Friday, January 2, 2015

Obama's EPA Gestapo In 2015 - Job Killers

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is planning on using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Gestapo in 2015 to get around Congress with numerous Executive Orders to further destroy carbon based energy sources and to control water.  So in addition to new regulations controlling carbon based energy, we can expect to see Executive Orders governing mud puddles, rain water off roofs, ponds, seasonal streams etc. etc.   And, specific to coal, EPA Gestapo plans are designed to shut down coal mines killing thousands of good paying jobs and raising the cost of electricity for all Americans. 

The only thing good about Executive Orders is that the next President, presumably if a Republican, can reverse all of Obama's stupid handiwork.  Certainly, if Hillary Clinton is elected President, Obama's Executive Orders will not be reversed, which is the best reason to stop Hilly at all costs.  Obamanistas and their Socialist Pals in Congress are all job killers.   While the reported unemployment rate is about 5.8%, which sounds good, it is bogus.  The real unemployment rate is around 11% if all our counted, the unemployed, the under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether.  This is the reason we have nearly 50 million Americans on Food Stamps and 10 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits in both cases the highest levels in American history. 

The Labor Participation Rate at about 62% is the lowest it has been in three decades.  Poverty is higher today that three decades ago as well.  Blacks in particular, under the first Black President, are worse off today than when George Bush II was President.   The EPA Gestapo's crazy regulations are job killers that actually hurt the American people.  Green Energy cannot power the United States.   We need an all of the above Energy Policy working to make all Energy Sources, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Wind and Solar cleaner, safer and cheaper to raise the standard of living of all Americans by creating more good paying jobs.   Those jobs that raise Middle Class wages and lower the poverty rate will not come any other way.

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