Friday, January 9, 2015

Saudi Arabia Implicated in 9/11 Attack

Members of Congress are pushing the Obama Administration to release 28 classified pages of a 9/11 Report that apparently implicates Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center.  It is well known that 15 of the 19 Terrorists involved in the attack were Saudi Arabian citizens; but the question of who financed the operation has never been publicized.  It is probable that wealthy Saudis, perhaps with ties to the government, or royal family bankrolled the operation.  Obviously somebody was giving Usama Bin Laden the money he needed to keep Al Queda alive and functioning. 

Saudi Arabia could very well become a victim of its own handiwork.  The Saudi Arabian government, which is basically the royal family, finances Madrases schools, around the world, that teach a radical form of Islam.  They do this as part of a deal to keep the fundamentalists radicals living in Saudi Arabia happy.   However, we see the end result.  The Islamic Fascists operating in Syria, Iraq and other countries in North Africa,the Middle East and Western countries are no accident.  Many of these radicals are the product of these Madrases schools.   And, these Islamic fanatics see the Saudi Royal Family as allies of the Western democracies, which these Islamic Fascists despise.

If these Islamic Fascists are successful in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, Saudi Arabia will be surrounded on all of its borders.  Next, these Islamic Fascists will do whatever they can to undermine the current Saudi government.   These Islamic Fascists are focused on establishing a radical Caliphate across the Middle East and beyond.  They will murder Christians, Jews and other Muslims to achieve their goal.  Saudi Arabia has been riding the back of the tiger for years financing Terrorists, one way or another.  He who rides the back of the tiger usually ends up inside the tiger.  Saudi Arabia and or wealthy Saudis are playing a very dangerous game. 

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