Monday, January 26, 2015

WIC & SNAP - Government Free Food For The Poor

This Blogger happened to be in an upscale grocery store in the check out line.  In front of me was an illegal alien couple, with a baby, using WIC government checks to buy food.  I am not sure if they were married or not.  WIC is the Federal Woman, Infant and Children's Program designed to provide free food for poor Pregnant Women, Infants and Children.  Apparently, it is available to illegal aliens because it is against the WIC law to discriminate on the basis of national origin.  The woman who spoke little English had three groupings of groceries because she had two government checks to use up.  The third grouping was a can of beer with a 50% off sticker that they had to pay for with money.  The woman asked her male partner in Spanish if she could buy two cans; but since they were 86 cents each, he told her No. 

After they left, the clerk apologized to me for the three transactions taking so long because she had to make sure that what they were buying qualified for WIC purchases.  Since I had never seen anyone in this upscale grocery store before using what I thought were Food Stamps, which I thought involved a debit card, I asked the clerk why they didn't just use the debit card to get what they wanted.  The clerk explained that WIC can only be used for healthy foods like milk, eggs, bread, cereals, fruit and vegetables etc.  Things like coffee cannot be purchased with WIC Checks.  This is the reason why Wal Mart actually labels foods as WIC eligible.  Of course, this Mexican couple should have been shopping at Wal Mart, not far away, to get more food for their government money, rather than at an upscale grocery store with higher prices; but that is another story.  Wal Mart actually does several billion dollars a year in Food Stamp and WIC business.   

Since I often talk about Food Stamps in my Blog Postings, I decided to do some research to better understand how these programs work.  WIC is a federal program administered by the states.  California probably has one of the biggest programs in the country.  Currently, there are 84 agencies, working out of 650 sites in California, providing WIC services to 1.45 million California residents that no doubt include many illegal aliens.   It is these WIC checks that are often sold on the Black Market for cash.  There are little convenience stores that will pay a percentage of value and give out money so that recipients can buy whatever they want, presumably cigarettes, liquor and or drugs.  The convenience store then pockets the full value of the check payable by the government, which of course is fraud. 

SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is the debit card more commonly referred to as Food Stamps that originally began during the Great Depression.  Technically, someone must be an American Citizen to get SNAP, however, the children of illegal aliens are eligible.  As of now, there are about 50 million people on SNAP, up 20 million since Obama was first elected, which would include illegal alien children.  The cost is about $80 Billion a year.  SNAP money may only be used to buy food; no soaps, no cigarettes, no liquor etc. 

Aside from the cost, the reason this is all very important is that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has issued an Executive Order to give legal status to perhaps 5 million or more illegal aliens.   Once they come out of the shadows and have legal status, these illegal alien adults will also qualify for SNAP.  All that is required if not an American Citizen is legal status.  There will be several million more people on the dole if Obama gets his way and there is no work requirement to get WIC or SNAP.  While many illegal aliens are hard workers, there is no doubt that our Welfare System is a neon sign that says Come On In.  While 38 families control all the wealth in Mexico, the American taxpayer is paying to feed and educate illegal alien Mexican children, as well as provide medical services.   Are we stupid or what?

While the American people give more to charity that any other people in the world, this Blogger included, our Federal Government is $18 Trillion in debt with no end in sight.   We cannot continue to be Mexico's Welfare System.  It is time for the Mexican government and those 38 families in Mexico that control the country's wealth to take care of their own people.   We need to Secure Our Border and quick to stop this drain on the American people that will lead to the bankrupcy of our country.

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  1. This is so incredibly racist and WRONG. WIC checks pay the store's purchase price of goods in ANY store that accepts them. So if tomatoes cost 80cents per lb that day WIC pays 80 cents. If the store jacks that up to $3 then that's on the store and the idiots in the "upscale" store who have no clue what things actually cost. And no "illegal aliens" DO NOT qualify for WIC as adults with children; if the parent(s) are illegal ONLY the child qualifies if s/he was born in America, therefore the checks only cover foods THE BABY needs. There is no way a convenience store can take WIC checks and allow the person to "buy whatever they want", said store must be equipped with a check scanner that is specifically programmed to accept WIC checks for WIC approved foods (which is why they're not accepted everywhere); and as I stated earlier WIC only pays current market price for goods, so there is no benefit to the store OR the WIC customer to "sell" the WIC check in order to purchase non WIC items. And selling the checks to private individuals is also pretty impossible as you MUST have your WIC folder with your WIC certified signature on it to use a WIC check. So there's all that; and the reason why Americans "give the most to charity" (which on average, poorer people give higher percentages of income) is because there is such a HUGE gap in haves and have-nots. Socialist countries (oh jeeze I used the word) don't NEED to contribute to charities because everyone is already taken care of; the excess money goes to education & arts. Oh and the thing about Mexico having 38 families that run everything - America has 6 or 7. Just think about that for a second... - this all coming from a first time white mom living in SoCal. I never PLANNED on needing assistance, but shit happens, and thank GOD the help is there.