Thursday, January 29, 2015

Congress Approved The Keystone Pipeline

In a bipartisan vote, both the US House of Representatives and the Senate have approved the building of the Keystone Pipeline, linking Canadian Oil Fields with refineries in Louisiana, by a big majority vote.  This $8 - $10 billion infrastructure project will create more than 42,000 jobs to build it and another 4,000 jobs at refineries in Louisiana.  These are real jobs primarily in the United States that will impact our economy in the next three years and beyond.  Most important, building this pipeline will reduce carbon emissions because otherwise this oil will be moved by truck and rail, which is what is happening now.  The Keystone Pipeline will allow for shipping more than 800,000 barrels of oil a day in the cleanest, safest way possible, with less risk of a spill than if shipped by truck or rail. 

This bill will shortly go to Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama for his signature.   Obama, lacking common sense, cheered on by his environmental wacko supporters, has said he will Veto the Keystone Pipeline, even though it is supported by the vast majority of the American people, including private sector unions because they know this project will create good paying jobs for union members.   Obama is always talking about borrowing and raising taxes to build infrastructure projects.  The Keystone Pipeline is an infrastructure project that requires NO TAXPAYER MONEY or government spending.  If Obama does veto the Keystone Pipeline, it will demonstrate that he just does not care about the Middle Class that would benefit from these jobs. 

Of course, we knew that Obamanistas could care less about the Middle Class as they impose regulations that are killing jobs.  They are killing the coal industry.  They have killed the forest industry in Oregon.  There is little manufacture of furniture and textiles left in the United States.  And, then the Socialists that caused all of this wonder where the Middle Class jobs have gone.  Call the White House and tell Obama to approve the Keystone Pipeline.  Just maybe if Obama hears from enough Americans, common sense will prevail.   

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