killed by these Terrorists, once they end up back in the battle, committing Terrorist attacks, is on Obama's hands.  Obamanista logic is perverse.  It is perfectly OK to kill these Terrorists, using drones even if there is collateral damage, than to hold them in GITMO.  The notion that collateral damage is what is really being used to recruit more Terrorists does not seem to register with Obama.  Again, this is just common sense; something Obama seems to lack.

Keystone Pipeline - A Giant Infra Structure Project

Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress continue to insist that the federal government borrow money from the Chinese, adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt, to fund infra structure projects.  The Socialists say it would create thousands of jobs.  Of course, when Obama talks about the Keystone Pipeline Project, requiring no government money, which apparently Obama intends to veto if approved by Congress, there is no acknowledgement of the job creation.  Obama down plays the 42,000 jobs that would be created as "temporary" and therefore not worthwhile.  If that is the measurement standard, then all infra structure project jobs are "temporary", since once a road or bridge is built, the jobs go away.

In this particular case, by bringing the Canadian oil into the US, it will be refined in Louisiana, which will create thousands of permanent jobs.  Then Obama goes on to say that this only benefits Canada, since the refined gas can be sold to other countries.  Obviously, Obama failed Economics 101 and simply does not understand markets.  It does not matter to whom this oil or gas is sold.  Adding this Canadian oil and gas to world markets helps pump up supply, which brings down prices for everyone. 

More than 65% of the American people, including Socialists, support the building of the Keystone Pipeline because it is good for America.  Unions support the building of the Keystone Pipeline because it will result in high paying often union jobs.   It is time for Emperor Obama to approve the building of the Keystone Pipeline because it will create thousands of jobs, while minimizing carbon emissions into the environment, since it will not longer be necessary to ship this oil by truck or rail, which is happening now, once the Pipeline is built.  It is time for common sense to prevail; but don't count it. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Depiction of Sacred Religious Figures In Art & Media

The murders committed by Islamic Fascist Terrorists in Paris, France supposedly occurred because a left wing magazine depicted Mohammad in a cartoon in a negative way.  Muslims have objected to any depiction of Mohammad because they, like Jews, adhere to the Second Commandant, in the Ten Commandants, prohibition against graven images.  In fact, generally you will see no depictions of religious figures and certainly not God, or Allah in a Jewish Temple, or Muslim Mosque.  Instead, these religious buildings are usually decorated with elaborate geometric shapes, mosaics etc; but never with any pictures, or art depicting people, God or the Prophets. 

Matter of fact, when Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments from God, he asked God who he was and to reveal himself.  To which God responded all you need to know is that "I am".  Even early Christianity, that emanated from Judaism, dealt with this issue; though in Christianity, there has been depiction of religious figures, including Jesus, from very early times.  It took edicts by various Popes to allow the religious art we see today in many church frescoes, paintings etc.  And, aren't we lucky because some of the most beautiful art and master pieces every produced in human history portray scenes from the Bible, including depictions of God, Jesus, the prophets and the saints. 

In any case, while it can never justify the Terrorist murders that have taken place in the name of Allah, or be the basis for revenge for depictions of Mohammad by the left wing media, it is important for all people to understand the religious justification and or positioning for Islamic disapproval of these cartoons that are irreverent.   Jesus too has often been depicted irreverently by these same atheist cartoonists and the left wing media.  Of course it is offensive; but again these irreverent cartoons, or depictions cannot be used as an excuse for murder.  Let us hope that all moderate Muslims speak up to condemn these murders, while at the same time condemning these ugly depictions as the right way to deal with this issue. without calling the death of the artists or author.   

Sadly, the freedom of speech that we all covet is not always to our liking; but to maintain our freedom of speech, we must protect all freedom of speech no matter how odious. 

Obamanistas Intentionally Did Not Go To France - End No Go Zones

While two million or more people and about 40 leaders from various countries marched in Paris, France to protest the murders committed by Islamic Fascist Terrorists and to protect freedom of speech, Obamanistas were missing in action.  Not only did Emperor Pinocchio Obama not show up to represent the United States, he sent no high level member of the administration to stand with the French people.   It is clear that this President refuses to recognize the threat we face from adherents of Radical Islam that will murder moderate Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of all other faiths, or no faiths, to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  It is disgraceful that no high level Obamanista participated in this March on the streets of Paris.  But this was no accident, or oversight.  Obama does not want to be associated with the term Radical Islam. 

At the same time, many countries in Europe have "No Go Zones", where the city police will not go, ceding to Radical Muslims their neighborhoods where they are practicing Sharia Law, rather than live by the laws of the particular country.  This is happening in the name of multi culturalism, which is just plain crazy.   All countries need the Melting Pot concept to assimilate immigrants to create one nation, speaking one language as the primary language and one culture.  To do otherwise, is a path to national destruction.  We see what is happening in France as 10% of their population are now Muslims that often live separate and apart from French society. 

These No Go Zones are breeding grounds to recruit Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  All of this has to stop to deal with the Islamic Fascist threat that we face around the world.  This is a battle between Western values and freedom and Fascism as bad as what we faced during World War II with the Nazi's.   This is about good versus evil.  Anyone who would murder in the name of God is actually doing the Devil's work.  Where is the Winston Churchill, or the Franklin Roosevelt, or Ronald Reagan that we need to defeat this form of Fascism.  Certainly, Pinocchio Obama is not that man.  If we are to live in peace, without the constant threat of Terrorism on our city streets that appears daily, we must recognize the threat we face and deal with it aggressively.  What other choice do we have if we are to remain a free people. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Islamic Fascism - Time To Recognize The Threat

With the Terrorist attack in Paris, France, the French that marched in their city streets have recognized that Islamic Fascism is a threat to Western Freedoms.  The Prime Minister of France, Manual Valls, correctly stated that France is at war with Radical Islam, something Obamanistas refuse to acknowledge.  That is a step in the right direction.  Yet, France also has many "No Go Zones" in their country where the police will not go and Radical Muslim Sharia Law prevails.  That is ridiculous.  In essence, the French government has ceded territory within France to Radical Islam, rather than encouraging Muslim assimilation into French society.   We must never allow this to occur in the United States and other countries in Europe that are doing the same thing would be wise to stop it.

There are more than one billion Muslims in the world in many countries.  Most of them are just faithful people, not out to murder anyone.  However, there are probably several million Muslims that are adherents to Radical Islam, out to create a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond, that believe that anyone that does not adhere to their form of Radical Islam, is an infidel that must either convert, or be killed.  The people on their kill list includes moderate Muslims, Christians, Jews and peoples of all other faiths, or no faith at all.  It is these Islamic Fascists that we must confront around the world to preserve Western Freedoms.

Western nations and their leaders, including Emperor Pinocchio Obama, cannot defeat these Islamic Fascists if we don't recognize the threat and Terrorist Acts that they frequently implement.  These are not just "senseless acts of violence" implemented by Terrorists or Extremists, as frequently referred to by Obama; but rather they are Terrorist Acts, implemented by Islamic Fascists, doing so in the name of their version of Allah.  When they murder they scream the name of Allah.  The connection between Radical Islam and these Terrorist Acts is there by self proclamation.  It is time for all Western leaders and especially the President of the United States to call this what it is; Islamic Radical Terrorism committed by Islamic Fascists.  

And finally, Moderate Muslim leaders around the world must stand up and condemn these Islamic Radicals, or they will be destroyed by them.   Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of Egypt courageously recently did just that.  More Muslim leaders need to follow his lead.  These moderate Muslims must join in the fight to destroy Radical Islam, which is a threat to their very existence.  It is time to recognize this threat for what it is; Islamic Fascism just as bad as the Communist, or Fascist threat that we faced in the 20th Century.  Just as those ideologies were destroyed because they were a threat to our freedom, so too must we destroy this Radical form of Islam.  What choice do we have. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Obama Proposes "Free" Community College

While Western countries face an increased threat from Islamic Fascist Terrorists, around the world, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is out on the campaign trail AGAIN, even though there are no pending elections, proposing "Free" Community College.  First, can we get one thing perfectly clear.  Nothing provided by government is "FREE".   What one person gets FREE from government is paid for by another person.  "Free" Public Education to the 12th grade is paid for in most states by Property Taxes.  Many people believe that Community College is really grade 13 and 14 and should be provided at little cost, which is often the case in many cities. 

This Blogger went to Community College for my first two years of university as did both of our sons.  It was virtually Free when I went to Community College, more than 40 years ago.  I basically paid $5 a semester, plus the cost of books, during the Golden Age of Education in California when even the Cal State and the University of California systems had relatively low tuition's.  By the time our sons went to Community College, in California, it was still relatively inexpensive and it still is in many states today.  Clearly, anyone working part time could afford Community College.  

We do not need to create another entitlement; though perhaps a case could be made for poor kids to get Community College subsidized provided they work part time to pay for some of it and achieve decent grades.  There certainly would be no reason to subsidize Community College for kids coming from Middle, or Upper Class families at a cost of billions of dollars to US taxpayers. 

The United States is facing bankruptcy.  We are $18 Trillion in debt, with no end in sight.  ObamaCare will add Trillions of dollars to our National Debt in the next 10 - 20 years, if it is not repealed and replaced by real health care reform.   We need to spend a lot more money defending our country against Terrorism.  As a former school teacher, I support higher education, or technical training for all Americans; but as someone who worked my way through university to achieve several degrees, with no loans and no subsidies, I know it can be done; but it takes hard work, focus, discipline and a passion for learning. 

And, as someone who insisted that our sons work part time while going to Community College and University, I also know that it is possible to achieve higher education without student loans, or other government subsidies.   We just can't afford any more "Free" government entitlements when both Social Security and Medicare are headed toward bankruptcy. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Michelle Obama - The Fix May Be In

We recently learned that Socialist Senator Babble Boxer of California will not run for reelection in 2016.  Boxer is retiring after 21 years of unaccomplished service in Congress.  This is one federal pension we should all be happy to pay because Boxer is probably one of the dumbest, left wing politicians in the Socialist Party and that is saying a lot because so many of them are really stupid.  In fact, this Blogger cannot think of one thing Babble Boxer accomplished while serving in Congress.  She did scold a five star General for saying Yes Mam to her during questioning before the Committee that she chaired, rather than referring to her as Senator Boxer.  But otherwise, Babble Boxer has had a rather uninspiring Senate career. 

Apparently though, it was always good enough for the Socialist voters in California that never expected much from Boxer, since they reelected her several times.   So now, we must wonder if the fix is in for Michelle Obama.  The word on the street is that the Obama's have either bought, or are looking to buy a home in the Palm Springs, California area.  This could make Michelle's new found residence California, after her husband leaves office, even if her husband Pinocchio still claims Illinois as his principle residence.  They may very well want to do just that because then Michelle could run for Boxer's Senate Seat, while Pinocchio could continue to pay the lower personal income tax rates of Illinois.  In fact, California's personal income tax rates, at upper income levels, are about double those of Illinois. 

Pinocchio Obama could winter in California to play golf.  If Michelle Obama was elected to the Senate, she could spend her time in both California and Washington DC; not a bad life, once their kids are off to university, which is just a few years away.  But would the Socialists in California vote for a Carpet Bagger the way the Socialists in New York did with Hillary Clinton.  There is no doubt that California is the bluest of all Socialist States.  It would be nearly impossible for a Republican Senate Candidate to win in California, even if the Socialist candidate was clueless, as they often are.   However, California is much more Hispanic than New York.   And, there are many California Socialist Hispanics in office, waiting in the wings to replace the two Jewish Senators representing California; Boxer and Feinstein.  These Hispanic Socialists are not likely to just step aside to allow Michelle Obama to swoop in and take Boxer's Senate seat.  Michele Obama would have to fight for it, something she may find ugly.   In any case, it sure looks like the fix may be in.  Time will tell if the Obama's are following the Clinton pay book.   After all it is tough to give up the good life that comes from living in the White House and using Air Force One to jet off on vacation several times a year at taxpayer expense. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Saudi Arabia Implicated in 9/11 Attack

Members of Congress are pushing the Obama Administration to release 28 classified pages of a 9/11 Report that apparently implicates Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center.  It is well known that 15 of the 19 Terrorists involved in the attack were Saudi Arabian citizens; but the question of who financed the operation has never been publicized.  It is probable that wealthy Saudis, perhaps with ties to the government, or royal family bankrolled the operation.  Obviously somebody was giving Usama Bin Laden the money he needed to keep Al Queda alive and functioning. 

Saudi Arabia could very well become a victim of its own handiwork.  The Saudi Arabian government, which is basically the royal family, finances Madrases schools, around the world, that teach a radical form of Islam.  They do this as part of a deal to keep the fundamentalists radicals living in Saudi Arabia happy.   However, we see the end result.  The Islamic Fascists operating in Syria, Iraq and other countries in North Africa,the Middle East and Western countries are no accident.  Many of these radicals are the product of these Madrases schools.   And, these Islamic fanatics see the Saudi Royal Family as allies of the Western democracies, which these Islamic Fascists despise.

If these Islamic Fascists are successful in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, Saudi Arabia will be surrounded on all of its borders.  Next, these Islamic Fascists will do whatever they can to undermine the current Saudi government.   These Islamic Fascists are focused on establishing a radical Caliphate across the Middle East and beyond.  They will murder Christians, Jews and other Muslims to achieve their goal.  Saudi Arabia has been riding the back of the tiger for years financing Terrorists, one way or another.  He who rides the back of the tiger usually ends up inside the tiger.  Saudi Arabia and or wealthy Saudis are playing a very dangerous game. 

Islamic Fascist Terrorist Attack in Paris, France

Once again we see another brutal Islamic Fascist Terrorist Attack, this time in Paris, France.  These Islamic Radicals murdered 12 people, including two police officers, protecting a left wing news magazine that uses cartoons in satire to make fun of everything and everybody, including Mohammad.  Ironically, one of the murdered police officers, seen begging for his life in a video, was himself a Muslim. This particular attack is an attack against Western Civilization and freedom of speech, which is the foundation of our liberty.  We all know that the lame stream left wing media is often irreverent; but it is what it is.  We must protect their freedom of speech, if we are all to have our freedoms protected.

France, in particular, has a growing Muslim population, which now comprises about 10% of its people.  Muslims are a growing segment of the population because France has allowed them into their country.  These immigrants refuse to assimilate, often practicing Sharia Law within their communities.  Since Muslims have many more children than the typical French family, it is only a matter of time that the French will become a minority within France.  When that happens, Islamic Radicals will demand changes to French law in accordance with Sharia Law.  The French people better wake up and soon to stop all this from happening. 

From a world perspective, all Western countries better understand the fight before us.  These Islamic Fascists want to impose a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  They are more than willing to murder Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and all peoples of other faiths and or people with no faith to install their brand of Islam.  We are fighting for our freedoms and way of life.  This Blogger hesitates to call this a new Crusade because it is not about Christians opposed to Muslims.  It is instead about all freedom loving people of all faiths, including moderate Muslims, against these Islamic Fascists.  We cannot ignore this threat, or down play it as sometimes occurs with Obamanistas that often refuse to use the word Islam tied to these Terrorist attacks.  In fact, these Islamic Fascists are as bad as Adolf Hitler and just as dangerous. 

We are at war requiring a formal Declaration of War by the United States and many other Western countries.  However, this war is not against a particular country; but rather is against a Fascist Ideology.  It is what it is and we better act to destroy it now and or we will see many more Terrorist murders around the world. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

California Bullet Train - Biggest Government Boondogle In American History

California Socialist Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown has kicked off the building of a Bullet Train connecting Los Angeles/Southern California with San Francisco.  As of now, this project, which won't be completed until 2033, is supposed to cost $98 Billion.  The majority of voters in California voted to take on $10 Billion in debt to build this boondoggle.  Most of the rest of the money is coming from the Federal Government approved by Obama when the Socialists controlled Congress.  So all Americans are paying for Jerry Brown's Crazy Train.  It will be the most expensive public works project in American history.   And, of course it will cost more and take even longer to build than is currently anticipated.   Worst of all, when it is done, it will take a whopping four hours to complete the journey and still require annual subsidies projected to be over $300 million a year in today's dollars.

This is about the dumbest thing to come along since ObamaCare.   Most people in California live within 45 minutes or less of a major airport that would allow for flying anywhere in California in an hour or less at pretty cheap fares.  Why would anyone spend the same amount of money and four hours on a train to do the same trip.  Even more important, California's major cities suffer from traffic jams so bad that it can take an hour or more just to go 10 miles on congested freeways.  There is often complete grid lock.  Anyone with a brain, would prioritize California monies into building more rapid transit and perhaps even toll roads in major cities, rather than building a Bullet Train that will bankrupt the state.

But this is California we are talking about completely controlled by Socialists and the big public employee unions.  California bonds are rated as junk bonds because the state already has so much outstanding debt.  Money is borrowed every year to fund operating expenses; not just long term projects.  And, public employee pension liability tops more than $100 Billion.  No one can say where that money is going to come from to deal with this debt and pensions, since taxes in California are already among the highest in the nation. 

Many major companies have either completely moved out of California, or just maintain shell corporate headquarters in California to avoid California Corporate Income Taxes.  Raising taxes any higher will just cause more migration.  California will be left with Takers and very few Makers to pay all the bills.   As it is more than 20 million people in California out of 35 million get some kind of government check.  This out migration of business has been happening for years with each state tax increase.   What we are seeing is classic Socialism as Socialists bankrupt the state.  This latest boondoggle, a Bullet Train that is not needed, is just one more example of incredibly wasteful and even stupid spending. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cheap Oil - Good For All Americans & The World

Thanks to technology advancements implemented by various oil companies in the United States that allows for fracking to produce more oil, the price of a barrel of oil and therefore gas at the pump has dropped dramatically.   In fact, an additional 4 million barrels of oil a day is being produced in the United States, which enters world markets one way or another, to bring down prices.   This is addition to Saudi Arabian reluctance to curtail production is what is bringing down the price of oil. 

This is very good for the Poor and Middle Class around the world since the price of oil impacts the cost of all goods and services.  This means that people have more buying power to fuel additional consumer spending, since people don't need to spend more money on gasoline, or heating fuel.  However, there are also Geo political implications.  Russia that depends on oil and natural gas for badly needed income is in big trouble.  The price of oil in addition to the sanctions imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine is destroying their economy.  This will also impact Iran that needs higher oil prices to continue supporting not only their economy; but also their nuclear program.  Cheap oil is also making Venezuela a basket case.  Since these countries are enemies of the United States, anything that weakens them is probably a good thing. 

In no way can Obamanistas take any credit for bringing down the price of oil.  All of the new production of oil in the United States is happening on private land, not on public lands because Obama will not approve new leases and or off shore drilling.  And, it is probable that Obama will Veto Congressional action to make the Keystone Pipeline a reality killing thousands of jobs.  Thank You Big Oil for bringing down the price of oil.  Clearly, this will help the American economy and create jobs better than anything Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress have done during Obama's six years in office. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Obama On The Campaign Trail Again To Announce Executive Orders

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is going out on the campaign trail AGAIN to pitch a variety of Executive Orders he is planning.  Obama plans to visit various US cities to put forth "his" new laws designed to get around the Republican controlled
Congress.  Please Mr. President, anything you want to say can happen in a televised speech.  Save us all the money it will take to put Air Force One in the air.   Besides, we have probably heard it all before.  It would be much better if Obama were to stay in Washington and do his job by meeting with the leaders in Congress to actually get something done rather than further divide our nation. 

Only about 40% of Americans still support Obama.  They are Obama's die hard PEEP's, many of whom are on the dole, one way or another.  The rest of us are tired of all the lies, SPIN and propaganda we constantly hear out of Obama's mouth.  It is no surprise that the Washington Post keeps giving Obama all those Pinocchio's because he so frequently lies to the American people when he gives a speech.  It is getting really old.

We need to see action on the Keystone Pipeline, comprehensive Immigration and Tax Reform, School Choice for kids in failing public schools, balancing the budget and paying off the National Debt, saving Social Security and Medicare and dealing with Terrorism around the world.  It is time for Obama to stay in Washington DC and do his job.  We don't need any more speeches, or Executive Orders.  What we do need is a government that actually works. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Power Of The US Presidency

The power of the US Presidency has continued to increase from the very beginnings of our country.  Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase.  James Polk finished the job with the Mexican American War to fulfill our Manifest Destiny.  Abraham Lincoln added Alaska by purchasing it from Russia.  Teddy Roosevelt gave us an empire in the Pacific by defeating Spain in the Spanish American War.  Hawaii became an American territory and eventually an American state.  Clearly, various Presidents have used Presidential power, usually with the consent of Congress, to grow the United States of America to what it is today.

However, this notion of using Executive Orders to "interpret laws" is now out of control as Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama just used an Executive Order to give legal status to 5 million Illegal Aliens.  The courts will decide if this is Constitutional; but let us hope that the Supreme Court says NO.  If not, we effectively have a Dictator so why bother with electing members of Congress.  If the President is able to act alone, in complete disregard of the Separation of Powers, enumerated in the Constitution, we have a King or Emperor.  To be fair, this trend has been growing for years. 

Abraham Lincoln suspended rights in the Constitution during the Civil War making it easy to arrest anyone for anything.  Lincoln also initially freed the slaves without Constitutional Authority, which is the reason it actually took the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to do it properly.  Presidents regularly send our armed forces into wars without any Declaration of War by the Congress as required by the Constitution.  Our freedoms are under attack as President Obama has ordered the National Security Agency to spy on all Americans.  Where will all of this end. 

History teaches us that power corrupts.  The more power the President, any President takes, the more he or she will take.   Our Founders feared a Dictator.  In writing the Constitution, they had just fought a long Revolutionary War to get rid of King George.  The last thing they wanted was King Obama; but that is where we are headed if Congress and the Courts do not assert their proper authority in accordance with the Separation of Powers.  Let us hope that Members of both political parties in Congress see Obama's Executive Orders as the threat to our freedom that they really are.  Greater and greater Presidential Power will lead to an outright Dictatorship.  And, if this is allowed to continue the day will come when some President just suspends Congress and takes complete power.  Don't think it can't happen because it did happen with Adolf Hitler who was first elected as the Chancellor of Germany and then took complete Dictatorial power.  And, we all know the end of that horrible story.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Time To Defund Planned Parenthood

The United States National Debt is about $18 Trillion and growing with no end in sight.   The Federal Government is currently borrowing about $800 Billion a year from the Chinese and others to fund all Departments, Commissions, Social Programs, Defense, etc.  This is unsustainable.  When interest rates go up, all tax revenues will go to pay the interest on the Debt.  There will be nothing left to fund critical government services; defense in particular.   As such, we have to start making hard decisions related to cutting expenses.

Naturally, there is tremendous waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy in all government spending that must be stopped; but don't count on it.  Neither the Republicans nor the Socialists in Congress are willing to cut all the boondoggles that help them get elected.  One easy cut is the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill.  Planned Parenthood is clearly a business no matter what its tax status.   Planned Parenthood implements about 350,000 abortions a year.   The Federal Government provides Planned Parenthood more than $500 million a year.  The question is why?

The majority of Americans do not support unlimited access to abortion.  So why are we being forced to give Planned Parenthood more than a half a billion every year.   Certainly, those who are Pro-Choice that support abortion, the Socialists in government and the country, the lame stream left wing media, Hollywood Glitterati and radical feminists are free to donate monies to Planned Parenthood.   Why should the rest of us, that are Pro-Life, be forced to pay to support Planned Parenthood.

Aside from the abortion issue, we cannot afford to fund all programs.  Some things have to go.   Planned Parenthood should either figure out how to support their operations, or go out of business; just like any other business in America.  This one is a no brainer.  It is time for Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

Obama's EPA Gestapo In 2015 - Job Killers

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is planning on using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Gestapo in 2015 to get around Congress with numerous Executive Orders to further destroy carbon based energy sources and to control water.  So in addition to new regulations controlling carbon based energy, we can expect to see Executive Orders governing mud puddles, rain water off roofs, ponds, seasonal streams etc. etc.   And, specific to coal, EPA Gestapo plans are designed to shut down coal mines killing thousands of good paying jobs and raising the cost of electricity for all Americans. 

The only thing good about Executive Orders is that the next President, presumably if a Republican, can reverse all of Obama's stupid handiwork.  Certainly, if Hillary Clinton is elected President, Obama's Executive Orders will not be reversed, which is the best reason to stop Hilly at all costs.  Obamanistas and their Socialist Pals in Congress are all job killers.   While the reported unemployment rate is about 5.8%, which sounds good, it is bogus.  The real unemployment rate is around 11% if all our counted, the unemployed, the under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether.  This is the reason we have nearly 50 million Americans on Food Stamps and 10 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits in both cases the highest levels in American history. 

The Labor Participation Rate at about 62% is the lowest it has been in three decades.  Poverty is higher today that three decades ago as well.  Blacks in particular, under the first Black President, are worse off today than when George Bush II was President.   The EPA Gestapo's crazy regulations are job killers that actually hurt the American people.  Green Energy cannot power the United States.   We need an all of the above Energy Policy working to make all Energy Sources, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Wind and Solar cleaner, safer and cheaper to raise the standard of living of all Americans by creating more good paying jobs.   Those jobs that raise Middle Class wages and lower the poverty rate will not come any other way.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Eliminating The US Department of Education - Common Sense Reform

Socialist President Jimmy Carter created the US Federal Department of Education as a pay off to the teacher unions when he was being challenged by Senator Teddy Kennedy in the Socialist Presidential Primary.   Before then, Education was included in the Health and Human Services Department.   Today, there are about 4,300 employees at the US Department of Education doling out more than $60 Billion in various programs presumably to support public education and college loans etc.  To do so, no doubt several billion dollars of the $60 billion are necessary to support this overlay bureaucracy.   What a waste of money.

A case could easily be made to eliminate the Department of Education, since from its founding three decades ago, student achievement has actually gone down.  Though education is not specifically mentioned in the US Constitution as a federal government responsibility, assuming Congress wants to provide some funding to public schools, monies could just be allocated on a per pupil basis, with twice as much money going to school districts with poor kids.  Do we really need 4,300 federal bureaucrats to hand out $60 Billion.  

Keep in mind, what we have today is the Federal Department of Education, State Departments of Education, County Departments of Education and then local school districts actually charged with educating children.  All of these bureaucrats do nothing but create paper work for each other to justify their jobs and fat pensions.   It is time to get  more money into the classroom by getting rid of all these layers of bureaucracy that do nothing to improve public education.  If anything, these bureaucrats get in the way of improving our schools. 

It is time to get back to basic by making sure that local schools are properly funded.  The answer we always hear from Socialists is that more money is needed to support our schools, when in fact there is more than enough money devoted to public education and more than any other country.  The problem is that too much of it is paying the salaries and overhead to support bureaucrats and not enough is being used to pay good teachers more money through merit pay.  We will never fix public education as long as so much is wasted on the Education Establishment at the expense of kids.  By the way, Common Core, the Federalization of public education is a dumb idea that should be eliminated.   It is just more baloney being used to justify administration jobs and an even bigger education bureaucracy.