Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Trading Terrorists for Hostages - No Obama Strategy To Defeat Islamic Fascists

Radical Islamic Fascists have figured out that they can trade Terrorists, held by various countries, for hostages that they kidnap for ransom.  When Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama traded five high profile Terrorists for US Army deserter Sargent Bowe Bergdahl, Obama set the stage for even more kidnappings as is happening right now.  It is a huge mistake for any country to negotiate with Islamic Radical Terrorists.  Doing so will result in a weekly drama when these Terrorists threaten beheadings if they don't get ransom, or the release of their Terrorist comrades. 

At the same time, three of our leading, retired senior military generals and an admiral testified before a Senate Committee that we have no strategy for defeating Radical Islam, when the President refuses to even tie the words Islam to Terrorists.  Obama's foreign policy in general is feckless and demonstrates supreme incompetence.   Obama fiddles while the Middle East and North Africa are on fire. Iran inches closer by the day to having nuclear weapons, which will cause an arms race in the Middle East.  Putin has invaded Ukraine and is now looking at the Baltic countries.   We are entering a really difficult and dangerous period for the United States and our allies around the world because of Obama's incompetence.

The last thing we should be doing is trading Terrorists, that will end up right back on the battlefield for hostages.  In addition, Congress should do whatever it can to STOP Obama from releasing Terrorists from GITMO when we know that a large percentage of them go right back to commit acts of Terror around the world.   We can only count the days until the end of the Obama Presidency in the hopes that who ever is elected as our next President fully understands the Islamic Fascist threat that we face and is prepared to deal with it aggressively.

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