Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval - RINO To The Core

Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada, where this Blogger lives, is a classic Pro-Choice RINO.  As a Conservative, for the first time since I voted for Ross Perot, rather than Bush I for raising taxes, I did not vote for a Republican Governor and other RINOS on the ballot in the last election.  I just could not do it.  I voted American Independent Party; which in Nevada is the Conservative Party of America.  Sandoval has accepted ObamaCare, lock stock and barrel, setting up a state exchange, which turned out to be a disaster, wasting over a hundred million dollars.  Sandoval was one of a few Republican Governors who took the expanded Medicaid, included in ObamaCare, which ultimately will bankrupt our state.  Aside from being Pro-Choice, which is a crime against humanity, when Sandoval, who is supposed to be a Roman Catholic, embraced ObamaCare, he was dead to me.

But now it has gotten even worse.  The voters of Nevada just defeated a Corporate Business Margins Tax, put on the ballot by the Teacher's Union, by a 72% No Vote.  Apparently, Sandoval is both hard of hearing and thinking since in his State of the State Address, while we have not seen the details yet, Sandoval just proposed a Business License Tax, based on a sliding scale of revenues, that will result in between $400 and $4 million in additional cost to state businesses.  This is just a Margins Tax by another name that will result in $430 million in new taxes on business in the next two years.  I know that this amount is chump change in Washington; but in tiny Nevada, this is real money that will cost jobs. 

Sandoval wants to increase spending by over $1 Billion, much of it going to public schools, when there is just no evidence that more money improves our public education.  The United States already spends more than any other industrial country on education; yet US student achievement is mediocre compared to other countries.  As part of his tax increases, Sandoval wants to make permanent tax increases that were installed during the Recession saying that this revenue is now part of the State's budget.  Gosh, we have our version of Obama in Nevada as Sandoval lied to the people of Nevada.  These taxes were supposed to sunset; but in fact they have been extended twice.  After telling the people that these taxes would sunset, Sandoval now wants to make them permanent.  We have our own Pinocchio in Nevada. 

The only new tax this Conservative would support in Nevada is a Sales Tax on Reprocessed Nuclear Materials coming out of Yucca.  Sandoval opposes utilization of Yucca to deal with nuclear waste, even though US taxpayers paid more than $13 Billion to build it and it sits empty.  Utilization of Yucca Mountain would create thousands of permanent jobs and be a great source of State Tax Revenue, paid by utilities from out of state, not the residents of Nevada.  But Sandoval won't even discuss the concept of using Yucca to reprocess nuclear materials, as happens safely in countries like France that reprocesses 96% of their spent nuclear fuels.  

It is time for Governor Brian Sandoval to come out of the closet and declare himself a tax and spend Democrat/Socialist.  Sandoval is certainly not a Conservative, nor even a Republican.  What is really funny is that Sandoval wants to create another State Board of Education function, headed by his pal Pedro Martinez, the former fired Superintendent of the Washoe County School District to deal with failing public schools in Nevada.  Really??  Martinez has been fired more than once; yet Sandoval wants to create another layer of education bureaucracy in Nevada, headed by this loser.  This is just plain nuts.  And because Martinez was fired by an elected School Board, Sandoval now wants to make School Board Members political appointees so he can put more of his cronies in office.

This Blogger is not opposed to government, or even all tax increases.  However, until we see the waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy eliminated at all levels of government, I cannot support giving even more of my hard earned money to government.  The Education Bureaucracy is a prime example of waste in government as we have both Federal and State Departments of Education; County Departments of Education and then local school boards typically controlling public schools all making paper work for each other that accomplishes nothing important.  There is so much pork fat in this system that these bureaucrats, all getting great pensions, take money away from the classroom and things like merit pay for great teachers.  It has to stop before I can ever approve of tax increases to fund public schools, or anything else.  And, if we are to have tax increases it should be to pay off both state and federal debt, not add more debt. 

We also need to see serious limitations on collective bargaining for public employees and compensation and benefits for public employees in line with what is paid in the private sector for like work.  Sandoval talks about some of these things; but undoubtedly if he gets his way, we will see the tax increases and the government reform will never happen.  The American people have seen this story many times before; so why should now be different.  We just can't trust the people we elect because once in office they continue to betray that trust.  In any case, what we have in Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada is a classic RINO to the core.  It is what it is.  How appropriate that Brian Sandoval's initials are BS because that is exactly what we hear coming out of this Governor's mouth. 

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